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  1. I have a CTB32LD can someone tell me what version firmware I need to run this in dmx mode
  2. I have a ctb32ld can someone tell me what version firmware I need to run this in dmx
  3. trying to run 6 controllers I have the usb 485b run into a network switch will this work or not bring up the hardware utlity but it says it cant find any controllers what can I do to fix this
  4. Is there a faster way to change dmx channels to rgb channels im doing one universe at a time but seems to be taking forever to change any help
  5. for some reason when i open my sequence editor i get a message that says it cannot find my folder any way to fix this
  6. jck46

    channel line up

    Is there a way to do a channel line up then copy sequence to sequence
  7. jck46

    leaping arch

    i used the lawn edging and ran a pc of 1/2 pvc conduit through the lawn edging came out great
  8. Can somebody give me their plans on building a marty fan frame how you built it and with what you used for materials thanks
  9. American christmas decoraters conference
  10. any word when this will take place this year
  11. where do i find the firmware updates and how do i know if i need it i have a new dc board and wondered if i need to update the software
  12. thanks got it to work but i have 3 rgbs that dont light up until 38 secs into the sequence and not sure why they should be on the whole time
  13. okay i think i have my 682 setup right was wondering if you can run a sequence in editor and control the 682 also any video out there on setting up a 682 with lor
  14. i know i have seen this somewhere but can you paint leds to the color you want and if so what kind works best
  15. thinking of getting a laptop to dedicate to light show what size would be needed to run lor and e1.31 at the same time and what else would i need
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