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  1. Nice Job Dave, Love that you spent the time to add the visual effects with the toys, Santa and the dolls. Sweet!!
  2. If you haven't already take a look at auschristmaslighting.com, they have some really good information on RGB and LOR. Might be a big help...
  3. Well I've replaced the three bad triac's and tested my controller, Christmas 2014 here I come.......
  4. I see several people had problems with water getting into the controllers, this is what i did this year. I purchased the large christmas gift bags, cut a section of the bottom out to fit over my controllers and tied the top like you normally would a gift. looked better than just having the controllers exposed and kept the rain out.
  5. i've had three channels fail me this year on a controller that was a year old (g3), two in the beginning of the Christmas season and one in the middle. The first two i was able to swap the channels with another controller the third i just had to suck it up and let it stay on all the time. I reported it to LOR and they sent me replacement triac's no questions asked. Things fail that's a fact of life but good service is sometimes hard to come by and i have to say the response i got from LOR was second to none... Thank you LOR....
  6. Thanks Don, Found a bent pin on one of the resistor pack that supported channel 5. Now working fine.
  7. Ok so i put together the kit and had some minor problems that i was abel to fix. Tested all the channels (full on) and only Channel #5 is not working. Did some visual checks and made some measurements with power off with a multimeter and found nothing. Is there a schematic or something which tells you what voltages you should see at certain points?
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