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  1. oj70chevy

    skipping pixels

    ill try the others I have thanks.
  2. oj70chevy

    skipping pixels

    I am running 6 lor boards as well as Lynxs Pixels. question I have is I was out for 2 years due to spending a lot of time with my family and and am just getting back to it. when I last had everything up it all worked flawlessly. the only thing is I am having some skipping here and there to my pixels. Not always just random but it seems to be consistent for all channels down the line. for example you will see the same pattern 3 times but it skips the 1st time a little less the 2nd and none the 3rd time even thought all 3 are programmed the same. the only thing I can think of that changed was windows 10. I am running lor ver 4.2.12 advanced. any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks Ralph
  3. oj70chevy

    Haunted House by Jumping Gene Simmons Sequence

    another one id like to do for Halloween. thanks in advance oj70chevy@hotmail.com
  4. oj70chevy

    ACDC TNT sequence

    Hi James, if you don't mind I would love to do this song for Halloween. Thanks oj70chevy@hotmail.com
  5. oj70chevy

    S4 Pro update

    cool thanks
  6. oj70chevy

    S4 Pro update

    Alright this mite sound dumb, but where can I find this S4? and as a beta is it still available? for the pixels I plan on running it would be worth the $50. Thanks
  7. oj70chevy

    Control lights option

    Cool that's for the info guys. Ill check it out when I get home.
  8. oj70chevy

    Control lights option

    Sure this is an easy fix but I just cant find it. under play the control lights option will not stay checked so I have to check it every time I play a song. And if I check it before I play the song it will uncheck itself and I have to go back and click it to turn on the lights. Any ideas as it has never done this before.. Thanks Ralph
  9. oj70chevy

    CMB16D lights staying on after show

    yes i am and yes it is. for some strange reason all lights stayed off tonight as they should of maybe a good reboot did it?
  10. A little back ground first. 2nd year running 2 - ctb16, 3 - cmb16, e1-31 to run lynx pixels. now to the issue. just like the title says. after the show stops and everything is off. one dumb strip on ports 4 (red) of the 2nd cmb16 is staying on. if i start up the sequencer and play a sequence it works as it should and turns off when it should but when the show stops it turns on. or if i shut my laptop off it will turn on. any ideas? I could and did just shut all the controllers off but would rather fix the issue. Thanks
  11. oj70chevy

    New year means Academy time!

    signed up and paid. this will be my first time to the Academy. And i'm bringing my 15 year old son as well since he does a lot of our sequencing already.
  12. oj70chevy

    Running my show

    ok ssb work for what i want but i do have a question. when I hot the shut down time will it just stop right there or will it finish that song? or will it finish the whole list of song ( would be better) so it plays the close sequence. And last what would the show editor be user for? it it will not repeat you list of music sequence i would only see it being good it you have many sequences for just one run?
  13. oj70chevy

    Running my show

    im running 3.3.0 and built it in show editor. should it redo it in ssb?
  14. oj70chevy

    Running my show

    I have 5 songs sequenced and have the in the show editor under the music tab and then have my close sequence under the shutdown tab and have it saved as Vega Christmas show. In the scheduled editor i have that show set to play sun - thurs from 7pm till 10pm and fri & sat 7 pm till 12 am. i opened the control panel and select enable scheduled. the show will run fine from the 1st to the last song and then will not repeat. it says it is currently ENABLED and under Current activity it says Playing vega Christmas show from 7:00 PM to Sunday 12:00AM, and under next activity it says wait for next show. Can some one tell me what i need to do so my show will repeat during the time i set? Thanks for your help. Ralph
  15. oj70chevy


    got mine from jeff over at Illumimax. I realy like them and Jeff is top notch... sales@illumimax.com