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  1. Hi philw. Not sure if any other Aussie has chipped in but as you can see I am in Qld and may be able to give you a bit of a hand on a number of issues to get you started as I went through what you are doing a few years ago. After that hopefully the forum and all the help the people will give you here will make a lot more sense. How about sending me an email and see what we can do - were2@bigpond.com John
  2. I am just reviewing a video clip for my 2016 show and happened upon this topic. I am a very satisfied LOR customer, and have been for some years, as my lack of posts on this forum attests. However I am intrigued that this problem, and it is a problem, has still not been addressed yet. WHY! While no one is blaming LOR as the instigater of the issue it exists and there is no doubt that it makes a good professlonally put together show look sloppy. A "its not our problem" really doesn't cut it! There is a technical clash somewhere between the LOR software and the Windows Media Player and some solution can be found. Come on guys we have been throwing around amatuerish work arounds for this for years. Sticking cardboard on and other pretty poor ideas might have been acceptable once but we have to do better now surely! I can't believe that LOR does not have the technical knowhow within its ranks to fix this. So can we please give it a try? Please? I know this does not rank with some of the other massive advances that you have made and other shortcomings you have worked through and improved and we applaud you for that, but this really does need some attention now. John W
  3. Well Steven I have never tried a direct hook up of the lights to 240AC but I certainly will and see what happens. I have Red, Blue and Green strings. All are M5 size 70 lights per string. One power cord (with the rectifier in it) will power a number of strings as there is a female connection on the end where you can plug in another string. There appear to be a one lead that runs the entire length of the string to accomodate that. Which means if one string goes out (one lamp quits or becomes disconnected) the next string still works. Thanks for the tip on the direct connection. I will try that as soon as I can and get back with the results. Thanks John
  4. Thanks for response. I think just bypassing the rectifier would cause a problem as this would mean feeding 240AC directly to the lights as there is no other item in the circuit. I had been wondering about the triacs causing a problem but it still seems odd doesn't it? I can't fathom why other LOR controller owners using the same brand of lights and same equipment in Australia are not experiencing the same problem. I am thinking of trying an Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS) and plugging all the controllers into that. Has anyone had any experience in using these gadgets? Would that fix any "spikes" coming down the AC line? The problem I face is that whatever the reason for the problem I have to try and find a way to stop it occuring. Many thanks John
  5. In regards to the bridge rectifier, this is the only item in the line. It is inside an accorn shaped sealed plastic cylinder about 1.5 inches long and .75 inches in diam.
  6. Hi all. I have been running 9 CTB16 controllers for 3 years (all G3 240VAC) with no issues until last Christmas. A major part of my display uses 240volt My T Brite 70 lamp 7metre LED strings – various colours (Australian sold made in China). Over Christmas I had about 8 different occasions when the bridge rectifier (2W10) in the power cords of the lights went short circuit and blew the fuses in the LOR controller. When it happens I have a fault finding exercise locating which 8 strings have gone out, then finding the power cord with the short circuit and replacing it. Replacing the fuse in the controller follows. All fun when you do this in the dark with your audience waiting! I know it goes with the territory. Strangely I used the same lights with similar set ups for the previous two years without any problems. At first I thought it must be something to do with the controllers as lights plugged directly into the power socket (not through the controller) did not appear to be affected. Then the problem began to occur when the controllers were on but before the show had started. My T Brite has not experienced any other problems with their lights anywhere else in Australia and that includes many other LOR users I believe. I wonder if spikes or surges coming down the power line by my house could be the problem but I have not had any issues with any other electronic equipment, computers etc. And if this is the problem how do I stop it? Is there some sort of filter or device that might be a fix? I would really love to hear if anyone has experienced anything similar or whether I am doing something dumb somewhere that I haven’t noticed. Many Thanks
  7. Help please! When including videos in a show is anyone aware of a fix for the drop down panel that appears on the projected image between videos? I have heard it mentioned that placing a non video sequence between videos fixes the problem for the following video. I have tried this and at times it does work but not always. I have nights when inexplicably the panel does not appear for some of the show then it starts appearing again. I have seen this problem talked about before and I was hoping we had discovered a fix and I had missed seeing how it was done. With the terrific technical advances being made in so many other aspects of the software has this annoying issue finally been beaten?
  8. I ran videos through my Christmas show in 2012, successfully, but with the annoying blue "LOR Video" panel popping up for a second or so in between each of them. I did see a lot of discussion about this problem here a little time back. Is there a fix available for this yet? I have taken the advice that was suggested by some members here to set a black background on the desktop, which reduces its impact, but it still looks like something is not working right! This is a small problem perhaps but it does degrade a great LOR feature.
  9. To tidy this up. I am pleased to report the Visualizer is now working fine after I had my Laptop "cleaned' and had Vista reinstalled from scratch. In the meantime I loaded the Visualizer on our Desktop computer running XP and that fired up first pop no problems. The more I look at it the more impressed I am with what the Visualizer does. Thanks for the comments and interest of everyone.
  10. I started with LOR in 2011 with no problems and have been cruising along nicely. I am getting involved with the Visualizer now ahead of organising for 2012. This is a really exciting addition but it has left me very frustrated. Let me hasten to add that it is not an LOR problem. I have spent heaps of time on the tutorial and on setting up my own display on it. However I can’t get the Sequencer to talk to the Visualizer although I think I have everything set correctly. A recent Windows Update (Vista) incapacitated the Security Centre on my computer and I can’t access it to restart it. The Firewall shows as being off although I can’t switch it on or off. It has not prompted me that it has “blocked” LOR. I suspect I have a problem with the Kaspersky Internet Security that is installed on my computer. I have with my limited knowledge opened ports and provided access to LOR but nothing happens. I wonder if you might be able to throw some light on this before I call in a computer technician to go over my system. Many Thanks!
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