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  1. Would love this one as well. LMS and faces, please and thank you. Some friends are huge Va. Tech. fans... LMS and faces.. mwrose4@cox.net Thank you! Mike R.
  2. Sorry to be such a leech.... I have been out of the programming and would love Thunderstruck as well... LMS and faces, please and thank you. mwrose4@cox.net Mike R.
  3. I would greatly appreciate this one as well. MWRose4@cox.net Thank you! Mike R.
  4. Been out a while. Would love this one... LMS and faces... MWRose4@cox.net. Thanks to all who are sharing.
  5. I would appreciate this one as well. LMS and faces. Also, the word doc, if you have not sent it to me today. mwrose4@cox.net Thank you!
  6. Would love a copy if you are still sharing? mwrose4@cox.net
  7. James, I emailed you outside of here. I would greatly appreciate the standard version of the Sound of Silence as well. Please and thank you!
  8. James, do you have the non pixel version for this? I would greatly appreciate it. MWRose4@cox.net Thanks.
  9. MikeyRo

    Note from a viewer

    I used a couple of blow-ups at Halloween. I went into the inflatable, rewired it so that the fan ran constantly and the lights were on a separate plug that I connected to a channel. I made the plugs so that I could plug the lights back in to the blower circuit if I wanted to use it as a regular inflatable again at some time.
  10. For what it is worth, I used two fire sticks last year of 5 channels. I was limited on controllers, so I was going to duplicate the sides by splitting the controller output, one to both sides. In my setting up of the sticks, I managed to reverse the order of the sections and had them mirroring instead and it looked very neat, even with fire sticks. So I had this.. Left Right 1 5 2 4 3 3 4 2 5 1 Worked like a charm. So what you are asking is absolutely viable and should look pretty good.
  11. There is a time limit on when you can edit your posts. I believe it is something like 5 to 10 minutes. After the time limit is up, you can no longer edit them.
  12. I ordered so,etching just like that from Ray. They are not waterproof and ARE very finicky. I am using them on my bar shelves indoors and when installing the dumb strips the connection was VERY positional. For what it is worth, your mileage may vary.
  13. Actually, I think the original intent was it was flashing so much it might trigger a seizure. Not that it was so cool it would cause a seizure. I watched a young boy, playing a stand up video game in the mall years ago, fall to the floor having a seizure after the game ended and the screen at robbed red flashes. So in effect, from the original naming of the star, I do not think there was any intent to offend. Also, there is a huge difference in using the word seizure and the "N" word. The use of the second word is socially unacceptable, unless it is someone of African American heritage using it. Even then most politically sensitive people find it repulsive. I do not believe that I have heard of anyone finding the word seizure politically incorrect. Just my two cents. So bottom line from me, I do not think the name was meant to be offensive. I do understand your sensitivity. For those that posted calling names, it just shows the nature of some of the posters here. For those of us the have seen and like the sequencing of the star, let it rock on. I just wish I had four hundred bucks plus to get and light four of them.
  14. MikeyRo


    Well maybe Don or one of the Admins could get an answer for us from LOR as to why. That seems to be a consistent problem here on the forums, no real answers for the official source. I personally would think if we were told, yes, it would cost "one million dollars" more a year that is why we cannot do it, we would accept it or make a Paypal donation setup to get the money to do it. But to just be told "not going to happen any time soon," leaves a bad taste. Not blaming the admins, just maybe LOR might want to atelier up and give out some info in many of these questionable topics. What do you say LOR guys, can we just get some definitive answers?
  15. There was a thread long ago, well, ok, not really long ago, but a while back. Was it this or the old forum? The poster had the directions and locations to purchase the materials needed to dye the PVC. Anyone remember?
  16. You can even click and drag it across 1 single cell and that seems to work for me. I seem to remember that if I am using the color picker and just click a single cell, it auto fills to the end of the row. But by clicking and dragging in the single cell it seems to work.
  17. I totally agree. Kevin's display is the reason I got in to this hobby. I personally think Kevin's displays are much better and much better to watch. Just the shear size of this display is pretty awesome, but not as good.
  18. Would Bobos clipboard flipper fix that so it was falling the correct way?
  19. You might try copying the sequence at different starting times for each string, Varying the distance for each subsequent string, but not always making the next string start further in the time line, or that would look more like a chase. So maybe, start string 2 2 seconds into the timeline, #3 something like .25 secs, #4 1.5 secs, etc. Sounds to me like that might give you some randomness into the sequence.
  20. How about posting his solution here for everyone to see and hopefully help others that might have the same problem in the future?
  21. I think there is a big difference in "running under" and optimized for. A Yugo can run on the Autobon, but will not perform like a Lotus.
  22. Are the strips 50 chips per strip or 150? Some of the strips are 150 pixels, but each chip controls 3 pixels, so those 3 are always doing the same thing. These are what 8 I call the 50 chip string... A universe can control 170 pixel chips per universe. If your strip is the 3 pixel per chip, then you can control 3 strips with enough left over for 20 more pixel chips. If the strip is 1 to 1 pixel to chip, so that every pixel on the strip is individually controlled, then you get 1 strip with enough room for 20 more pixels per universe.
  23. They should be 2 separate networks. I run my regular controllers and on a separate dongle, run DMX. No need to do anything to your regular controllers.
  24. Not a way to do the whole group with a click, but you can hi light the channels in the group and copy them and then paste into the same group on your second sequence. Not really a lot more work than hi lighting the group header and copying and then pasting into the new sequence.
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