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  1. Friendly Neighborhood Competition

    Slowly, but surely my street is stepping up, but 3 years ago there wasn't even on house besides mine on my street. now I even have the family that live right across the street that is wanting to get started with 16 channels next year
  2. FM Help!!!

    That is so funny you just posted that. That is almost verbatim to what I said in my message back
  3. FM Help!!!

    Well once again a big thank you to the light o rama forums. My neighbor was able to see this post and has changed to a different frequency. I did message him back and let him know we can coexist on the same frequency. My show is now back up and running. Also a big thank you to Jim for helping me with the antenna!!! Nice to have all the great friends here to help and support all light enthusiasts. .
  4. Ok so if you go into SE and click on tools in upper left corner you can go down to channel config. Then on the bottom you can delete controller. Just don't forget to save you new config, or it may be export config, can't remember
  5. FM Help!!!

    Ok so almost done with the new antenna Jim suggested. keeping my fingers crossed as the guy won't even answer his door
  6. FM Help!!!

    Yeah i was reading up about that and the first offense starts @ $ 75,000 fine
  7. FM Help!!!

    HAHA, I do have a neighbor that lives pretty close to him? I am sure it will come back around to him in 1 way or another. I did go drive the distance I could hear and it was 1.3 miles. WHY?
  8. FM Help!!!

    Well I thought about that, but do you think any of the enforcing agencies would care about one guy for Christmas? But I do agree, just trying to be the bigger person( the little guy on the other shoulder says physically teach him a polite lesson, like what my momma taught me)
  9. FM Help!!!

    Mr. P I actually already talked to him about that and he said I like it where it is. I am trying to be the bigger person here and I will change stations next year, but for now I already have a sign made and can't get a new one quick enough and it is too close to CHRISTmas to shut it down until it arrives.
  10. FM Help!!!

    Well I just got back from talking to him and I started out just telling him how cool his show was and asking about his setup. Then I calmly and casually mentioned I am almost 2 miles away and he is transmitting that far and he said oh well. I don't have time to make a new sign to change my frequency. I was very surprised he abruptly said no (with a very stern no I might add) SO I guess I can either find a way to transmit over him or call someone, but calling someone would be my last resort as, even if he is not nice he is still a light enthusiast, and I would never want to discourage anyone from helping people smile.
  11. Tune To Sign - Built and Testing!

    I like it. great job JTOMASON
  12. FM Help!!!

    Ok guys i have a new neighbor about 8-10 blocks away and he is using my radio station I have been using for a few years. I use an EDM FM transmitter and would like to know how to overpower his!!. I currently onlyt have the small wire antenna that came with the transmitter as I am not sure which to buy. Is the rubber duck one ok? I will go and talk to him in the morning, but I want to be prepared in case he doesn't care. What is the distance you are aloud to transmit? I thought it was only like 2 blocks?
  13. Christmas Count Down Sequence Pixel

    Cool James can I check that out. Newtour21881@gmail.com
  14. Oh NO!! What Happened to my Pixel Tree

    VOILA!!!!!! That fixed it!! Thank you guys so much and a special thanks to Dennis for practically working all day with me(sorry I disappeared for a while, I guess I am really sick, not stressed.
  15. Oh NO!! What Happened to my Pixel Tree

    Sorry guys. I guess I am actually sick. Fell asleep right after my last post. I am going to try those now