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    Are there individuals that are building Finished kits for sale online? Someone mentioned it to me the other day.
  2. Great show, I missed the Fog Chiller water bottle discussion but just want to say GREAT IDEA! did I mention GREAT IDEA? Totally going to use it
  3. Thank you everyone, Bwaldrep Im sure ill be taking you up on that offer, Scubado 2011 seen a few Xmas haunt themed attractions sprout up, More and more Professional Haunted attractions are attempting to expand their limited runs with off season shows. With our set up out here, we would be able to convert rather easily to a Christmas show, BUT being a Haunted House in Michigan, Weather plays a huge role, we could have a totally dry xmas season up to new years OR we could be 3 feet under snow Thanksgiving, so its a real gamble. Scuba what Attraction is your daughter apart of? We are good friends with a few of the Larger venues in Wisonsin.
  4. Very cool.... Its great to see this being done thru-out the year. Im starting to think that perhaps there is a marketing tool here year round.....
  5. Thinking to start off with the animated lighting with music syncing, I have to check into music licensing requirements. The FM broadcast is a great concept that we have been kicking around as well on a different level. 2 of our 3 indoor Haunts use all LED lighting at this point and i would love to be able to one day move on to RGB systems...
  6. Wow blast from the past... The Flying Crank Ghost was my very first Professional halloween prop soooooooo many years ago :]
  7. We are hoping to possibly install 1 or 2 LOR shows at Darksyde Acres Haunted House in Michigan this year. Ive kicked around the concept for the past 3 years and the stuff I see you guys do on Youtube is AMAZING! We are thinking of getting our feet wet during the Halloween season and possibly shifting gears into a Christmas light show out here on our Farm, perhaps with a sleigh ride on our 40 acres... BUT we shall see how I do for Halloween!
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