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  1. Gman7711

    leaping arches

    I love my light box arches!
  2. Gman7711

    Was on local News tonight

    Couldn't find your video
  3. Gman7711

    my first show ever!

    I took out the dueling jingle bells song and added the dub remix of pumped up kicks. I'm also working on the remix of dragonette's Hello. I'll make a video of the last 2 soon. I also fixed the clipping on silent night. Thanks for the complement.... Sort of.... WTF was that about? Lol..
  4. I'm sequencing the dubstep version of pumped up kicks. That ones for me, not "to make every one else happy". It's going to be the hidden track... Last song of the last show of the night.might do more if I have time. Next year the last show of the night will be all pop songs and dubstep
  5. Gman7711

    LED failure rate

    That is one of the main reasons I'm sticking with incandescents.
  6. Gman7711

    Newbie's attempt

  7. Gman7711

    Newbie's attempt

    Nice! What song is this?
  8. Gman7711

    my first show ever!

    The arches are 16 individual light boxes. I have detailed pictures under "general decorating", lightbox arches Thanks!
  9. Gman7711

    my first show ever!

    Here is a (blurry) video of the show! Part 1 Part 2
  10. Gman7711

    Number of channels per arch?

    8. You can make them clap and meet in the middle or flash half and half.
  11. Gman7711


    went into the control panel and hit repair on LOR and it seems to be working now........
  12. Gman7711


    WTF!!!!!!!! this really sucks............. Something realy bad is happening here........ I rebooted..... same thing.
  13. Gman7711


    there is a serious bug in the latest update. after a couple of minutes, my keyboard shortcuts stop working. you can see the recent comands change, but nothing happens in the cells. Anyone else experiencing this bug?? It realy sucks right now.
  14. Gman7711

    Tips with Arches

    Light box arches!
  15. Gman7711

    Sequencing Tips, Tricks and Secrets

    The beat wizard is an awesome time saver! I like using 4x the detected beat. so is the chase tool and saving multiple clip boards.