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  1. did everyone get there controllers fixed ok from LOR? are all the controllers working fine now?
  2. hi guys, has anyone else had issues this year with lots of triacs latching to 50% or 100%, just wondering, over 3 different sites (100 miles between them) with 4 controllers on each site, i have had on average 10 triacs on each site fail. i know it isnt a voltage issue as i have surge suppressors fitted, i know it isnt the lights as i am using high end commercial LEDs and have been doing so for over 2 years, all the boxes are approx 2 years old and ran fine last year on all sites. just dont like the idea of having to solder on approx 30 new triacs . any one else with a similar problem?? ps i am in the UK so my voltage is 240V
  3. i found these to be a great deterrent http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/items/__guardcam_W0QQ_dmdZ2?clk_rvr_id=318305125934&crlp=11006115295_228459_228459&UA=%3F*S%3F&GUID=8bda3e481350a02661f27b32fff2d6a6&agid=2537752135&tm_kw=guardcam&siteid=3&MT_ID=11&tt_encode=raw&keyword=guardcam&geo_id=21&ff4=228459_228459 and not a bad price either
  4. well another year of installs come finally to an end, here is a video of one of my installs at a shopping Centre in Dublin, Ireland all my videos are available to view on my web site www.spectacularlighting.co.uk go to gallery hope you like it, any feed back good or bad is most welcome cheers Kieran Spectacular Lighting
  5. why did you stop using the AD products?, was there an issue with the controllers, the software etc?
  6. I think they can, but i dont really want to get into that, so i think the best thing to do is get them to buy more LOR controllers :}
  7. ok guys, this just might open a major can of worms but here goes...... Can LOR S2 software control Animated lighting products? the only reason i am asking is because a client has 2 animated lighting controllers and wants to add some more LOR controllers, and as i am an LOR partner i think we should use the LOR S2 software. :shock:
  8. Hi Guys, Can you have a look at this shortened sequence, give me some feedback, i have to present it to a client in 2 weeks so any criticism is welcome. thanks Kieran in Belfast
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