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  1. We made some new faces for our 2014 Halloween and Christmas shows with some really cool stand alone PVC frames. Check them out in this new video of our updated sequences in lights. Love the pair of 8 channel Mr and Mrs Claus for Christmas too. The new frames survived a wind storm and still stood strong, so happy with those! Gonna be a great decorating year! Will be adding a few new updated sequence samples to the youtube playlist in the next few weeks. HALLOWEEN CHRISTMAS Next time will wait until it is darker to get better video, my video camera is not the best. pic of frame Let me know what you think
  2. Check out the new faces we affectionately call "Punks". Click below to watch them sing. What Does the Fox Say https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0GDJ6oAtPA Blurred Lines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfwQvQrpZ_0 The Punks singing faces are 48" x 48" made of corrugated plastic, are reversible so they can be displayed on either the black or the white sides, and come with stand alone frames. Instructions include color coded channel directions. The faces work well with incandescent or LED lights and are designed with specific channel count to have no left over lights. We will be adding new samples so check back soon. http://mrtoomanychristmasdecorationsguy.com/
  3. Looks like a great idea I just bought my first one too and need a resting place for it , got plenty of room from the looks of your pic's Thanx for sharing Jim
  4. Thanks for the response Don, upon further testing we found that the 28 pin Micro controller went out. It must have been partially working yesterday because some of the channels worked but today none switched the chip from the working box and it worked, crazy, this controller is not that old. Now to contact LOR and see what a new chip costs. We had already checked the cables and the RJ45 etc,,, Thanks again really appreciate the help. Jim
  5. running s3 v3.11.2 advanced firmware updated to 4.40, 1 lor 1602w commercial controller & 2 ctbpc 16 channel controllers, have a new pc 6 core processor with windows 7 fully updated with no issues, never had any hardware or software issues before except for user error lol, and have been using them for the last few years. We are having a few problems 1 hardware utility finds both controllers but after closing window to run a sequence unit 2 would have several channels not working, we tested it two nights in a row and both night different channels would not work, but when directly plugged to power the lights worked just not through the controller changed second controller to see if it was a hardware issue no change, changed both Ethernet cables still same issue, changed 485 dongle still no change, reset controller 2 with no change. 2 when I go back into the hardware utility to test the nonworking channels it does not show any controllers being configured. Tried to just use the first controller to see if hardware utility would remember it but no success. Closed it and reopened the hardware utility window and one channel light up automatically and that happened 2 or 3 times also when using the test console channels that where not selected as on where coming on but once restarted it worked correctly. Wondering if this could memory leak even if only running one test sequence or possibly software disconnect? Maybe a firmware issue? I read for several hours but I can't find my specific problem so started this post and appreciate any suggestions Thanx
  6. We found this information very helpful last year when we where trying to get a grip on how it all worked. Hope it helps someone save time searching for good info. Happy Holiday Light Shows. https://www.seasonalentertainmentllc.com/pdf/UnderstandingDMX.pdf
  7. Thanks for kind comments yes she is proud and will see it in lights tomorrow night so that will nice. thanks again
  8. My elderly mother is a very good girl but she wanted Blurred Lines for Halloween so that's what she got! Mom is 66 years old and on oxygen but still loves to boogie and is addicted to the beat of this song, absolutely loves it and has even been seen trying to shake her bootie when listening to it. We don't have the heart to tell her how dirty it is because she loves it so much, she wouldn't listen to it if she actually understood the lyrics. So here's to you mom and mums the word. PS take a look at the clip Thank's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OmRPExmqwA&feature=c4-overview&list=UU0XKPQABXZ2WHTVFlSrqGVw
  9. Thanks for your purchase Mike we appreciate it, we also sell our sequences on ebay but are able to offer them cheaper at www.mrtoomanychristmasdecorationsguy.com and like you we limit use of them to personal use no reselling or trading. we have versions for 7 channel faces, 8 channel faces, and new special request versions coming out this week for 16 channel versions with a single face and 8 accents. Love our new faces and plan on making them available. next season. Will post video of the first build project. thanks again and happy Halloween to everyone!
  10. Although we greatly appreciate the offer, didn't catch what I was replying cool too. Since we sell our sequences, we do all of our own work so there is no doubt ours is original work. We don't want any legal issues regarding copyrights as we also limit use of our songs to personal use. We had a hard time getting much work done this year, are getting back on track, but lost too much time to get much released for this holiday season. We are working on bringing our faces to light will post video of our first prototype THANKS AGAIN!!! JIm
  11. Thank you kind sir, feels more natural that way to us and we like the way it looks.We;re glad you like it too. Can't wait to see it in lights in the next few weeks we are building new faces. Thanks again!
  12. Yes spt and vampire plug's, think i'm gonna need lots of it myself and hoping to add another controller this year also. I moved couple of month ago and where we are at now I'll have to keep the controller inside the house and make all custom extension for there $$ first time using it, but i think it's worth it in the long run the next time u do a show it save's time and work.
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