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  1. Update. I checked over everything to make sure all the setting were good and found no issue I made sure that the control panel was running.I tried it one more time and Now when I play the sequence all the light strings show up on the simulation but the background picture is missing. It is there when the Visualizer is not in simulation mode but once I press the play button it brings up a white screen. I do not have this issue on my other pc the background pic is always there at least I can see the lights now lol. Any ideas on why the pic is not showing up ?
  2. I tried to restart as well as uninstalling and reinstalling. I am running version 4.1.2 Advanced
  3. Yes that is the problem I am having when I press the "PLAY" button to start the simulation it never starts it loads a white blank page even if i start the sequence from the sequence editor. It is set up the same on my other pcs with no problem. For some reason on this one it just loads the blank page and the picture never shows up
  4. When I press the play button in the visualizer it goes to the simulation screen it is blank white and nothing ever showes up? any idea of what is causing this. I have the control panel on I have control Visualizer checked. I uninstalled and reinstalled and checked everything again same issue ugg Robin
  5. Hello, Has anyone made or have a good idea of how to make a prop for the new Holiday Coro RGB Spiderweb? I am not sure the best way to go about it. Any help or ideas would be great. Thanks Robin
  6. Ok I am having trouble getting all my pixels to work at the same time. I purchased a pixlite16 and 2 350w power supplies. I am using 12v ws2811 pixel strips mounted to pve to outline my house, I completed installing the first section today and went to test them all at once. I have 221 pixels in the first section they are all wired to output one on the pixlite 16 I have also injected power along the way.I know that each output can handle 340 pixels so no problem there. I also tested each individual stip after mounting them to the pvc. I am using the xlights program to test the light. The first problem is I can not get all the lights to come on at once in xlights. if i click on universe 1 all thoes lights come on the same for universe 2 by itself but if i choose both universes they all go out. The second problem in i added 2 dmx universes in s3 to a sequence to test the lights that way and only universe one will light up. I am new to this and not sure what I could be doing wrong, I have a feeling I may not have the pixlite channel config set up correctly either but not sure how to set up outputs that are not being used. Thank you for any help in advance. This is my first year to dive into rgb Robin
  7. Mike i just purchased the cmb24d and a few of the floods. I also bought one 350W power supply and it seems to work with no issues. I bought a cable guard 1500 enclosure to to put it all in. You can pick up a mounting kit from holiday coro that lets the powe supply and the board fit in the one enclosure. http://www.holidaycoro.com/Light-O-Rama-LOR-CMB24D-Mounting-Kit-p/641-kit1.htm
  8. I just purchased a CMB24D and some 10w flood lights. I also purchased a cable guard cg1500 enclouser to mount it in and was trying to figure out how to mount it when I came across this at Holiday Coro. It allows you to mount the board and a power supply. I ordered it and it worked awesome. I got it all up in running quickly. http://www.holidaycoro.com/Light-O-Rama-LOR-CMB24D-Mounting-Kit-p/641-kit1.htm
  9. I Just bought a CMB24D and bought a CableGuard CG-1500. Holiday Coro now offers a mounting kit where you can mount the board and a 350W power supply inside the CableGuard CG-1500. http://www.holidaycoro.com/Light-O-Rama-LOR-CMB24D-Mounting-Kit-p/641-kit1.htm
  10. robin1373


    So this is what it shows for the CMB24D Configuration Two banks of 12 channels Individual channel capacity 4 amps Individual bank capacity 30 amps Logic power supply voltage 12 volts DC (not needed if chans 1-12 input >= 12 V) Switched voltage 5 to 30VDC Power connections Screw terminal strips Control In/Out RS485 via RJ45 Without heat sinks 7¼”w x 4”h I purchased a 12v 360W power supply I also purchased 4 of the lor 10W spotlights & would like to add a few dumb square nodes How to i figure out if this will work Thank you everyone for all your help
  11. Hello, i just received my CMB24D and I did a test using the hardware utility and it workrd fine now i just have a couple of questions. 1. if I already have a couple regular lor controllers, do i need to set the unit id to the next on inline? 2. How do you add this to s3 do you add it as a lor controller or as a dmx device? 3. is there a video that shows this? 4. i have also purchased 4 of the 10w flood lights. is there a limit to the distance they can be from the controller? Thank you Robin
  12. robin1373


    Thank you for the info.. I was looking at one that is 12V 360W. Will this one work for powering both sides?
  13. robin1373


    I was wanting to know when purchasing the CMB24D Can you run it off of one 12v power supply or does it need one per side of outputs? Thank you Robin
  14. Thank you everyone for your replies.
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