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  1. Maybe I'm searching for the topic incorrectly but I can find anything about this. For the life of me I can't figure out how to just turn on the LED's using a 27 Channel DMX dumb controller. Is it possible to just turn them on and leave them on without having to run a show? I'm running the latest version of LOR advanced version and this year all I want to do is just leave on the lights that outline my house. Do I have to power the LED's directly from the power source or can I turn them on via the software without having to run a sequence?
  2. Matt, I'm currently doing the faces for the Weekend, I can't feel my face, but I can't figure out how to get it from papagayo to lor, even using the papagayo to lor utility, would you be willing to do the conversion for me if I sent you the finished papagayo file? I still have a ways to go but should be ready soon.
  3. So today I upgraded from v3.11.2 to v4.2.6 and now my lights wont work. Everything worked fine before I did the upgrade and I haven't made any changes to anything. My license say's "Your license covers the latest version, 4.2.*. There is no reason to renew your license at this time." and I'm licensed for the advanced version. I have the blue box in the lower right corner saying comm: good but have no clue why the lights wont work, I've even gone back to version 3.11.2 and tried it and they work again, install the newest version and they don't work. Any ideas?
  4. I recently upgraded from version 3.4.0 to 3.9.0, I'm licensed for Basic Plus, Now every sequence I play will stop at 1:5.0. The software is registered and shows my key and say's Basic Plus but Every sequence I play stops at the same place. I've uninstalled the software and reinstalled it numerous times with no change. Anybody have this problem or know why this is happening?
  5. jtmcadams

    Glee Songs?

    If you have singing faces I have Don't stop believing by Journey, but the Glee version.
  6. jtmcadams

    Last Christmas

    There is a sequence on the Light-O-Rama forums for this song only it's sung by Taylor Swift but I'm sure you can make it work to George Michael, I found it by doing a google search for last christmas lighting sequence. I'd post the link but everytime I try the link doesn't post correctly! Here is the youtube video of it, if you can't find it message me and I'll email you the sequence.
  7. jtmcadams

    Call Me Maybe

    Ok I moved it to youtube so here it is, the video isn't the greatest and the volume is a bit low but you get the idea! http://youtu.be/HwoDPTJ4Z0M
  8. jtmcadams

    Call Me Maybe

    The link isn't working but I'm working on it!
  9. jtmcadams

    Call Me Maybe

    I have singing faces to call me maybe, you can watch at this link, the video is kind of crappy don't know what happend but it's watchable. http://jemtechnv.com/lor/callme.html
  10. Matt I pm'ed you the link to download the finished starships light sequence and for everyone else, since this is my very first time doing a light sequence I'd like some feedback on what you think, I normally make my singing faces then take bits and pieces from light sequences that are already made to the songs I want for my faces so doing a light sequence from scratch was a learning experience for me. http://youtu.be/LCRJi70UFT0 75% 0%
  11. Matt I'm working on the light sequence right now should have it done by morning, hopefully anyway, I've never done a light sequence usually just the faces so this will be interesting so keep that in mind when you look at it. lol I mean how bad can it be? lol don't answer that!
  12. Matt unfortunately I haven't had a chance to do anything with starships so I don't have any lighting sequence for it, sorry about that I bought a new house and I'm 2 1/2 months behind on getting my display up so I'm rushing to get the new house working but I'm constantly searching the web looking for one, if I find one I'll make sure to send it to you. And I checked out your fitness site, that's a crazy amount of people in a fitness class!
  13. Good deal Matt, I will get you what I have in a day or so, no real rush as I run my show all year long, one question for you though, you wouldn't happen to have a sequence to Starships by Nicki Minaj do you? if not I'm looking for it. I run my own webservers so I will send you the link to download the music and lms files at your leisure.
  14. jtmcadams

    Call Me Maybe

    May I have this as well please? jtmcadams@yahoo.com Thank you!
  15. Matt when things slow down for you I have a couple sequences I've been working on for my faces but don't have the time I used to to finish them and I've been doing my faces the hard way by just direct editing the mouth movents in the sequence editor as the music plays, I've tried Papagayo but can't figure it out. Anyway if you are interested I would like to send you what I have so far for my incomplete sequences and see if you can finish them?