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  1. Awesome work! I actually watched it twice because this was seriously one of the best christmas shows I have seen so far... I think the arches gave your display more dimension and made everything look larger then your previous years. What did you program the pixels with SE, PE, XL? I think for 2017 you should focus on outlining the whole house in RGB pixels, and move the tree away from the house (because you have windows behind the tree). Then upgrade the tree and yard elements to pixels in future years. Once again good job!
  2. I did not use LOR yet... I was playing with the SE at the time but did not want to spend the money yet. My 2011 show was 8 channels, it was run off a kit-74 relay board in vixen 2 the relay board ran off the computers parallel printer port so I ran a super old desktop with windows xp that had a printer port. If you watch the video I linked in my above post you can hear the clicks of the mechanical relays if you listen carefully . I upgraded to LOR and jumped into pixels in 2012 and then stopped using LOR software and switched over to xlights in 2014 because I was having lag issues with LOR at the time. Sorry for hijacking the thread did not mean too! But that is my history with synchronized lighting,,,
  3. Looks good! I did the same thing as you in 2011, I put my first show together in a week with a $100 budget... What you do in year 2 will be awesome!
  4. Richard Holdman was hired by that family to do a christmas light show on their home.
  5. Wow on the forum at the same time! I used final cut pro X
  6. Hi, First off I would recomend bringing the projector in at night for the possibility of the cold damaging the bulb and moisture. I think you will be fine for the temperature as 40 below does not seem too bad. Were I am we can get -20 celsius (Im not sure what that is in fahrenheit). If you choose to leave the projector out at night I recommend locking the enclosure down with a steal cable and putting sand bags, cinder blocks, or large containers of water in the bottem to weigh it down, against strong winds and vandalism. I would also recomend a bigger fan because projectors get HOT! Your projector could get damaged or the bulb could break or burn out from the heat. Remember the heat it produces can be just as bad as the cold. I would recomend a fan like THIS then run a pice of dryer hose/duct with mesh or netting on the end to keep bugs out, Also the duct will help keep snow and rain out of the enclosure. Remember to also keep the duct slightly off the ground if you do this. Another tip is to keep your projector enclosure heated if you leave the projector outside over night I would recommend keeping it at 10 degrees C. To heat your enclosure wire a simple thermostat to a small space heater or baseboard heater. I recomend using a small baseboard heater and thermostat. Or if you really wanted to go cheap a reptile heat lamp and a thermostat to turn the lamp on and off, however I prefer a small oil heater (like the baseboard heater) the most. And the very last and important thing to mention with heating and cooling the projector is to shut the heater off when the projector is running and to shut the fan off an hour or two after the projector has been turned off just to let any excess heat out. One more thing that is VERY important is to find a non-reflective piece of plexiglass for the window in your enclosure. The window is what the projector will project through and if it reflects you won't get very much brightness out of your projector. So find a good piece of non-reflective plexiglass! Hopefully all this info helps, I use flat screen tv's and projectors in my show so a lot of this info is off my own experiences. My final suggestion is to take a look at my show in my signature! Good luck!!!
  7. Very nice! Such a cool display and I love the detail put into the props! What did you use for video playback with two displays? I use FPP.
  8. Is there a way I can block/ignore the entire "sequence sharing" sub forum? Or is it only for individual posts?
  9. I lost my halloween show with a computer failure in august, my whole 2016 show was re-sequenced in 48 hours (I stayed awake for 2 days straight and reprogrammed everything 6 days before halloween because I put it off till the last minute...) Lesson learned, and this thread applies to EVERYTHING on your computers not just sequencing, I now make backup a bigger priority. Thanks for the awesome thread.
  10. Looks good! But I don't know anything about pokemon . Also how is the pokemon logo built? at first I thought the top of it was projected on the house but now I don't think so?
  11. My issues were: My $2000 mixer output stage failed.... This was my biggest failure and still needs to be fixed and I have not had the time to open it up. One of my FPPs shorted out in testing and I lost that pi. Several new 2811 strips failed on the house so had to replace them at the very last minute. The main FPP could not find the sequence and video files the night before halloween (delayed the show by 30 min to fix the problem) This was very embarrassing because I had over 900 people standing in the street outside the house!!! But lucky most if not all of them stuck around. Now cool things that happened: 4 police officers showed up halloween night and were dancing in front of the house and filming it! I got a $300 dollar tip from someone (I do not take donations or tips but they insisted) I had a turnout of 1800 tricker treaters on halloween night (unsure how many adults) but the street got closed off, Im so thankful that no neighbours that I know of complained about this... Edit: One more cool thing I just thought of is that someone added our house to google maps... So although I had my fair share of problems I met a lot of cool people and enjoyed my final show for a wile!
  12. I know how you feel, it was like that for me with halloween, last halloween everything was running by oct 8 this year it was running by oct 30 . Good luck!
  13. One thing I forgot to mention in this post is that I would like to thank Craig Nelson aka @plasmadrive for the outer limits intro as he made that. So thanks again Craig!!!
  14. Thanks For the complements HERE IS THE FULL SHOW VIDEO!!!! Enjoy!
  15. Hi everyone, This is my halloween 2016 light show I will be getting the full show up with better video quality tomorrow, my camera deleted my 2 hours of video filming and this is all I have at the moment. 6000 channels. Hope you enjoy the video I will post the full video in this thread when it is finished. This is also my last year doing a light show due to personal issues. So thanks for the awesome 5 years of light show fun, unfortunately I just can't do it anymore. I may come back in the distant future though.... Happy Halloween!
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