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  1. Yes Please. Thank you so much for your hard work! xolov516@hotmail.com
  2. Please sir I would like a copy too xolov516@hotmail.com Thanks!!
  3. Oh man I can't believe I'm asking but I have several adult friends that would love this. Could I get a copy please. xolov516@hotmail.com Thanks in advance
  4. My hero!! Thank you so much!!
  5. I did a search but did not find anything that stated that anyone had previously asked. Im looking for singing faces for We Three Kings by Alexander Jean Here is the Youtube for the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQbqhL_d2xo If anyone has the singing faces for this song I would greatly appreciate it. I have the sequence done just not the faces. xolov516@hotmail.com Thanks in advance!!
  6. xolov516

    Snowman Mix

    I would love to have copy as well. Thanks so much!! xolov516@hotmail.com
  7. xolov516

    Running With The Devil Facesw Pixel Matrix

    xolov516@hotmail.com Thanks so much!
  8. xolov516

    Sandman Metallica Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    Yes I would love this please. xolov516@hotmail.com Thanks so much!
  9. xolov516

    Now Sharing ~ Despecito for singing faces

    I too would like a copy please and thank you so much xolov516@hotmail.com
  10. Hi there, I would love to have what you got! Thank you so much in advance and have a great day! xolov516@hotmail.com
  11. xolov516

    Devil Went Down to Georgia

    I too would love a copy of the singing faces!! xolov516@hotmail.com Thanks so much!
  12. xolov516


    If you have singing faces to this I would love a copy too please. xolov516@hotmail.com Thank you in advance!
  13. xolov516

    Can someone please send me This is Halloween?

    I would also like any halloween sequences anyone would be sharing. I am going to start a halloween show next year and am looking for a base to start with. Thanks!!! xolov516@hotmail.com
  14. xolov516

    Five Nights at Freddy's sequences/faces?

    My daughter loves FNAF as well. If I could get a copy too she would be beyond happy. Thanks in advance xolov516@hotmail.com
  15. My daughter would love this xolov516@hotmail.com Thanks so much!!