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  1. How do you reset it to the default settings or clear out the old ones for a new configuration? Torqumada
  2. Guess I have some learning to do. Torqumada
  3. As I am new to this, I was wondering how you animated the figures? Torqumada
  4. How did you get this effect? I, too, killed a fog machine, but on one of the nights, I had my entire house wrapped in fog. Torqumada
  5. Thank you. It's the same basic setup as last year. I moved an inflatable around, added two songs to make the show about 47 minutes in length and tweaked a couple more sequences, but couldn't get much more done than that. Torqumada
  6. It's a GE LED skeleton that I got a few years back. It's the only one that I have found. It's very bright, but getting a little worn out. I haven't been able to find anymore since I bought it 5 or 6 years ago. Torqumada
  7. My sequence for Stevie Wonder's Superstition. Torqumada
  8. Well I do happen to like boobies, but that's not what he is saying. Thank you for the compliment. Torqumada
  9. Life was very crazy this year. I had lots of songs that I wanted to sequence, but little free time to do so. I only got two of the 6 new songs that I wanted to add to the show done. Here is the first: Torqumada
  10. I went an grabbed one of the Holidaycoro sequences and spent about an hour or so doing a copy and paste job. I loaded it up with the rest of my sequences and started the show. I was standing there when the This is Halloween sequnece came on and started watching it. After a few moments I started thinking "This is a terrible sequence. It doesn't look right. Who designed this thing?" Then I realized that the Holidaycoro sequence was designed for the Monster quartet and the O and Narrow mouth channels are reversed from the pumpkins. I ran inside and did another quick cut and paste job, waited for the show to get through an entire cycle, shut the show down and reloaded everything. It looked much better that way. Now I wonder if I can get another sequence done before the end of the Halloween season? Torqumada
  11. In a real "Doh!" moment, I realized that I never updated my This is Halloween sequence to include my singing pumpkin faces. Anyone have just the vocal sequence I could quickly adapt? Thank you in advance. Torqumada
  12. I made one last year out of an igloo cooler and dryer vent hose. It worked very well for me. Torqumada
  13. Another step forward. After I removed the faulty spotlight, I had wrapped Santa in some 5mm LEDs (my preferred type) so he would be illuminated at the appropriate times. It rained last night pretty hard, but after the show had run for the evening. I went out to look at things this morning and there was plenty of standing water. I decided to fire up the show and see what happens. Everything ran fine, when it would kick off half way through the first song. I guess I found the problem. Still, I will work harder at weather proofing things for next year. Torqumada
  14. ATS rentals is another option. They are an online rental service. I used them to get a camera for recording my Halloween show, though there was a 12gb limit on file sizes with that camera. That wasn't the fault of the retailer. They provided excellent service. It wasn't until later that I realized one of the more recent Canon DSLR that have video recording capability to get what I needed and it's compatible with my Canon DSLR without video recording capability lenses. I could recorded my entirie show in one field of view. I know what to do next year. Their weekend plans are the best way to go. You get the camera Friday aftertoon, put it back in the mail on Monday, but only pay for Friday. Torqumada
  15. I find that a pellet rifle and greyhound can do wonders at thinning the squirrel population. Torqumada
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