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  1. BrianBruderer Ok, I’m missing something on my 2 arches, with one CCR. On the Superstar Sequencer I get the 2 arches, but I also get 2 lines of boxes, and each line has 50 little boxes. The top set of boxes is for the full second arch, and the bottom set of boxes is for the first arch. This looks to me like I have 2 CCR’s and I only want to use 1 CCR. What am I doing wrong.
  2. How do you set up the Super Star editor to sync 1 CCR for 2 arches? Each arch will be about 8 feet long. All that I seem to be able to do is 2 arches, both with a full 16 foot ribbon. I want to use 1 ribbon on two arches, and not have both arches doing the same thing at the same time.
  3. Thank you Jim. I guess that ends my idea of using them for my new arches.
  4. Ok, I know that a RGB dumb ribbon is always the same, set color. I would like to know if each pixel can be turned off or on, like in a chasing sequence.
  5. Well that was not the answer that I thought I would get. It’s too easy. I thought it would be much harder than that. Kind of makes me ashamed that I even asked. Thank you very much for the help, as I had tried about everything that I could think of except the easy, right way. Thanks again Brian.
  6. On the Super star sequencer, using the smooth effects, how do you make the fan effect go counterclockwise (backwards)?
  7. Ok, I found it; I forgot to set my network preference for Aux. A. The tree works now, but I still have ½ of string #7 with white lights on, (the top ½) I cannot get them off, as a song plays they remain white. Anybody have any ideas.
  8. ½ of my CCR tree does not work. I’ve check with the hardware Utility and it shows Com. 4 with the first 6 channels with a network of regular and com. 5 with the last 6 channels with a network of Aux. A. When I try to play a sequence only the first 6 channels work. The last 6 are not working. The first one of the last 6 channels has the top ½ lite all of the time, whether the sequence is playing or not. Now for the rest of the story. When I fired the system up in my garage before I set it up outside everything worked just fine.
  9. Thanks guys, as for the shows running backwards. It will be all right. I live on a very small hill. I will just tell people to always drive up the hill and not down it.
  10. Thanks to both of you, George and Brian, I will sleep a little better tonight.
  11. I would like to know if I have to daisy chain my LOR controllers in numerical order (1-2-3-4) or can I mix them up (1-2-4-3). I have found out that one of my displays needs to be moved, and I really don’t want to move all of my sync music files around.
  12. How do you attach the ropes to the back of the board that the star is mounted to, or did you use a different method?
  13. I cannot export a program from Superstar to my sequence editor. I’m using Superstar editor 24_CCR v3.10.0.6. I’ve checked the setup on my Superstar configuration and it is the same as it was for 4 other sequences that I have already exported, about 3 months ago and I did not have any problem with them. However this was version 3.6.0. Does anybody have any ideas? Below is the message that I get on trying to export my file. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
  14. I’m beginning to think that it is the string. I got all 12 strings at the same time, this past spring. The color is off on all of my 7 songs, and it is off no matter which controller that I connect the light string to.
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