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  1. please and thanks in advance wolfie069@aol.com i have purchased a White Pixel Tree Kit - 16 Strips of 25 pixels and think i am in over my head.. maybe if i see it in a sequence i can figure it out.. i knew i shouldnt have waited
  2. wolfie069@aol.com yes please
  3. i would like to check them out wolfie069@aol.com thanks
  4. wolfie069@aol. please send i think i lost it when pc crashed....i need to backup my s@#$ more frequently...
  5. may i get those also please wolfie069@aol.com thanks
  6. lol its never wrong to play with lights...when i first started i did some stuff for easter LOL...Have fun with it and if you have any problems the guys n gals here are the best....
  7. would like to have this one also if possible.. wolfie069@aol.com thanks!
  8. would also love to see it. wolfie069@aol.com
  9. Would love to get any halloween songs you guys got. This will be my first halloween set up using lor and i'm gonna try and make a pumkin face myself. ugh... wolfie069@aol.com thanks in advance for any sent..hopefully it wont be crazy windy like it usually is here in N.H. around that time...
  10. Would also love to use your sequence. The kids in the neighborhood would love it.. Wolfie069@aol.com I am using 2 16 channel controllers and have one CCR but don't have time to figure it out this year. Wouldn't mind anything else your willing share.. Thanks, John
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