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  1. Thank you Steve for the info on the DMX modules. They seem nice but very cheap. That always concerns me. I know I am new here but I have been doing DMX lighting in college for a few years now. I certainly don't know everything about it however I do know a bunch of things related to it. I mentioned in some other posts that I have a Rainbow Flood Extreme which was given to me as a gift. I ended up using it in a winter production this year of "The Winter's Tale to light up some back drops. The setup involved connecting the Blender thingy to our in house junction boxes. (we used one of the 3 pin XLRCAT5 adapter from Seasonal Entertainment) From there I ran just 100ft of the cabling from Seasonal Entertainment and connected it to light at the back of the stage for the back drop. It worked flawlessly for the 2 weeks of the production. Again, I am no expert but even in a complete in house theater setup it worked great. David
  2. Ohhh....that is good to know. Do every set of LEDs need a snubber? Thanks, David
  3. Hi folks, I am just getting started with this whole lighting project and I am kind of excited! I am looking to get in on the LED light string sale from Seasonal Entertainment but after I spoke with them today about their strands they said that their lights do not necessarily need snubbers. I had no clue what they meant by snubbers (new guy here). After talking with the guys at DIYLightAnimation I discovered what snubbers actually are. They said that the Lynx Express has them built into the controller. So, than I went and did some reading and I am confused. Is it true that the LOR controllers have them built in? I was looking to buy the ready to go PC series controllers but was just wondering if I needed some C7 bulbs as well. Thanks, David
  4. Everyone is talking about these 3 channel DMX modules on here. What are they and what do they do? Does anyone have a link of what they are? I am new to these parts and trying to gather as much information as possible to get the lighting projects started!! Thanks, David
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