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  1. do you have your unit ID's set ? and in the HU, did you set the max number of units greater than or equal to 2? and when daisy chaining, are you connecting the computer to the LAST controller?
  2. Don't use SanDisk. the cards must be 8 GB or less... Kingston cards work great....I use the Kingston SDHC cards as recommended by LOR. Make sure they're formatted FAT32.
  3. If you're hell bent on continuing to use the SLEEP power function, try this - http://www.howtogeek.com/119028/how-to-make-your-pc-wake-from-sleep-automatically/ But ditto on what Max-Paul said...
  4. Are your MP3's 128 kbps constant bit rate ? You can check by using Audacity, and set the mp3 to CBR...most mp3's are variable bit rate....at least, that was my problem until I corrected my tunes with Audacity.
  5. Yeah, it's easier to spend another $12 on a new cord....not the first issue I've had with this triple output cord....was a Harbor Freight "sale" item.
  6. Yeah, luckily it wasn't my outlet that was reversed....first (and last) time using this cord FOR ANYTHING....it has been filed away in the circular recycle bin....and I will test every extension cord I buy from this point on....
  7. My 3 are daisychained out of order and working fine...your sequences reference the controller(s) by number...so it doesn't matter which order you connect them in...
  8. Thought I'd share a recent experience....last night I kept getting a wiring fault alarm on one of my APC surge supressors I've got a pro series controller plugged into....it kept going into protection mode, cutting off power to one controller...traced it back to, wait for it...wait for it....a 10 guage heavy duty commercial extension cord that had its hot and neutral reversed internally....never saw that coming....don't know if it could have harmed the controller, but I do realize it could have caused electrocution if something would have shorted out....most people don't use surge supressord/UPS units, but in this case, I'm glad I do... anyone had wierd experiences with store bought cords before?
  9. Thanks for the vocabulary lesson... ... I should have written "balk at the success"....
  10. SUCCESS! I just ran a test on 1, 2 and 3 controllers individually, then with all three powered on and daisy chained via cat5. No sd card in mp3 unit, and all controllers could be seen in the hardware utility and responded to all commands. Now to grab a beer and balk in the success.....Thanks again Don...
  11. Perfect...that's what I needed to know...Thanks for your help, Don!! Much appreciated!
  12. OK, so since the last (third) controller has the rj45 ports labeled "in or out", is it safe to "assume" I can have the second controller connected to one rj45 jack on the third (last) controller, and have the computer connected to the second rj45 port on the third (last) controller, and still be able to "see" all three controllers in the hardware utility? (i.e. can I have two "inputs" connected to one controller, with only one input active (receiving commands from the computer in this case), of course?)
  13. Ahhh...THANK YOU DON !! This means I'll need a longer cat5 cable now..LOL...
  14. Hi all...I have a question for those using the commercial controllers with the G3-MP3 director. I've got 3 controllers all daisy-chained via rj45 cables. Without having an SD card inserted, I'd like to connect the PC with the hardware utility to the primary controller (the one with the MP3 director, if possible), and be able to use the hardware utility to test each controller independently without having to connect each controller to the PC...The director has an rj-11, and two rj-45 jacks, one for net 1 and one for net 2. I've got the cat5e cable connected to the net1 rj-45, going to the other controllers, so net2 and the rj11 jacks are open...I read in the manual that if net2 isn't referenced in any of the shows, it will basically "duplicate" the traffic from net1... Where can I connect the rj45 from the computer to the primary controller so the hardware utility can see all controllers? or is this even possible? I've got the usb 485 adapter, fyi. Thanks in advance...
  15. Hi Morial....My problem is I can't even get that far, since I'm not sure where to plug the computer into...I'm thinking I can connect to the Net2 rj45 port on the mP3 director, but not sure...I read in the manual that unless your show specifically references Net2, then that port will default to a duplicate Net1. I really just want to test the controllers and setup before plugging in the SD card...I did successfully connect to controller 2 and 3 independently, and was able to run test patterns...I'd like to keep the network connected and plug into "somewhere" to be able to test each one through the hardware utility without unplugging and replugging the cat5 cable...
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