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  1. Originally it was going to be about 23', but I decided that folding the light strands in half would be the better option to make the tree look a little more full, so now it's going to be about 11'. Hopefully it will look as bright as it does in the video, because I live on the busiest street in town and just this last year the city replaced our street light after being burnt out for the last 10 years.
  2. Thanks again I was using cam studio before and it wasn't keeping up with the lor visualizer. I'll give this a shot after I get off work tonight.
  3. thanks. I actually got my LOR for christmas last year after seeing a LOR show about 50 miles away. I only have 16 channels and 1700 lights, but since my show is in a fairly small town I have a feeling it will be a hit, and maybe even inspire more people to put on shows. I also uploaded my second sequence, however the sound is off just a little
  4. If you're still having a problem viewing the video try this link and dont forget to leave a comment thanks
  5. okay so hopefully it will play now Thanks for your patience. JF1993
  6. I'll try an upload it on another website instead. just one minute here.
  7. hmmm... I just uploaded it a second ago. Maybe it isn't totally up yet.
  8. Although this isn't necessarily a typical Christmas song, I did enjoy creating this sequence and am proud to say that my first sequence is a success. Hope you enjoy, and please feel free to drop any comments or questions below. Thank you. JF1993 Flurs Du Mal (Instrumental)
  9. So far no singing faces in my display, but I am trying to update a couple of our old stationary dummies to make the jaw move up or down depending on whats playing.
  10. This makes me wish I would have purchased a box full of candy cane lights at the end of the last holiday season. Great job on the pinwheel.
  11. jimswinder wrote: I'm not even sure. Like I said I'm still new to the game, but I think that even if you could directly program your rds to go with your sign it might be kinda slow, because of the speed rds shows up on radio displays. If you find out anything please let me know. thanks for all the help JBullard wrote: Thanks I'll try and look up a couple of diys on signs like this. lightzilla wrote: In a sense yes that is what I'm trying to do. I have a front window that is 45" X 45" roughly, and I was thinking about making some sort of led matrix sign for it. I was also thinking about placing the sign on top of my front porch roof. How did you make your led matrix sign? It looks like you used christmas lights for the pixels, and I think it looks awesome.
  12. Wow thanks for the tip I haven't even begun to search for a transmitter yet. I still like the idea of having a sign out there, but the rds thing is something I'll have to look into. Thanks again.
  13. I thought about using an alpha sign/beta brite sign, but I live in Northern Illinois and I don't really know where to put it since it can't handle cold weather. Those kinds of signs also run towards the expensive side. Maybe I could just make some kind of projection screen on my front window with the projector on the inside facing out. What would you suggest in my case?
  14. This may seem like a topic that's pretty out there, but has anyone else had the same idea before? I came up with the idea to show the song title, artist, etc during the show. I have this programmable scrolling name tag and I would like to attempt to create a larger model of this for my display. [align=center][/align] I was wondering if I could possibly soder the wires going from the lights to the leds on the name tag, but the battery inside the name tag is obviously not strong enough to power a larger sign such as the one I'm trying to create. If anyone has any ideas/suggestions/questions please comment. thanks guys:)
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