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  1. I've added an Advatek Pixlite16 long range Mk II to my network this year and I can no longer access the 2 Pixcon16s with the LOR configuration Utility. All 3 cards have been assigned their own local static IP addresses. I am able to connect to all the cards by using the most recent Advatek Assistant. (just released about 3-4 weeks ago) When I remove the Pixlite16 from the network, the Pixcon16s once become available to the LOR Configuration Utility. I mentioned this to Advatek tech and they said they would get with LOR about this. The 2 Pixcon16s have firmware V1.4.8 and the Pixlite MkII has V2.0.2. Show playback doesn't seem to be affected.
  2. Brad Stucky

    Different directory for Playback files

    Thanks, Alan. I do have my files backed up to other drives and on my original editing computer that still has S4, in fact I have all of my old ones dating back by yearly folder to 2006. Silly me, but I find it amusing to look at them now and then.😁 Hope your season is going well.
  3. Brad Stucky

    Different directory for Playback files

    Thanks Alan. I guess once I've converted all the lms files I've imported from S4 and finish editing and deleting or archiving them so that I only have .loredit files, the sifting through to copy the play.lms playback files will be easier.
  4. Perhaps I'm missing a menu item choice but is there a way to create/save the S5 Playback files to a directory different from the work files?
  5. Brad Stucky

    Prop Definition

    It never occurred to me that you could enter the same number for defining a prop resulting in a single channel outline. Duh!! I was typing the numbers manually just assuming for a pixel prop. There was something about the auto increment I didn't like. Probably having to step back and delete because I didn't like my placement of the number or something. If I remember correctly, I believe if you delete a number, the Auto function doesn't realize it so it just enters the next number, thus skipping the one you erase. It would also be nice if you had to insert one in the middle of the string, the others would shift down the line or if you took one out, they would shift up the line. Glad you got it working, Terry. Have fun!! And thanks for the assist, daughjs.
  6. Brad Stucky

    Prop Definition

    I just realized that this is the first prop I created in S5 using connected lines. All my others were imported from the S4 visualizer. I noticed they import differently and a person is able to size them as a whole rather than dealing with each red square. That sure is easier. Hmmmmm.... It has we wondering if I'm missing something myself.
  7. Brad Stucky

    Prop Definition

    Terry, Did reloading software work for you? Are you not able to enter numbers on the squares as shown below? Saving the above got me this. If I only enter one number, I get this. Only one number gets me this. Using connected lines gets me this but sizing it on the image of your main view means working with each point, but the adjustable magnified view can really help with this.
  8. Brad Stucky

    Prop Definition

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention that you can then enter a background image to make placement of the little green squares easier. You can also modify the item and add or subtract number of segments as needed.
  9. Brad Stucky

    Prop Definition

    Another thought I had is that if you have only 1 channel that you're using for the prop, lets say a string of white LEDs for the whole outline , you might need to define your custom prop with a Predefined Shape such as Lines connected, or Lines Closed Shape. Pick the number of lines depending on the number of "bends" that are needed to draw out the shape. With Traditional selected, you should have one channel to assign. After you assign the channel, name the prop and save. You should then have many green points to shift around to design the shape of your prop for that channel. I could be wrong, but I believe the custom design is for pixel placement only and if only one square is filled for the channel assignment a person is using, then the shape would not translate to your preview properly. It would be just one point. I believe the preview is generated by the number of squares (channels) that are entered over the background image. I'm thinking the background image isn't then directly used for shaping the prop on the preview but there only as a guide for layout of the squares and their corresponding channels. By using the Lines connected shape or Lines Closed Shape, you can define a prop for your preview screen using only one channel, but still have the whole outline show up. Curved lines would require many points for a simulated curve. Hope this helps.
  10. Brad Stucky

    Prop Definition

    Terry, Are you updated to version 5.1.2? I noticed that your screen captures are not the same as mine. (version 5.1.2) They made some recent changes in that area and it could be that the update fixed an unknown bug. I noticed that if I de-select the color for the string, that the channel option becomes unavailable. (You obviously had it checked as shown in your capture.) With a check-mark in place for a color, I have channel options available for LOR and DMX in either Traditional or RGB . Sorry I don't have any screen captures available.
  11. Brad Stucky

    Importing props from Boscoyo

    Same situation here.
  12. Is there any way to apply motion effects on a customized sub-section of pixels? I noticed that you can add effect rows for sub-sections like nested pixel stars, or create rectangles on a matrix, etc, but after I have copied a 150x16 matrix prop to another grid view, enabled channel level for the prop, re-arranged and converted selected pixels to 36 specific grid view groups, I noticed the right click menu doesn't have the option to Add/Modify Motion effect rows for these grid view groups. Is there some other way to do this?
  13. Brad Stucky

    Couple glitches when adding effects in S5

    I have a separate Motion Effect row each for Superstar and Motion Effects and have successfully played both SuperStar and Motion Effects at the same time in the viewer and on my prop. I've never tried adding both types of effects to the same row, figuring it wouldn't work just like you said. It's only when I actually discovered that you could add another effects row before I even tried combining the effects on one prop. It's the right click menu that acts up and throws you into SuperStar when selecting Motion Effects, and only after just entering a SuperStar effect and then only if you don't happen to play back the sequence before attempting to add the Motion effect. It's a very minor glitch and I didn't discover it before already having success with the combination of effects. Here are the steps to reveal it. Select prop's 1st effect row, right click, Insert SuperStar effect. After SuperStar opens, select effects (usually all of them for me) and exit. Effects are placed on the line after saving at window prompt. After that, immediately select the prop's 2nd effect row, right click, Insert Motion effect. Superstar opens instead of Motion effects. If you play the sequence right after adding the SuperStar effect then the menu selection to add Motion effect for the 2nd line works just fine. Just noticed you are soon to break that 6000 post number. Wow! (You probably already have by the time I finish this ?) Congratulations are in order!!!
  14. Here are a couple glitches and workarounds that I've found in S5. They were in 5.1.0 and also appear to be in 5.1.2 While in the sequencer, if you right click to add SuperStar Effects to an effect line of a prop, remember to save any editing of effects in SuperStar (as usual). If you happen to then select all effects and exit, the data won't be entered into the sequence as would normally be the case. You must then select Add SuperStar Effect again, open the saved file, select the events, and then exit for the data to be entered. If you have previously selected to add SuperStar Effects to your sequence, and then want to add Motion Effects, the right-click-mouse menu will not open Motion effects but instead SuperStar, and likely with the SUS file that was last used. If you play the sequence before selecting to add Motion Effects, this clears that glitch. I don't imagine this happens often since everyone will want to play and see the new effect just added before deciding to add another. I'm having a blast with the new software and discovering all kinds of neat stuff!
  15. Thanks, Matt. For me it's such a minor thing compared to all the neat stuff that S5 has, so I'm sure planning on using this for 2018. The addition of Matrix-Horizontal-Quad in the Predefined shapes really gave me an excellent display on Preview Playback of a 45 degree angled long narrow trapezoid shape for a 150x16 star matrix. Being able to individually adjust each corner in prop design made it easy to correct rotation distortion occurring at 45 degrees, giving a very nice uniformly spaced shape and sure beats having to adjust each individual row like I had to do in S4. Thanks a bunch and have a great week!