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    using 3d home software to make viz platforms for use in my LOR software; can't wait to add the SS add-on and change to advanced so i can move to RGB/DMX
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    went to a Christmas light show 2011 near me in western louisiana and fell in love with it and i wanted to join in and got the info from the person's sign on property
    now we are starting anew in texas at a new locale
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  1. just a suggestion ... but ever think of rubber grommets to take up the slack in the holes ... you might find some the exact size you need to do the repairs on those
  2. well i only have the 1 controller thanks to some wonderful people here at LOR (wish i had 1 more) with any luck i hope to have a set of CCB's or CCP's this coming season for 2015 i'm now working on some new fixtures to add in
  3. it's funny how the bitrate count comes up it made it's way into FB's LOR users page for 12/2014 so as a precaution i doubled checked my show tunes i use in my display and the copy file i keep as a backup ; and sure enough , a handful of tunes need to be converted to 128 BPS 3 years of using LOR and i'm still learning LOL
  4. greywolf


    i was able to look at the data sheet on the CCB's these are the 1's i'm planning to get it's 22 watts per unit this is great since i'm being mindful of the load and power consumption for this house since modification is not possible
  5. i think i found it thanks for your help http://www1.lightorama.com/documentation/ 11 watts per string / 22 watts per unit , = 0.2 amps ... not bad
  6. being power minded on the use of the power in this duplex we are at , i would like to ask what the power use specs are on the CCB and CCP sets respectively (volts / amps = watts) i've also noticed these units don't have a 3 prong plugs as do the residential controllers . i can't make modifications to the power in this building so i have keep to the power load limits of the panel and circuits i've already been switching to LED bulbs throughout the house thanks in advance
  7. greywolf


    what wattage are the CCD's power supply running respectively for : CCR's CCP's CCB's thanks in advance
  8. oh yea i know everyone's trying to get their own displays ready and up and running i mean if anyone gets a little "free time" pass some ideas my way then after this season get with me i'm having to rebuild my sequences and display stuff cause of multiple pc rebuilds, i'm still tweaking my show pc at this moment
  9. oh i hear ya, i'm about as green as a Christmas tree when it comes to DMX and RGB i would like to find someone near me to come out and help me make up a shopping list so i can do this right this aint like building a pc whole different animal thanks for the responses
  10. i'd like to ask for opinions on this layout i am considering going RGB for the house and my 16 channel controller for the little amount of decor on the yard ... i would be able to place on such a small pallet ... from center - right.... the uprights are approx. 92 inches tall (3) , the beam surrounding the porch above the uprights is approx. 16 feet long ... the bird box is approx. 36 feet long granted this can be done with (2) CCP's or CCB's , but those are continuous strips i would like to do this with (1) controller for the RGB and have better control over the individual strings any ideas and suggestions are welcomed this might be a question for design and sales as well here is the visual i will be using thanks
  11. if your fingers aren't tired yet could i get a copy from you as well i'm having to rebuild my sequences ... thanks , william wlace90@live.com
  12. back up your sequences to a different folder 1st then uninstall .... just in case
  13. just recently i updated my copy of LOR 3.9 to v.3.11 and after it installed LOR went to the beginning as if i had never started it before when i clicked on it is this normal ???
  14. i was unable to find this version by Brian Mitchell
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