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  1. Mr Grunts

    I think my show computer is dying...ahhh.

    Sorry to say but yes a new computer is the fastest fix. What it sounds like and the age of your laptop I would say a hardware failure. Could be sound card , HD or and I had this problem. The USB port your using is failing or has something in it touching something else. My USB port was intermediate with working and not working. After a lot of trouble shooting I had someone say something about my USB port. Replaced it and I was all good. Hope this helps
  2. Mr Grunts

    Controller for sale

    If still for sale I would be a buyer at 150.00 ea + shipping if interested. 1) are they compleat controllers and 2) Im only looking at the 3 CTB16 controllers
  3. Mr Grunts

    Need help Computer sound related

    Do a windows update and your sound should come back, also you can go into your device manager, sound, and update there. or you can just download Realtek HD Audio Drivers x64 for Windows PM sent with link to Realtek
  4. Mr Grunts

    Controller for sale

    Any pics on controllers?
  5. Agree. It would help to have that file. I'm not doing a show this year. For financial reasons I had to sell my controllers but would be more then happy to give this a go. Just need the viz file so I can see what I am doing. Let us know
  6. Mr Grunts

    How Do I Hide Airblown when deflated?

    Well that is a good question that I had 2 years ago. I wanted to deflate my blowups. I attached elastic string and staked it so when deflating they would pull it where I wanted it to fall. I had mine fall behind my tombstones. Also my blowups were 12 ft and unless it was a windy night they fell right every time. Hope it helps. Dennis
  7. Mr Grunts

    Selling my Setup

    Well that knocks me out. Just need the controllers. And I not local so happy selling my friend
  8. Mr Grunts

    Looking for cheap 10w dumb RGB floodlights

    In some cases yes and is recommended however I did not and still use my floods. All I did was removed the remote sensor and soldered my RGB there and then power to power.
  9. Mr Grunts

    Looking for cheap 10w dumb RGB floodlights

    I used these, https://www.ebay.com/itm/10Pcs-RGB-LED-Flood-Light-10W-Remote-Controller-Outdoor-Lighting-Path-F1V9/352086389548?epid=2152790246&hash=item51f9fbf32c:g:iKEAAOSwiqtZkRVn if you watch ebay you will catch a deal with bidding. I was able to get 2 10 count for 21.00 usd each. 20 lights for 42.00 FS. And I converted them to work with the cmb24d cards using this method that another member here had posted. http://s245.photobucket.com/user/frightnight_photos/library/Toms Lights?sort=2&page=1 Hope this helps
  10. Mr Grunts

    Going prices for Controllers

    This is true, plus you pay ebay fees, Now if priced according they will sell pretty fast on here
  11. Mr Grunts

    Possible help for a newbe

    PM sent
  12. Mr Grunts

    CTB16PC Gen3 for sale

    How many more do you have?
  13. Mr Grunts

    This is why we do it

    Thank you very much
  14. Mr Grunts

    This is why we do it

    I went dark this year for reasons that I had to sell my controllers to pay bills. However I was out setting up a static display and I had a mother come up and ask when the show will start. she said that her kids have been waiting and bugging her to take them to come see it. I felt really bad to tell her that I am dark this year but it did feel good to know that the kids love my shows. Ill be back next year I hope.