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  1. Hello to all of you, i was finally able to see the Red lor light bulb in my system tray. my computer has a litle check mark, accidentally i click there and abracadabra the red light bulb was there. Thanks so much AAron and Don, i couldn't have done it without your help and patience. i got a computer just for light orama song, sequences and all my audio. Thanks so much.
  2. yes to question One No to question two i still don't see it. what i see is the white blue bulb and when i click i get these two windows and when i click on the little windows i get this black windows that it does not stop, until i turn off the computer and turn it back on. Should i delete/uninstall LOR software and reinstalled again.?
  3. Hello dpetrik! Please tell me how did you make it stop? what did you do? i can not figure it out. Please let me know.
  4. Hello Don! i see - let me tell you what i did and what is happening now. i used the show editor saved and also saved on the show scheduled editor and saved them. But i don't see the the light o"rama light bulb in my system tray looking red or any other color; however, i went into the Light O'rama Program, then Light O'rama Control Planel double click and i get to windows, one small and one medium. the medium box said: shows cannot be anabled because of an error. open of serial port has failed Error: (8002) Open of serial port has failed and some other information. the small box said Light O-Rama is now running in our system tray. Note, at this moment no LORs controllers are connected to the computer, it is just the computer alone. so lets continue. when i click ok on the medium box that shows the errors and click ok, this box goes away. it leave the little box, the little box has the option to click ok, and when i click ok, the box goes away and a WHITE-BLUE Light bulb shows at the bottom of computer "system tray", when i click there a window open that is called: C:\Program Files (x86)\Light-O-Rama\LORCommListener.exe and i see a black box running without stopping but i don't get the option to anable or disable. I don't see a RED Bulb at all. i hope i was able to explain. please let me know. thanks
  5. Thanks for replying back, if i don't see the RED light bulb icon where do i go to look for it? What do you mean by system tray? Please
  6. Hello to all of you! question how to enable the schedule? Please can you tell me step by step? i already have everything scheduled, i used the Show Editor to do this, i saved my show and i putted or selected and told my scheduler when to run the show. Now i need to know how to enable the schedule or what else needs to be done. Please LOR's brothers and sisters. thanks
  7. wbottomley, My appologies - i will make sure i do this correct next time - thanks any way and sorry about it.
  8. Hello to all of you! Looking for help. if the controller is 30 amps - 15 per each side - how many 100mini lights strings of 0.33 can i connect to each channel? i want to use one 16 channel controller to animated a mega Christmas Tree. Please let me know. thanks
  9. Hello and Good Morning to all of you -Happy Friday! My LOR's brothers and sister and special thanks to Santas Helper, Don and wbottomley. Don and Santas Helper, you guys are fantastic, you don't know how happy i am at this moment. Thanks to you i was able to make my second controller work. Thanks to you, i was able to add the other 16 channel of my second controller to all my sequences. Thanks for all your help and for telling me step by step on this process. I called everyone in my family to let them know i made it thanks to all of you. System is working now. I will start working on each of the sequences for my mega christmas tree. i will use this second controller to animated my christmas tree. I will post another question regarding how many 100 mini lights of 0.33 Amps i can use per channel. It is my understanding that is controller is 30 amps 15 each side. The question is can i use up to 5 or how many 0.33 amps lighting strings per channel? if you can help me with this too? thanks so much - God bless you all
  10. thanks so much to all of you for your help. I am at work right now, but i will try this when i get home. Please wish me luck. After the last channel of first controller which is ID01.16, i will add the new inserted channel for my second controller as ID02.01 and so on until i get to 02.16, correct?
  11. Hello to all of you! Don, basically, this is what i will do when i get home: 1) i will connect the 2nd controller to the outlet 2) manually change the ID to 02 - to read L-02 3) i will connect the cable in the open area that read RJ45 In 4) the other end i will connected to the first controller ID 01 that read L-01 - outside RJ45 5) i will connect the other cable USB to computer. 6) open one of my 16 channell sequences Now the question is how do i add the second ID 02 controller to this sequence? Please
  12. Hello Santas Helper - thanks - i see, well i have spent a long hours last week and this week trying to figure it out, but i can not make it work. Yesterday, the second controller was doing the samething that the first controller was doing. I am going to try it again today following Don and your suggestion without using the HU. My question to all of you is - all my sequences were done based on my first 16 channel id 01. I did all my sequences from 01:1 to 01:16. Now how do I add the other 16 channels of my second controller ID 02? should they be 02.17? or should they be 02.01? Please guide me on this. I want my second controller to animate a Christmas tree, but both controllers working at the same time. PLEASE
  13. Hello to all of you! Don, i did what you said, but i am still having problems. This is what i did: 1) i connect the 2nd controller to the outlet 2) manually change the ID 02 - now it read L-02 3) i connect the cable in the open area that read RJ45 In 4) the other end i connected to the first controller ID 01 that read L-01 5) i connect the other cable USB to computer. 6) tested but nothing happened. 7) ? 8) ? 9) ? 10) ? 11) ? 12) ? 13) ? 14) ? 15)? etc. Please help me with this, i have 3 months to prepare for christmas and i want to make sure how to do this right. thanks
  14. LOR's brothers and sister. Yes Don, i did the first one, but i am very confused on the second one adding the ID 02 or how do i do 01 and 02. Please give me more guidelines on the hardware utility set up. So far i am doing good with the light sequences. I want to use this 02 (2nd. 16 unit channel) to animated a 7 feet christmas tree. for now i just need help on setting up this 2nd controller. Thanks
  15. Hello to all of you my LOR's brothers and sisters, i hope you are all prepearing for Halloween and 2012 Christmas. Any how i need your help, i purchased a second new PRO Series Addon LOR1602Wg3 16 channel controller; and i need instructions on how to connect it to my computer and a second controller with ID 02? I read and read and read, but i am having issues. Both controller are similars. My first controller is working fine under ID 01- Now the question is how do i connect the second one and make my computer recognize it? Please any help will be appreciate. thanks so much.
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