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  1. That did it. I went back into the HWU and got the controller set up to drive the 100 pixels. I went through the various documentation again knowing what I was looking for and found the information on the settings. I thought it is less than obvious. Thank you TexasLights
  2. I have a Pixie8, firmware Ver 1.04. There are no jumpers connected to any of the pins. The printing on the board says Pixie8D V4. I've connected 4 strings of 100 pixels to my Pixie8. The strings are connected to ports 1, 2, 5 and 6. Only the 1st 50 in each string light up. With the HU, selecting All Ports 50 Pixels Per Port, the 1st 50 in each string light up. Selecting 100 Pixels Per Port, the 1st 50 in each string light up. If I select Port 1, 100 Pixels Per Port, the 1st 50 on Port 1 light up and the 1st 50 on Port 2 light up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bob W
  3. Using the Single Block approach looks interesting. Thanks. I'd still like to find out how to select and change multiple blocks at the same time. Say if I used Single Blocks, and every other one changed direction and color. I'd like to grab all the ones that go from left to right and are blue and make them all red. Instead of having to select each one and make the change over and over. Or make the change to one, then have to copy and paste it to all the other similar ones.
  4. I am new to sequencing and am starting from scratch. After playing with a preview for my Pixel Tree I decided to try to make a leaping arch. Using a 50 pixel string I made a 10 segment arch. I made a short sequence of leaping back and forth a few times. I have no idea if I did I did it the right way or not. So my question is, Is there an easy way to change the color of some, or all, of the cells in the Sequencer? Say I'd like to make 1 pass red, the next blue, then green, etc. Thanks, BobW
  5. There have been some interesting responses here, but going back to the original post, I am still looking for a sequence for a LOR Pixel Tree kit that consists of a Pixie8 controller and 8x50 strings folded to make a 16x25 tree prop. Thanks, BobW
  6. Sorry about the channels ports. Noobie mistake. Putting the controller up top was smart fix for the sprinkler problem. Simple, but elegant. For me, at this time, since I'm only just starting out, it won't work. With my 8x50 folded to 16x25, there isn't enough pixel spacing to put the fold at the bottom. It's for this same reason that my plan to connect 2 strings to make it 100 and fold 3 it times for 4x25 won't work. Sprinklers are a year-round problem here in Florida too. BobW
  7. It's the Pixel Tree from LOR. 8 x 50 strings folded to make 16 x 25 strips for the tree. I'm thinking I may be able to connect 2 strings together with 3 folds so that it will only use 4 channels. Then I may be able to use 1 of the other channels for a tree topper. "IF" I manage to get it working, I can try to figure out how to put the other 3 channels to use. BobW
  8. I just made this same post on the LOR Sequence Sharing Facebook page. I don't think making the request here constitutes double posting, since it's a different venue(?). I am just getting into sequencing with a LOR Pixel Tree. I would like to find a sequence specifically done for the Pixel Tree and its 8 channels that I can use as an example while I pick my way through the learning curve. However, as I scroll through all the uploaded files I have no idea the devices, props and channels contained. I would greatly appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks BobW
  9. Thanks. That's kinda where I'm at. I was hoping for something with an explanation of each of the controls and what to expect from them. But it looks like it's just going to be trying each one and see what it does at each end of its setting. And hope I don't overlook any of the the good stuff. Right now I'm working with support to get my controller working, so it's just sequencer simulations for the moment.
  10. Good info. Thanks. BobW
  11. I've been a fan of computerized lighting for years. I finally took advantage of the Mad Grab Sale and bought a Pixel Tree Kit. While waiting for the hardware to arrive, I've been trying to make heads or tails of the S5 software. There seems to be quite a bit of documentation and tutorials on the LOR site. What I am looking for is an explanation for each of the settings and controls. Also, I would like to have an example to follow for setting up a simple display. from start to finish. I used the word display because of my confusion with the different elements within the S5 application. ie: when to use the sequencer, or the show, or the scheduler, etc. So a simple, start from scratch, would be great. Is something like this available within the mountains of information? Thanks, BobW
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