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  1. I'm DJing my schools Homecoming dance and I need ideas on what to do for it... I know this isn't LOR type stuff but you guys here always have great ideas and I just thought that I could incorporate those ideas into a great homecoming dance (my senior homecoming dance) I wanna make it big this year I'm already putting $2,500 into speakers, subwoofer, and regular DJ lights. But I want to put a special touch on it. Our school colors are Green and Gold, mascot is the Wildcat and our Homecoming Dance is on October 12th. That's just a quick summary... Also the only reason I'm not doing a show at my house or at the school is because both places administrators have said no (I live in gated community) But our location is outside at what we call our Courtyard concrete and plugs everywhere Thank you so much!
  2. You need to get some flame effect like in the movie for the face lol just a thought... Also if anyone knows how to do that please PM me http://www.wowlights.com/Shared/SharedView.asp?Video=1179 Like that
  3. How did you do the electric part?
  4. How did you put the LED module in the pumpkins? And where could I get these along with the christmas north pole globes? Great show!
  5. Where did you buy the 2811 strips and controller? But great job!
  6. Could you send me this too I'm just starting my first christmas show with only one song and need more zachthedj@gmail.com Thanks
  7. Well I was thinking of a program like Madrix but not for the walk through just for a house show
  8. Yes I do understand that part but I'm not going to use other software for my display but I'm jus looking at these because it looks easier but its more costly. I just wanted this for my small shows that I am starting to do but I just thought Madrix was cool because when you play music through your mic input on your computer Madrix goes ahead and sequences it and sends it out as it's going in the video below shows what I mean.
  9. I have another question is there any software other that LOR I can use with LOR controllers? I've been looking at Madrix (www.madrix.com) and you can run music and it sequences for you is there any other software like that I can use with LOR? By the way that software uses DMX so I wold need a DMX to RJ45 but I know all the hardware just want to know if theres other software like it but for free? Thanks
  10. Ok thank you for all the information it was just a thought but what I may do is run the walk-through off one computer or stand alone and run the building off another computer and so on. The only thing I would love to do is learn how to use those Servo Dogs becuase I would love to have some moving pieces with this show.
  11. But my whole walk-through is not 4 acres lol just thats the amount of land I have
  12. Hi, I am new to LOR hardware but not software. My main priority is to make a Bible wide Bible walk through (old testament and New testament) But to do this I need a large LOR network and I will keep posting new comments on here when I have more questions about my setup. But my first question is can I use a Network switcher like this one: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=105&cp_id=10521&cs_id=1052104&p_id=8747&seq=1&format=2#description and run my LOR network through it? Like so: Computer>USB>USB-CAT5 converter>CAT6 cable>Network Switcher>LOR controllers places all over a 3 acre lot. Is that setup possible? Thanks. P.S. The only thing that is a fact is that I'm doing this on a 4 acre lot (2 acres by 2 acres) With a house setup and the Bible walk-through.
  13. I have no idea how or what the Servos or the Digital I/Os can do can anyone point me to a resource or video explaining everything? Thanks
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