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  1. Speaking of krylon sealed do you think i could spray my headstones within? will i have to take out the lights first?
  2. Hang in there... I'm sure everything will work out just fine. I hate shipping stuff, this year I ordered my books for college two weeks before class started, and most of my books did not arrive until the second week. It was a longer wait then I wanted, but it was alright in the end. Now I'm rushing to finish up my decorations while balancing school and working at my two jobs. Just keep trying, and don't give up no matter what.
  3. I've never heard of glow in the dark paint before. About how much does it cost? I'm at the halfway point only 4 more stones left to go.
  4. Made a little more progress this weekend. I just finished cutting out 8 new tombstones soon to be sanded, painted, and lighted with orange and purple LEDs. I'll post a couple of pictures later.
  5. Oh and another question about the fm transmitters. How does the FCC even regulate the rules. I know they are pretty strict on what and who can broadcast, but take my job for instance. Does the FCC actually drive out to places like that and monitor how far the signal is broadcasting, and what is being broadcasted? Or do they have some kind of giant antenna some where so they can pick up every radio signal in the area?
  6. I work at a drive in theater, and they use a radio transmitter to broadcast the sound out to the cars, because there are no longer speakers out there. I think it can broadcast a little over half a mile, but the drive in is surrounded by farm fields. Anyway the topic was about the use of outdoor speakers and/or radio transmitters... it sounds like we're all just a little off topic. I'm still seriously considering the use of outdoor speakers over fm transmitters, and I do have a set of old computer speakers laying around that I might be able to convert into an outdoor speaker system. Other than that my local resale shops have plenty of old stereo speakers for $1 or $2 so either way I'll find a way to get my music out there this holiday season. With all the FCC regulations, and other problems dealing with the fm transmitters it might be a while before I decide to deal with them. I appreciate all the pertinant information you guys have put in, and I think I've made up my mind to just run my show with a pair of outdoor speakers. Thanks again, JF1993
  7. A long time ago, my parents made these old tombstones out of plywood, and they've held up decently. This year we wanted to create a whole new set of 8 tombstones, and I was wondering if anyone had any clever ideas for designs or lettering or anything like that. Here are the remaining 5 my parents made: I was looking to make the new tombstones similar to the old ones, but with orange and purple LEDs strung around the edges. I think we used to have tombstones for Michael Myers, Rosemary's Baby, and a few other iconic horror characters. Anyway if you have any cool ideas, I would appreciate the input. Thank you, JF1993
  8. This is my first year so I'm still programming sequences in between college and work, but I've got: 1)Ghost Buster - Movie 2)Call of the Zombie - Rob Zombie 3)This is Halloween with the introduction - Danny Elfman Hopefully I'll get a few more done before the October, but three isn't so bad for a first year.
  9. Yeah they were only $10. I really like the skeleton like facial features on it. This will be the first year the scarecrow has gone out in a long time, but this definitely beats the old burlap face we made for it a long time ago.
  10. Last week I came up with an idea to replace our scarecrow's head with something a little scarier than a burlap sack. So I went out and bought a light up jack-o-lantern from Walgreen's. Today I went out and swapped out the old scarecrow head for a the new one, and it looked great. Here are a couple of pictures of the new and improved scarecrow. The scarecrow is actually made from an old T.V. antenna we used to have, before it fell off the roof. It has a separate controller you can use to make the top half of the scarecrow's body turn side to side. Below are five of my old tombstones. I plan to clean them up, and outline them in orange and purple LEDs. They should look awesome after a few minor adjustments. I have a felling that this Halloween is going to rock.
  11. JF1993

    Anyone seem these?

    I have a string of something like these. I got them at Walgreens after Christmas sale for $5. The string I have has 12 lights on it so it's pretty limited, but I have no idea how to hack them
  12. Hmmm... I think I've seen these rocks at Dollar General or Family Dollar before. I'll have to do some searching around and see what I can find. Thanks for the idea though. If I can find these or find some inexpensive outdoor speakers somewhere I'll be all set for the holidays. Thanks again for the idea.
  13. As long as I don't keep the show going past 9 or 10 I think I won't have a problem with noise ordinances or anything. Like I said before our neighbors seem pretty nice, and one of them does a big static display every year. I've been looking around for secondhand outdoor speakers with no luck of finding any yet. I was even considering making my own outdoor speakers out of old computer speakers, and something to keep them dry.
  14. My neighbors are pretty cool, and one of them does a huge static display. It's just too bad I'll have to limit my shows to walkers or people driving past real quick. That's the downside about living on a busy street. But the good thing is everyone in town will know about lol.
  15. JF1993


    This year I might just stick to making a Facebook page. Websites are nice and everything it's just that they seam to be a little time consuming, and time is something I always seem to be running out of. Thanks for all the helpful thoughts and suggestions though. Maybe I'll shoot for that website another time.
  16. That's a really good idea. I would've never thought about that. The street traffic usually calms down at about 7 or 8 so I'm not to worried about cranking the speakers all the way past the neighborhood comfort zone. In any case I really do like that idea about the motion sensor. Have you had any problems with it shutting off with people still outside?
  17. It's crunch time, and I need to either buy/make some outdoor speakers, or purchase a FM transmitter. In my case I'm leaning a little more towards the speakers only because I live on the busiest street in my town, and people can't park their cars in front of my house to listen over the radio. I'm just worried about the "noise pollution" problem. Each side has it's ups and downs. What do you think I should do?
  18. JF1993


    There are websites for just about everything, and I know I've seen several websites for people's displays. Being a newbie here I was just wondering if anyone uses free web hosting, or is it easier to just pay an annual subscription fee for hosting.
  19. I have the same issue on my computer. It always takes the sequence editor a minute to play the first sequence, but after that it's smooth sailing.
  20. My family makes it a tradition to travel to East Peoria each Christmas to see the festival of lights. If you want some inspiring ideas check out their website http://cityofeastpeoria.com/index.cfm?pageID=28
  21. I was just worried about the snow and ice, because I live in Northern Illinois and sometime we can get hit real hard with snow. On the other hand some seasons we might only get two or three snows, it's really unpredictable weather. I'll be sure to not tape anything in that case, and I'll just keep the strings off the ground to keep the moister level low. Commercial sounds like something I might have to invest in possibly in the next couple of years or so. Although changing a light sounds like a pain, but I'm not really concerned about that since LEDs are made to last around 10,000 hours. Thanks again for all the help JF1993
  22. Thanks. I was browsing one of the websites and found red and blue icicles I was looking for those, but does anyone know a way to prevent damage on traditional light strings? I even heard duck taping the connectors is a good way to stop moister from frying the electrical components. Oh and one last question, if you buy sealed commercial strings can you still replace the light bulbs if they burn out?
  23. This might sound like a dumb idea, but has anyone ever tried anything to prevent strings of lights from dying out? I thought about possibly using some kind of clear plastic pipe or something to cover the light string in case of water or ice damage. any thoughts or ideas?
  24. what brands do you recommend? I was kinda wondering in case I have to end up replacing some of these strings in a year or so.
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