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  1. If you mention what kind of computer it is, maybe someone here can tell you what key(s) to press to get into the BIOS. Bob W
  2. BobW

    missing item?

    Have you tried using the User Manual? Sometimes you have to go through the instructions a 2nd time, slower. http://www.lightorama.com/Documents/LOR160xWg3_UserMan_Web.pdf
  3. According to the Pixie Manual, the 2nd generation Pixie 16D uses jumper 2 to provide power to the RJ45 jacks. Check your controller for generation number. Bob W
  4. Alan, I took a closer look at the MikeToo's drawing. Only the 1st and 5th leg have 9 pixels. The rest have 10. The 2 'missing' pixels from 1 and 5 are used to allow for the spacing at the bottom of the spokes. Nothing a little cut and splice couldn't fix. I saw your Diamond Pro when you 1st posted it. I even tied building it as a preview. Whew, a bit too much for my novice status, but very impressive. All of your previews and sequences are way beyond me. Maybe someday I'll get a little closer. 😀 I hope my tutorial helps MikeToo a little, and the last entry should help him add the additional tree (TREE2) to the preview. Bob W
  5. I looked at the OP and tried a KISS approach. Attached is an instruction document for creating a preview with 6 trees, each made from 1 string of 50 pixels, containing 5 strands (spokes). Somehow, using 45 pixels just didn't seem right. https://1drv.ms/w/s!AgGohdBBsu9egjKHQ36yY9Gc1uFQ?e=W6ToBD Bob W
  6. Maybe it just takes a while for the filaments to heat up. 🤣 Bob W
  7. I have a Help Desk Ticket open on another issue with S5. What I found in my situation is that the 'export' function is creating a file type that is different from the file type the 'import' function is looking for. 'Import' cannot find the file. When I change the file type of exported to what the importer is looking for, it works as it should. Most people don't set the options In Windows Explorer (File Explorer) to display file types. Change the options, if necessary, then see if the files you're trying to verify match the type the verifier is looking for. In my case, they looked similar at a quick glance, but were different. If they are different, let LOR know. Bob W
  8. Thank you. This helps a bunch. As the old adage goes.. A picture is worth..... Bob W
  9. So you can't really get the classic run a segment down the line of arches and back? Just each arch doing it's thing, together and separately? Bob W
  10. Thanks for the tips. Could you maybe send me a couple of short sequences so I can get a feel for this? I don't know if I should break the arch up into 8 segments, or leave it as a single string. I'm working with 3 arches and I've been trying to make the arches chase down the row and back. I'm just not getting it right.
  11. I would like to add a couple of arches to accompany my pixel mega tree, using my leftover ports. I'm looking for directions for creating some arch sequences using S5. I'm not interested in buying SuperStar. Thanks, Bob W
  12. Although the documentation is really lacking in this area (the single sentence), you could try setting the dimming curve in the Prop Definition. If it works as described, it would limit the brightness for all uses of the particular prop. There's probably far fewer props than sequences. Bob W
  13. I also went with the Bosco Chromostar 15" star with 10 extra holes. I configured my controller to double up on the pixel strings, to 100. It gives 4 free ports, one of which drives the star. Still toying with what to do with the other 3. Maybe arches(?). Bob W
  14. This is my 1st year with lighting. I purchased a Pixel Tree and a miniDirector to drive it. I had intended to put the miniDirector inside the controller case, short cat 5 cable, protected, etc. However, it just doesn't quite fit. Any suggestions on possible changes in the controller to make it fit? Any ideas on what I can do with it? I suppose I could try to find a small waterproof box for it and tape it to the outside of the controller(?). But knowing the plethora of experience here on the forum, I figured I start with a shout out. Thanks, Bob
  15. Thanks Phil. That works. Bob
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