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  1. You open the .lms file in PE, add what you want to it. Save Intensity data. This will produce another file with extension .lpe. You then open that file in SE. Once its in there though it cannot be edited.
  2. Yeh, it was definately better when compressed and after first time but it still made all other pixels (e.g house outline) lag then go super quick to catch up.
  3. Roughly 45K lights, mixture of RGB and pixels (mostly pixels e.g 4000px matrix is the primary cause of big hiccups when playing) 40GB RAM - Total overkill yup lol
  4. I have put some effects in PE and it looks great. I then open it in SE and play looking at LOR vis, choppy and lights missing due to lag. Last year I found that if it was choppy in LOR Vis then it was choppy in reality when lights were hooked up.
  5. Ive also run across this problem and not really sure on how to solve it. I have 9 steps. Each step is a vertical matrix 15px x 8px (112px). Therefore e.g Step 1 - 1-112 (Univ 120) Step 2 - 113 (Univ 120) - 55 (Univ 121) Step 3 - 56-168 (Univ 121) Step 4 - 169 (Univ 121) - 110 (Univ 122) etc etc How do I do this? Edit: Scrap the above, figured it out Fiddly but doable Loving new vis :) :)
  6. You dont use visualizer? Geez man, you are seriously missing out, I absolutely adore it, just need to be able to add more fixtures and it will be better than sliced bread
  7. Jay, you will be fine, its when you have tens of thousands of pixel strip (not CCR) we there is a problem For example, I have at least 30K channels, no CCR's. I cant draw it all in visualizer. As you are just starting out its unlikely you are in that position so draw away
  8. OK, then you need to manually compress the show (or sequences). Then try running it, it should then work
  9. Are you compressing your sequences? It either has to be ticked it in your Edit-Preferences-Saving Preferences which will compress it each time you save it, OR, you need to manually compress it by right clicking on the light bulb and picking Sequence compressor. If you do it manually then you need to re-compress a sequence after editing it. The patch is pretty simple so not quite sure whats going wrong there. If you need a hand via remote access (Teamviewer) PM me.
  10. You need to double click on the 4GB patch, a box will come up asking to Select Executable, find LORMonitor.exe and click on it once, then click on Open. A box should then say Executable successfully patched.
  11. You run the 4GB patch executable, it will open a box, at the top of the box it says Select Executable, click on the LORMonitor, then say OK. It will then show the 4GB Patch box and say Executable successfully patched.
  12. Thats it, you just dont have extensions of the files showing (in folder options).
  13. Its in here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Light-O-Rama\LORMonitor.exe (along with all the other executables etc).
  14. Wonderful thanks Bob. It was due to having "Export Compressed" being unchecked. Recall turning it off to save time in saving Will turn it back on
  15. Success with last nights test. I compressed the whole show (.lss) file then also shutdown LOR control panel, applied the 4GB patch to LORMonitor.exe again and then started up Ctrl Panel again. Show ran through twice beautifully. Hoping I dont have to do that every day lol. Im thinking its because Im still editing a couple of sequences during the day is the reason for hiccups.
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