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  1. I used a 4x4 peg board, spray paint black, drilled hole in center for cords and zipties to mount canes on board. all under 6 bucks and have had them for 3 years now. Hope this helps
  2. Is this what your looking for https://www.colordreamer.com/product-item/dmx-address-writer-wt01/
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLz80XPCb3U Is this what your looking for
  4. Ok version is 4.0.04 advance and that's the thing, my show is playing now and as long as I don't fullscreen it, it plays fine, no hiccups but when I full screen the lor player after song played it will lag then freeze. I have to shut show down and restart
  5. Ok ran a test show and if I play the sequence in SE everything works fine have to fill screen then when I put the show together in builder and scheduler and my show turns on the first sequence will play. I have to fullscreen it but it plays now when going to second song it will lag then freeze. Am I doing something wrong? I've tried starting over and same results. Now if I don't enlarge the screen then the show will play fine. I'm puzzled.
  6. Sorry, I've been out of the game for 2 years now, And this will be my first year back, I doubled up on my controllers and running video for my comeback. I've never run video before but upgraded my license to advance with the intent of adding more. Figured this out by accident, just started with mp4 file and it plays fine so now all my sequences with video are mp4, and I go from 2 monitors, spent monies for a 3rd on a controller, lol OK now this is where my ( stupid ) question is. Being that I have only run lights in a BPlus license level I have never tried to run the video. Now I know, in sequence editor I get the screen and can full size it, ( I keep it small so I can watch while I sequence ), but, My question, When I set up my show in show editor and scheduler and my show starts, the video will automatically play along with the sequences, correct? and if so, will I have to full screen it at the beginning of every show? BTW Thank you for your help Dennis
  7. I know it sounds stupid but so I understand correctly default. Video added in sequence editor, sequenced lights to video. Add LOR file along with video to show editor and when my show starts to play the video will play on my show laptop, I just need to plug in my projector via HDMI, duplicate my laptop screen and wala, I have video in my yard? no other setting or things to do with LOR. ?
  8. Ok I have a question about all of this. I have been wanting to do this for some time now, So this is what I did. I am asking here because I could not find anywhere else here with the same question. Hope someone can help. Ok, bought projector, and 60 ft of HDMI cable, Got the videos I want to show, Sequenced my lights to the video by adding the video to sequence editor, ( get small screen of video as I sequence ) when done I save LOR files and video to same folder. Now setting up show editor. I know how to set up my normal show but video? this is new. so my question is do I do anything different? or when I set up my show, do everything like I normally do and when my show starts, a screen will appear on my show laptop displaying the video,Like in the sequence editor, enlarge the video screen, and the HDMI cable will run from laptop to projector to show the video I sequence to? BTW power to projector will be on a separate timer set for 5 mins before my show actually starts to warm up and turn off 5 mins after my show ends for the night. Please let me know if this is correct and if not, what do I do? thank you in advance Dennis
  9. Need some help form anyone who can. I had to close my show and sell my controllers 2 years ago for health related issues, Anyhow. My family and friends knew how much I missed doing my shows and the smiles that I use to get when people came to see them. I am disabled now and have nothing to do with my time. ( Depression is a B@*&h ) anyhow. Family and friends, for fathers day bought me 4, 16 ch, controllers to get me started again. I have been working on my Halloween and Xmas shows already. I am soooo stoked that Im doing this again. Well I have a request from my friends about a 4th of July show. I used to do a 4th show, Halloween, and Xmas. I wasnt going to do a 4th show cause well lets face it, not enough time, But I was thinking, If I had some help with the sequences I could do a short, small show. I was thinking on 2, 8ch fire sticks and some floods showing off my flags. Yes plural Flags. I have 3 on poles and 8 more I hang from my carport. Im only gona use 2 controllers. 1 for the fire sticks and the other for the floods so what Im looking for is any 32ch or more 4th of July sequences. I also have a projector I use in my yard if you have video too but not necessary. So what I am asking for is 32 ch. 4th of July sequences with or with-out video. I know it is VERY short notice but any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Hope for the help. djamessmithone@gmail.com Dennis
  10. I not sure about everywhere but here in OHIO they can charge a fee, most ATM;s charge a 2.50 fee plus what your bank wants to charge up to 5.00 when you dont use your own banks ATM. Also some gas stations charge a .10 per gal fee when using a card vs cash. and covenant store ( most ) have a 7-10 dollar min. purchase or it is a .50-.75 c fee. Now with all that said. This sounds like a big scam to me, requiring you CC info before they give you a price, not listing prices onsite and still requiring a CC fee when your spending more than 10 bucks. Yup, smells like a scam to me. hope you didnt give your CC info to him to get that price. If so let us know if you have a fraudulent charge when you didnt even buy anything. Just my 2 cents
  11. I would love to have this for my 4th of July show. djamessmithone@gmail.com
  12. I use VLC media Player. I can fully edit , add sound, Sinc and so on with it. I found this to be the best for me. If the file format is not recognized by VLC ( which is not to offtin ) I use wondershare dvd maker to convert to any file format I need it to be. Hope this helps
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