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  1. Did you ever find the solution to this problem? S5 was able to save the preview that I had been using for most of my previews, but all of the other ones are gone right after windows 10 update.
  2. Brian, Thanks for figuring that out. I will just avoid the & symbol. I remember way back when DOS didn't like special characters in file names.
  3. I did open up the file with word and there were 1070 pages so I gave up on that. So I deleted every effect and the fault still came up. The problem turned out to be a image that I was using with an image action. So even when i deleted the image action, the image was still attached to the sequence and caused the problem. I deleted the image action and then the image in the original file and the import worked fine. I will have to redo that small section of the sequence but no big deal. Thanks for your help.
  4. I encountered a new problem importing and SS sequence into superstar. (I have done six successfully)The import failed because of an unexpected token Line 54783. I have attached a screen shot. I assume that this means there is a problem with the sequence. I created a new SS sequence and copied all of the effects and got the same line number. I then deleted a couple of effects and the line number changed. I have deleted effects at the beginning, middle and end of the sequence in the hope that this would help me find which effect was bad. But nothing made any sense. Has anybody seen this? Can anyone suggest a way to find the bad effect. I guess tomorrow I will delete one effect at a time and see what happens.
  5. Alan, I went back and deleted everything I imported with the exception of the individual props - no groups and then started your video. What I found was that the gutter props imported wrong even from the ones you fixed - I think. So i changed them from matrix rectangle and bulbs to lines unconnected. I even had a universe get switched. Once I got that fixed I followed your video to make the groups and how they are arranged and it worked. I didn't even have to copy and paste any effects. I just selected import superstar effect and then when the SS box came up I opened my sequence and then closed it and the SS sequence was imported into S5. It looks like the prop setup is the most important part of this. Thanks. As I said earlier, I have a 12 X 50 CCR tree and a 16X25 mini pixel tree. The 12X50 ccr tree has sequences from SS that were imported as shown below. I have also imported some of them as sub-sequences. it looks like you recommend making all new sequences in S5. Do you reccommend that I make all new S5 sequences and then import the SS sequences. Again thanks for your help, I would never have figured this out on my own.
  6. Alan, So i imported the large group that you created into the preview and then in the sequence i imported the group and then when I tried to import using the sequence from superstar, it said superstar failed to run. I tried several times rebooting S5 and SS but got the same result. So i rebooted my computer. then the first time i tried to load, the superstar came up with the layout shown in the first picture. so i tried changing the group layout (horizontal) and i just got one straight line. so i went back to the original setup and now i am getting the hatched lines shown in picture two and i cannot insert superstar effects. Do I have to insert a motion row for the superstar effects? I have a pro license and i checked when i downloaded S5 and it said i was good.
  7. Alan, I have tried exporting the props and groups that you have made and then importing them into one of my existing non superstar sequences and that just isn't working. Since I already have arches in my S5 sequence I had to rename the ones for the fence "FArches" but when I import them they still get confused with the regular arch. The other glitch is that I create the props in the preview and then when I insert the Preview props, the sequence grid is all hatchmarked and I cannot change it so that must be wrong somehow. Was importing your props what you intended or should I just import the "real visualization" and then create the groups. Basically follow your video from start to finish but inside my preview with the rest of the props. I can't believe this wouldn't be simpler. If LOR is not paying they should because without your help I would have already gone back to S4. Thanks
  8. Alan, That was a great video. I appreciate all of the time you put into it. Please don't take it down because I will need it for reference. I thought i tried most of the things that you did but I must have mis-matched things along the way. I got the preview that you sent me last week to work. (I originally downloaded from the email that I get when there is a new post. That was only an xml link and it didn't do anything) I must have sent you the wrong audio because I noticed the timing was off so I found the correct audio. I was also able to use the method of importing that you showed in an earlier video. It worked just fine. Next I will export the prop files that you made and then import them into my other files. Thanks again for your help. Maybe someday i could pay you back somehow. Frank
  9. Alan, thanks for the video that did explain a lot but I still have not resolved my issue. I have added my prop to the preview from a visualization file and then created a group with all of those props. Then I insert the preview group into the S5 sequence. If i try to add the superstar effect at this point i only get the first prop. So then i add a motion effect row. (At the top it says 50 X 11) then when i try to import the superstar sequence I get the attached S5 assigned grid which does not match my grid. The main reason for this i think is that i have seven DMX CCRs. The first one is broken down into two arches, the second one is broken down into two arches. the third is one element, the fourth is one element, the fifth is one element, the sixth is broken down into two elements and the 7th is broken down into two elements. So instead of saying 50 X 11 in the motion effect dialogue box it should say - 50 X 4,150 X 3 and 50 X 4. I have about 10 sequences all in superstar and i don't really want to recreate them all on a new grid but i am begginning to worry. Everything does seem to work properly with motion effects and the other S5 stuff - it's just these grids i cant get to match. Any help you can give would be appreciated.
  10. Alan, Thanks for replying, I didn't see a link to the video. I can understand why they have to match, I just can't figure out how to make it match. Last night I had the preview in superstar match the preview in S5 but the grid didn't match so it didn't work. and now i can't get back to that point. Please post the link that you mentioned and maybe it will help me figure out how to make the grid match the previews. thanks again
  11. I have rgb lights that that go along my fence and roof line. I have each string as a separate row in my S5 preview. When i import the sequence from superstar as instructed above, nothing happens. If i add motion effects they work fine. I know i am missing something but I just cant see it. Do i Have to make all of my seven lines into a group and then import?
  12. Files not found

    OK, Run as administrator solved that.
  13. Files not found

    I installed 5.0.16 today but when I went to run it I got a "Clipboards cannot be accessed" error message and the program did not load. I found the clipboards file in the sequence folder and moved it out and under LOR. I tried to run it again and got the "Common Data" cannot be found error message. I was unable to find that file. Is there a simple fix to this? Do I have to recreate the folder structure? Can you tell me what the folder should look like. I am running Windows 10 and have a pro license. I have reinstalled S4.3.26 Everything looks OK. I am hoping to get an early start so I have some hair left by December. Thanks
  14. **Noob Alert ** Need some guidance on pixel tree

    I may have misled you. You change controller in sequence editor by opening up the sequence and then going under tools and bring up Channel configuration. Under that you will see change controller. You don't need to do them all individually.
  15. **Noob Alert ** Need some guidance on pixel tree

    I also bought one of these trees. I have attached a visualization file that you should find helpful. I have also copied the body of an email with instructions from Brian Bruderer. I think he is the creator of the Superstar Add-on. If you PM me your email I will send you some superstar files to try and work the issue backwards A Light-O-Rama help desk staff member has replied to your request, with the following response: It sounds like you have a Pixie Controller controlling the strings on your 16x25 tree. With Pixie controllers, you assign one unit ID to the controller using the Hardware Utility and then the controller uses that unit ID for the first string and it automatically uses the consecutive unit IDs after that for the rest of the strings. So the Pixel Editor is doing the correct thing to assign separate unit IDs to each string. It is indeed confusing to have 3 programs to deal with in S4. For this reason, in S5 there is only "The Sequencer" and "SuperStar" and you create the Preview in the sequencer and then SuperStar uses the same Preview, so you don't have to deal with using a visualization for superstar. However, S5 is still in beta, so for now we will deal with how to use S4. As you mentioned, you had to make a preview of your lights in the Pixel Editor. I am not an expert on the Pixel Editor, but one issue you may face is that the S4 Pixel Editor assumes that your first string is in the back/center of the tree. Yet the visualizer gives you the option of starting the first string on the left or right, but it does not allow you to start it in the back/center. However, the Pixel Editor allows the import of a visualization. So a better approach is to make the visualization, and then import it into the Pixel Editor. Attached is a visualization of a 16x25 Tree with the first string on the left, and then the strings go counter-clockwise. To make this tree I went into the Tree Wizard and selected: Type of Tree: 360 Counterclockwise First Bundle Location: Left Type of Channel Bundles / Fixtures: CCR Edge to Center/Center to Edge Pixels per Bundle: 25 Number of Bundles / Fixtures: 16 Density: 1 Click on OK, then a dialog box will appear with 3 options, accept the default which is the top option. On the right will be a list of Props, double click on the prop you just created. In the Prop Properties dialog box click on the "wizards" tab. Use the channel wizard to assign the unit ID to each strand of the tree. Strand 1 and 2 are on the same string so they both get the same unit ID. Strand 3 and 4 are on the same string so they both get the same unit ID, etc. Save the visualization. launch superstar, click on the File menu and select "Import Visualization" In the "import visualization" dialog box select: Sequencing Grid max length: 25 Vertical, wrap around leave the other settings alone click on Ok the green sequencing grid should have a 16x25 grid on the left, and a 16x25 grid on the right. This is because you are in wrap around mode. Wrap around mode makes it easy to do spiral effects on your 360 degree tree. Now if you want to use the pixel editor you can use the preview you created, but the first string may not be in the same place as the visualization. But for many of the pixel editor effects that won't matter. The other option is to import the visualization into the pixel editor. I realize all of this is more complicated than it should be (in S5 it is much simpler) but its what we have to do for now. 16X25 Pixel Tree.lee