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  1. Yup, but building them in small batches. $45 plus shipping.
  2. Had to crop all the fun stuff out to make it acceptable for file size. You guys probably can't even see the bacon now... but it's there....
  3. Stupid attachments limit... who has 500K photos anymore anyway. Can't show you guys a photo of my sweet Bacon Scented-Bacon Themed Lotto ticket I enjoyed scratching... and I will not confirm nor deny licking it.
  4. Look. My first post outside of the vendor folder in weeks... wait or is it months....
  5. Sysco, drop me your email address in a personal message. I'll invoice you.
  6. I will do international shipping, but will need to quote shipping separately from the presale. I'll need a finished jig boxed and weighed with your address to get a cost. For example, shipping to Australia was in the neighborhood of $40 U.S. last I checked.
  7. Jig details: It's all aluminum except for the fasteners. The main body is made from 1/4" thick 2×2 inch "U" channel. So it's a real solid tool. The body is 14" long, and the interior diameter is 1.500" so it fits up to 1" pipe. The locating pins can be ordered as 12mm or 1/2" or both if you wish. The pins sit on a sliding carriage that can be locked in place at any desired location. This allows for custom spacings from 1" to 12". V shaped locating blocks keep the pipe centered in the jig. The V slots also allow for many different sizes of pipe to be used in the same jig. If you do not have Facebook, and you would like to order a jig, drop me a message here with your email address and the phrase Drill Jig presale. I will then send you a Paypal invoice. Jigs will ship in February. Let me know if anyone has further questions. - Matt.
  8. It started off as a gift idea, then modified it, and then progressed to a full commercial product. There are dozens of happy lighters out there using these.
  9. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1069408286518635&id=418988341560636 It is that time of year again. I have started my presale for my Drill Jigs for PVC pipe. The jigs allow you to drill customers spaced holes in PVC pipe for your RGB 12mm bullet nose pixels. The presale will run through December with delivery in February. Jigs are $45 plus $13.45 shipping in the USA. International shipping is available, please message us so we can get an estimate for you. Full details and photos on our "Rainy Oregon Christmas" facebook page.
  10. http://m.homedepot.com/p/Werner-Roofing-Safety-System-K211201/203907961. This is what I use. I had a builder do a install of some stainless steel roof anchors too. Three of them now on the peak of my house.
  11. Crunch time Flash Sale!!! Get your aluminum RGB Candy Cane Spinner frames from us with our easy to use Rainy Pixel Clips included so you can quickly attach your bullet nose pixels without zip ties. AND... you won't get the blisters caused by pushing pixels into coro. For full details, go to our Facebook page. Link posted below. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1040525606073570&id=4189883415606360
  12. I've run LOR for several years, but just ran into an issue with the Hardware Utility. Every time I refresh the utility it changes my unit id's to 1,2,3, etc. I'm setting them to 2, 5, 9 and 1. But every time it runs, it resets them. One of the controllers even has a dial, but it resets that one to one, though it is actually set on the dial for 9. Is this a known issue?
  13. I haven't gotten a message from you. I really am willing to help, but Christmas is coming fast. Let me know how I can help you.
  14. Drop me a line on the Facebook page. I'm part way through this batch. I don't think I will be able to squeeze in another one before "Lights on" time, so if you are in need, get them now.
  15. Hey everyone with Seasonal Entertainment officially dead, the right to sell Pixclips has reverted back to me their inventor. I designed the pixclips many years ago as a way to quickly attach bullet pixels to many different media. I was able to get a small amount of them manufactured for this Christmas season and I am selling them on my Facebook page "Rainy Oregon Christmas". Just drop that I'm the Facebook search bar and look us up. Please send all purchase requests or questions through the Facebook page.
  16. If you thought being a customer of a failed business was hard, try having one be your exclusive vendor for all your products. I lost a lot..... a lot.
  17. It's been months since I logged on here. What did I miss? With 8 or 9 facebook pages and a DIY site, to follow I just haven't had time to be here too.
  18. A virus or internal failure took out my show computer this summer. Haven't dealt with it yet. I have a backup thumb drive, but haven't touched that either. Life's been rough, and I have been toying with a year off.
  19. Another new arrival: "The Candy Cane Border" These 18" tall candy canes are grouped together on six feet of aluminum angle. They are securely welded to the angle sections for superior durability and convenient off season storage. Each section is held upright by two detachable feet. Sections can also be easily divided to allow for a perfect fit for any length of border. Please visit our Facebook page for more information and product inquiries. -RainyOregonchirStmaS
  20. Introducing our Giant 4 Foot Snowflake wire frame specifically designed for pixels. This frame has all aluminum construction and uses both aluminum plate and bar stock. It is designed as a two piece frame and bolts together at a central hub for easier shipping. More details are available at on our facebook page:
  21. Hey guys, Been awhile since I last posted on the forums. I've been busy in my free time growing my hobby into more of a business. I have added dozens of new lighting element frame designs, structures for mega trees and even specialized tooling just for pixels. To check out what is happening with our newest frame designs, drop by our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Rainy-Oregon-Christmas-418988341560636/ *********Right now we are undergoing a round of Crowd Funding to procure new equipment. This new equipment will allow us to build newer more complex aluminum frames. These light frames are SPECIFICALLY designed for RGB pixels. By joining our campaign you will receive an aluminum frame and all necessary components to attach your bullet pixels to the frames. This frame is 32 inches across and can hold up to 72 RGB pixels. Check out our page for more info!!!******** If you are going to the NWCLAP meeting in Olympia, Washington at the end of this month you can pick our frame up directly from us and I'll discount them and you won't have to pay the shipping. -Matt Ross AKA RainyOregonchiStmaS
  22. I've googled as much as I could and could locate no information as to whether or not these specific bulbs were dimmable. I believe this is the number off the back of the box: UTRYL713. They are distributed by Sienna LLC and are sold in 4 packs. They were sold at a store that is local to me, but they have no information about whether or not the bulbs are dimmable. They have carried them for the last few years but that is about as much as I know. I did find one listing that had that number. and it was this site: http://www.christmascentral.com/p-407274-pack-of-4-faceted-transparent-green-led-c9-christmas-replacement-bulbs.aspx
  23. Red C9's, and Warm White C9's still available. Still have several colors of the C7's
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