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  1. RGB Floods -- what do you do with them?

    I use mine pointed toward the house. For Christmas the floods are about 8' from the house. See video below. My house is an off white color so the colors show pretty well. For Halloween the floods are against the house pointed straight up.
  2. Lights on Koji - 2017

    Very nice. I like the use of the pixels with the traditional ac controllers. Looks a lot better than the set patterns that I see with all the pixel displays. Well done!
  3. Pixel Arches

    I have 8 arches made from pixels. Each arch is 25 pixels at about 4 3/4 inches apart zip tied to a 10ft piece of 3/4 pex tubing.
  4. The wife's first sequence........Believer.

    Nice. We stopped by the other night. Looking good.
  5. Plugging in controller

    Yes. I plug mine into a 3way tap and then run one cord to power. As long as the amps are less than the circuit. I use all leds and plug 6 controllers to one 20 amp outlet.
  6. Continuous or Not?

    As everyone else said continuous. I use a fm transmitter every night and I put a speaker out Friday and Saturday nights for the foot traffic.
  7. Being original.

    I'm all for the ones who WANT to share their work. I just don't like the repetitive asking. I don't like posting videos anymore because as soon as you do someone is asking for the sequence. If I wanted to share it I would have posted it to share.
  8. Being original.

    I can see borrowing or purchasing a sequence here and there. I just think that there are so many looking (begging) for a hand out. Just my thoughts...
  9. Being original.

    Does anyone make there own sequences anymore?
  10. Letters for Santa box ideas

    I made one for this year to go out by the curb. Pretty easy to make. Some 2x4s, one sheet of plywood, and 2x3ft piece of sheet metal. There are more photos on my Facebook page...https://www.facebook.com/pg/HappyLights.Ramona/photos/?ref=page_internal#
  11. Brand Spanking New

    Welcome. As noted above the tutorials are a good place to start. I wanted to add too that most who are here are busy setting their displays up. If you don't get answers right away don't get discouraged. It's the busy time of the year. Merry Christmas.
  12. Wire frame light attachment

    I use zip ties.
  13. My new "Tune To" sign

    Looks good.
  14. Made a killing today