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  1. If I may also add... If you like the music, all of the audio can be found on iTunes... here are the track titles in order. (I really tried to move away from all the traditional patriotic songs that people have heard 1000 times over, and also Katy Perry's "firework") 1. Support Our Troops (A Patriotic Tribute With Military Sounds) - Patriotic Fathers 2. Liberty Fanfare - Cincinnati Pops Orchestra & Erich Kunzel (The Voices for these can be found on Youtube, just search what either of them say if you're looking for a particular one) 3. You're a Grand Old Flag - 101 Strings Orchestra 4. Sing, Sing, Sing - John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra 5. The Stars & Stripes Forever - Arthur Fiedler & Boston Pops Orchestra 6. In the Mood - John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra 7. Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy - Boston Pops Orchestra & Keith Lockhart 8. God Bless America - CĂ©line Dion 9. The Star-Spangled Banner - New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra & Seiji Ozawa 10. Afro Circus/I Like to Move It - Chris Rock & Danny Jacobs Some of the jet flyovers were taken from and mixed Garage Band and here are some of the other effects that came from iTunes... (in no particular order) Fighter Jet A10 Thunderbolts Fly By - Sound Effects Foley / Jet Fly By - Sound Effects Big Bang Fireworks Display (Proud to Be an American) - Patriotic Fathers
  2. Here is a link to the video on vimeo, so hopefully it can be viewed on mobile...
  3. Oh yes, much research has already done on lasers... they may be high powered, or low powered.. it all depends on the $$$ Nope.... all the lights were purchased (some new, some used) on ebay. I am a DJ so I have an inventory of various effects, and we were able to rent some.
  4. Go to one of your videos (make sure you are logged into youtube), click edit>advanced settings>syndication. It will be greyed out if youtube has already identified that you have music that has been copyrighted, that's why you can't see them on mobile.
  5. I totally agree! Next year is already in the works, and I'm hoping to add lasers and some more dance music for the kids. Thanks for your comment!
  6. Thank you so much! It's nice to finally get a nice response to what I put so many hours into.. I learn from my mistakes and I'm glad your reply wasn't "Sorry, you lost my attention after about 2 minutes."
  7. DownTown- This is my first year and if you would have read the whole discription, you would have seen that I acknowledged it was way too long of a show. I'm going to shorten it next year. Sorry.... youtube won't let me... they're annoying with all their copyright crap... I'm going to try and upload it to vimeo so hopefully you can view it then.
  8. This is my first year using LOR, and for July 4th I put together a show in my grandparents backyard for the fourth. They live on a golf course and every year about 300 people walk through to see the country club's fireworks, so i thought it would be the perfect oppurtunity to put a show together. I should mention I'm also a DJ and the majority of the LED's came from my uplighting inventory... Oh yeah, I'm 15. The show was built using the LOR Showtime Controller, and a LOR DMX dongle. I used 8 American DJ Mega TRIPAR Profiles, 4 American DJ Mega Pixels, 2 American DJ Sparkle LEDs, 2 Chauvet Tridents, 1 Diversitronics Mark II Strobe, & 2 High End Systems F-100 Lightwave DMX foggers. One of the Mega TRIPARS complemented a huge 8' by 12' American flag that hung in the trees. In the beginning of the show, there are several Jet flyovers I put together myself that were automaticlly panned from right to left to simulate a jet actually flying over. We had 2 EV Eliminator KW subwoofers and 2 EV Sx100+ Powered speakers placed in the the yard and you could feel the jet rumble by. I hope everyone enjoys the video... It really didn't do some of the effects in the show justice... Please message me if you're thinking about using DMX and have any questions... I learned the hard way how to get it to work and it took forever! But otherwise... enjoy Stars, Stripes & Lights 2012. So a few things I learned, the show was to long, and even with free cookies and lemonade, it wasn't enough to make people hang around for the entire thing. Next year I'm going to shorten it, and add some cooler effects... Some extra still shots are attached...
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