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  1. RGB Cross

    Oh yeah and correction it will be 5" wide beams and 4.5' across
  2. RGB Cross

    Well we will actually just be attaching to our cross in the sanctuary, but that is all dependent on cost. I am hoping to get the same look from just three vertical and three horizontal as the cross is recessed between support beams.
  3. RGB Cross

    Dimensions are 10" X 4.5' and 3 strips wide for each length
  4. RGB Cross

  5. RGB Cross

    For some reason I don't have the attach option anymore. Let me look into this. I thought I had attached it the first time?
  6. RGB Cross

    Thought I would add that I was thinking of going 3-4 strips wide each way
  7. RGB Cross

    Ok so i have been tasked by my church to fabricate an RGB Cross for Easter. I have attached a pic of what they are looking for. I am looking for some experience pointers and suggestions on this as I just used pixel nodes for the first time this year, so still a complete rookie on this front. 1) I was thinking of using strips(maybe nodes) 2) Pex to be able to give the color fade effect 3) should I use SS or Pixel Editor to Sequence? Which is easier to create that effect. They would like it ti pulse in and out from center, up/down, & left to right. ( no idea how to do this yet, or if possible) Thank you for any support and or recommendations here. Thanks again
  8. Friendly Neighborhood Competition

    Slowly, but surely my street is stepping up, but 3 years ago there wasn't even on house besides mine on my street. now I even have the family that live right across the street that is wanting to get started with 16 channels next year
  9. FM Help!!!

    That is so funny you just posted that. That is almost verbatim to what I said in my message back
  10. FM Help!!!

    Well once again a big thank you to the light o rama forums. My neighbor was able to see this post and has changed to a different frequency. I did message him back and let him know we can coexist on the same frequency. My show is now back up and running. Also a big thank you to Jim for helping me with the antenna!!! Nice to have all the great friends here to help and support all light enthusiasts. .
  11. Ok so if you go into SE and click on tools in upper left corner you can go down to channel config. Then on the bottom you can delete controller. Just don't forget to save you new config, or it may be export config, can't remember
  12. FM Help!!!

    Ok so almost done with the new antenna Jim suggested. keeping my fingers crossed as the guy won't even answer his door
  13. FM Help!!!

    Yeah i was reading up about that and the first offense starts @ $ 75,000 fine
  14. FM Help!!!

    HAHA, I do have a neighbor that lives pretty close to him? I am sure it will come back around to him in 1 way or another. I did go drive the distance I could hear and it was 1.3 miles. WHY?
  15. FM Help!!!

    Well I thought about that, but do you think any of the enforcing agencies would care about one guy for Christmas? But I do agree, just trying to be the bigger person( the little guy on the other shoulder says physically teach him a polite lesson, like what my momma taught me)