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  1. **Noob Alert ** Need some guidance on pixel tree

    I may have misled you. You change controller in sequence editor by opening up the sequence and then going under tools and bring up Channel configuration. Under that you will see change controller. You don't need to do them all individually.
  2. **Noob Alert ** Need some guidance on pixel tree

    I also bought one of these trees. I have attached a visualization file that you should find helpful. I have also copied the body of an email with instructions from Brian Bruderer. I think he is the creator of the Superstar Add-on. If you PM me your email I will send you some superstar files to try and work the issue backwards A Light-O-Rama help desk staff member has replied to your request, with the following response: It sounds like you have a Pixie Controller controlling the strings on your 16x25 tree. With Pixie controllers, you assign one unit ID to the controller using the Hardware Utility and then the controller uses that unit ID for the first string and it automatically uses the consecutive unit IDs after that for the rest of the strings. So the Pixel Editor is doing the correct thing to assign separate unit IDs to each string. It is indeed confusing to have 3 programs to deal with in S4. For this reason, in S5 there is only "The Sequencer" and "SuperStar" and you create the Preview in the sequencer and then SuperStar uses the same Preview, so you don't have to deal with using a visualization for superstar. However, S5 is still in beta, so for now we will deal with how to use S4. As you mentioned, you had to make a preview of your lights in the Pixel Editor. I am not an expert on the Pixel Editor, but one issue you may face is that the S4 Pixel Editor assumes that your first string is in the back/center of the tree. Yet the visualizer gives you the option of starting the first string on the left or right, but it does not allow you to start it in the back/center. However, the Pixel Editor allows the import of a visualization. So a better approach is to make the visualization, and then import it into the Pixel Editor. Attached is a visualization of a 16x25 Tree with the first string on the left, and then the strings go counter-clockwise. To make this tree I went into the Tree Wizard and selected: Type of Tree: 360 Counterclockwise First Bundle Location: Left Type of Channel Bundles / Fixtures: CCR Edge to Center/Center to Edge Pixels per Bundle: 25 Number of Bundles / Fixtures: 16 Density: 1 Click on OK, then a dialog box will appear with 3 options, accept the default which is the top option. On the right will be a list of Props, double click on the prop you just created. In the Prop Properties dialog box click on the "wizards" tab. Use the channel wizard to assign the unit ID to each strand of the tree. Strand 1 and 2 are on the same string so they both get the same unit ID. Strand 3 and 4 are on the same string so they both get the same unit ID, etc. Save the visualization. launch superstar, click on the File menu and select "Import Visualization" In the "import visualization" dialog box select: Sequencing Grid max length: 25 Vertical, wrap around leave the other settings alone click on Ok the green sequencing grid should have a 16x25 grid on the left, and a 16x25 grid on the right. This is because you are in wrap around mode. Wrap around mode makes it easy to do spiral effects on your 360 degree tree. Now if you want to use the pixel editor you can use the preview you created, but the first string may not be in the same place as the visualization. But for many of the pixel editor effects that won't matter. The other option is to import the visualization into the pixel editor. I realize all of this is more complicated than it should be (in S5 it is much simpler) but its what we have to do for now. 16X25 Pixel Tree.lee
  3. Thanks for the quick response. As it turns out, it was the visualization that I created when I first got the new equipment. I used the wrong controller numbers. It is working now.
  4. Hi, I have created my sequences with the Superstar add-on. When I export the sequences into the Sequence editor, they will not play on the tree. Any ideas.
  5. 16x25 Pixel Tree issue with visualizer

    Jerry, thanks for posting that. The unit ID had me confused. The wording is funny but I got it.
  6. 16x25 Pixel Tree issue with visualizer

    Thanks for getting back to me. I will try to figure it out in the meantime.
  7. 16x25 Pixel Tree issue with visualizer

    Jerry, could you please send me the message that Brian sent you. fbolton1238@gmail.com Thanks
  8. Pixel Editor will not start

    I rebooted and everything is working OK now. I probably should have tried that first. Hopefully I don't have to delete anything.
  9. Pixel Editor will not start

    I am having the same problem with Pixel editor and getting a recommendation to use the jitDebugging. Have any of you seen this. Has anybody contacted LOR about this?
  10. Making Sure Pixels Run In My Sequences.....

    OK the answer was already on this page. Yes, to run PE effects the firmware needs to be updated. I downloaded the update and then I was able to update each controller while they were daisy chained together using the hardware utility. Thanks.
  11. Making Sure Pixels Run In My Sequences.....

    I have a question regarding the Enhanced LOR option. I programmed a bunch of sequences using the pixel editor. When I tried to use them, they did not work. I found this thread so I changed all of my networks to the enhanced, I checked and made sure that they were compatible based on the link above, but once changed, nothing worked. I do have a pro license. On the regular network I have 10 standard LOR controllers, on the A network I have 6 cosmic color ribbons, on the B network I have 6 cosmic color ribbons (about three or four years old). I have done more searching and I am guessing that I need to update the firmware? Please confirm. Also, can I do this while they are hooked up or do I have to do each box separately. I would only do the CCR's now and wait until after the season for the 16 channel units. Also, unrelated, I am running two alphapix controllers but I don't know how they are working because my Ethernet card I am using for the E1.31 connection has failed and I cannot get one until Tuesday. Thanks for your help.
  12. lumen output of ccr

    Bob, Thanks for the link. I will take a look at this and your web page about the project to get a better idea of what will be involved. Both of your points are correct - I would be wasting pixels and I think I would be disappointed in the one pixel per bay. Thanks for confirming Frank
  13. lumen output of ccr

    Bob, I found your website and I compliment you on your work. However, I have only ever used LOR. I don't even know what a WS2811 is. And the power supply issues are more that I want to deal with. My thought was to use one pixel per bay which would mean 4 candy canes per 100 pixel string ( this would waste 18 pixels but they would be used for spacing). I am not sure about programming CCPs yet with LOR S3 advanced but the CCRs were fairly easy. I have 12 CCRs and they are quite bright so I thought my plan may work. Let me know what you think. Thanks Frank
  14. lumen output of ccr

  15. lumen output of ccr

    This thread came up when I searched for CCP lumens. I want to use the CCPs for the holiday coro candy canes? The devices recommended on that site look much larger? Has anybody used the CCPs for these candy canes? Or has anyone used both products that can compare? Any advice is appreciated.
  16. Error 01-BOOTLOADER-PC-V2 for

    I was having similar problems where I would find 9 controllers or 1. It seemed to be different every time I did a refresh. If you google "lightorama controller problem" you may find some information that is helpful. What worked for me was pulling the 8 pin chip (with the power off) to the left and just below the cat5 inputs. Don't know why it worked but it did. Also, there are some threads that tell you how to reset the controller. If you don't have any luck with these, I would contact LOR. Time is running short.
  17. Error 01-BOOTLOADER-PC-V2 for

    Here is the link to the page on the lor website http://www1.lightorama/firmware-updates It should give you instructions where to download to and then on the hardware utility, there is a firmware button. In reading they were very specific about only having one controller hooked up at a time. I did not actually update my firmware so I am not exactly sure how the procedure goes.
  18. Error 01-BOOTLOADER-PC-V2 for

    I was getting the same error on the same controller. I found that I was up to date on the firmware so I decided to reseat the PCI (??) chip that I read about on other threads. That did the trick. This was on a year old controller that had not been used. Good luck. This was very confusing.
  19. Upside Down

    Well i switched the wires and everything is right now. turns out that the superstar numbers the ribbons from left to right. #1 being at the left as you are facing it. Hopefully this will help somebody.
  20. Upside Down

    Thanks, I did check that. I am using a tree layout and the 90 button makes the text vertical. I did discover that i had to flip the ccrs on my visualization to match the sequence after I flipped it. I also discovered that the ccrs were backwards 12-1 rather than 1-12 I changed this to match what I thought I sequenced. This resulted in the visualization matching what is happening in real life. But I don't know how to fix it. I am considering rewiring the boxes but that should not make a difference. Although I am not sure how the superstar sequencer knows which one is number one. I made an assumption that #1 was on the right and #12 was on the left. Maybe that how it works in China. If anybody has been through this, please help.
  21. Upside Down

    Have either of you resolved this issue. I too had to flip my controller location from top to bottom but now the text is flipped horizontally and going in the wrong direction. Meaning it is not upside down. Any help is appreciated
  22. Leaping Arches

    Hi guys, I am planning on doing some leaping arches this year and I was wondering if anyone has figured out what is the best light spacing to use. I would think that the most lights with the shortest wire. I have found some ones that have 100 lights on a 27' length of wire and I think that this would be the best. Thanks for your help.
  23. Leaping Arches

    Thanks for the link. There is enough information there to figure out how to put them together.
  24. Music play at different volumes

    This is my first year with a LOR and I am having trouble with the sound level. I have about 15 different sequences with music form itunes, LOR and my own CD's. Some of the songs play louder than others on my outside speakers. Has anyone seen this problem before? I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks
  25. Music play at different volumes

    Thanks again guys, I used MP3 gain to get the volume levels to be the same. However I was not able to get it to work on Vista, I had to use my computer with XP then copy the audio files. As a result of this problem, I have decided to buy a transmitter. If I have problems with that I will use Audacity. Thanks again. :cool: Frank