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  1. Mr Grunts

    Selling my Setup

    Well that knocks me out. Just need the controllers. And I not local so happy selling my friend
  2. Mr Grunts

    Looking for cheap 10w dumb RGB floodlights

    In some cases yes and is recommended however I did not and still use my floods. All I did was removed the remote sensor and soldered my RGB there and then power to power.
  3. Mr Grunts

    Looking for cheap 10w dumb RGB floodlights

    I used these, https://www.ebay.com/itm/10Pcs-RGB-LED-Flood-Light-10W-Remote-Controller-Outdoor-Lighting-Path-F1V9/352086389548?epid=2152790246&hash=item51f9fbf32c:g:iKEAAOSwiqtZkRVn if you watch ebay you will catch a deal with bidding. I was able to get 2 10 count for 21.00 usd each. 20 lights for 42.00 FS. And I converted them to work with the cmb24d cards using this method that another member here had posted. http://s245.photobucket.com/user/frightnight_photos/library/Toms Lights?sort=2&page=1 Hope this helps
  4. Mr Grunts

    Going prices for Controllers

    This is true, plus you pay ebay fees, Now if priced according they will sell pretty fast on here
  5. Mr Grunts

    Possible help for a newbe

    PM sent
  6. Mr Grunts

    CTB16PC Gen3 for sale

    How many more do you have?
  7. Mr Grunts

    This is why we do it

    Thank you very much
  8. Mr Grunts

    This is why we do it

    I went dark this year for reasons that I had to sell my controllers to pay bills. However I was out setting up a static display and I had a mother come up and ask when the show will start. she said that her kids have been waiting and bugging her to take them to come see it. I felt really bad to tell her that I am dark this year but it did feel good to know that the kids love my shows. Ill be back next year I hope.
  9. Mr Grunts

    Stupid stoopid question

    This is awesome, I am one that likes to stay with the same manufacture when it comes to equipment. No I dont think it is the software or anything you did wrong. I love firesticks, arches, light bars or anything I can run, lol. What did you do with your first 12 floods? Were they just on the ground pointed at the street in a line, scattered, or all of them in 4ch firesticks also? reason I ask is I admit , I too am now curious why they would seem dimm if yet the same.
  10. Mr Grunts

    Stupid stoopid question

    Oh and one more thing. The dumbest question is the one never asked!!!!!!!! If we never ask, we never learn.
  11. Mr Grunts

    Stupid stoopid question

    Answer could be many things but I dont think it is the software, Questions back, Are they the same brand of floods? power supplies? First I would look at power and type of LED Floods they are. But then again you could just have too many floods out now, meaning now that you have so many floods that the colors blah together. This brings us to the term that sometimes LESS IS MORE. Not knowing the size of your yard/stage I would look at the over abundance of lights. When just having 12 floods, colors were popping, bright and vibrant but then add another 16 to that mix and the colors seem blah, dimm and just simply plain. Give you an example, Take a blue crayon and just put 1 line down, nice blue color huh? now on that same line mark it 4 more times, a little darker but still a nice color of blue. now do it 7 more times on the same line, darker yet but you still see the blue. now do it 16 more times and see what you get, kinda blah and almost to dark to see the blue. Im sure you see where im going with this. So again not knowing how large your canvas is I would first look at power consumption then I would look at how much is too much. 12 looked bright and popping so try adding just 4 more and see what you get, then 4 more and so on until you get the balance your looking for. Again not knowing the size but just by what you say I cant see you adding more then 10 more and even just 8 out of the 16 should do ya, Also remember Location, location, location. Mix em up, some on the roof , some on the ground OH wait , Heres a prop for ya, leave the 12 where they were and the new 16 floods have 2 8 flood RGB fire sticks. Just a thought. I know this was a long reply but I hope it helps.
  12. Mr Grunts

    light clips

    I have some simular to that. I will take a pic and pm you with it in the morning
  13. Mr Grunts

    light clips

    Pic did not come through.
  14. Mr Grunts

    For Sale LOR1602 and CCR controllers

    Must of offered for it all. Lol. Good bidding
  15. Mr Grunts

    For Sale LOR1602 and CCR controllers

    PMED on the 1602