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  1. Controller lights

    Thank you, sometimes I get embarrassed when I cannot find a simple answer by myself. Getting old I guess. Again, thank you.
  2. Controller lights

    My lights work when in Show Mode but do not work while testing in Sequence editor. Is there a switch I need to turn on or off?
  3. Music installation

    How easy that was. Thank you so much.
  4. Music installation

    How do I change the music of a sequence?
  5. brichi-thank you so much for the information. It works and I have spent several days trying to get this information. Can't tell you how much it means to this old fart to be able to do this. Michael Harrington Bradenton Beach, FL
  6. I will try that, thank you. Not too computer literate so will see how easy it is use screencastomatic
  7. You did a great job on it. I am still trying to find out how to put my sequence on youtube. Cannot seem to get an answer. They have contests each year and want you to send your sequence to them but when you ask them how to convert to youtube, they say nothing. Can anyone help me?
  8. Saving sequence animation for youtube.

    I am pretty new to this. I made up some sequences for Christmas and wanted some of my family scattered around the country to be able to see the light show animation that I created. I wanted it so they could just click on the picture or youtube clip and hear and see the song and animation. If I go on youtube I can see where some folks have a youtube clip of theirs on it. I just wanted to be able to load it on youtube for that purpose. I really thank you for responding
  9. I would like to share just the animation of a musical sequence with some family via email. If that is not possible, then how do I save to youtube so they can go to it and see it?
  10. Vu Wizard

    I found the video explaining about the vu wizard and it only gave about information. I am trying to set up the vu wizard to work on two of my channels but cannot find the video that explains how to do it. Can anyone tell me which video explains these wizards?
  11. Error Message

    Have a new 16 channel starter package and when I try to use Beat Wizard or VU wizard it says my license does not let me use this feature. Why is that? Or, have I done something wrong?