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  1. I know right lol. Next time I'll use a different camera. As for only using 16 channels I really had to come up with a strategy that made it seem like there were more channels then there really were. That's how I came up with the 5 channels of red and 5 channels of blue + the 4 mini trees. Oh and the star and flood. Next year I'm planning on moving up to 48 channels so hopefully everything goes well. I'll make a note to turn off the auto focus next time. Thanks, JF1993
  2. Carol of the Bells: All I Want for Christmas: Dueling Jingle Bells: Winter Wonderland: Wonderful Christmas Time: Fleurs Du Mal: https://vimeo.com/56301934 Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions below. Oh and sorry if the camera blurs out in some spots, it has an automatic focus which doesn't work well at night.
  3. I'm almost wondering if it would just be easier to buy multiple smaller sets of rope lights then one spool of it. I really wanted to do LED rope lighting, because everything else in my show already is. Right now I'm checking around places like Menard's, Home Depot, and Lowes to see what kind of LED rope lights they might have in stock still.
  4. I tend to buy a lot of the leftover Menards Christmas decorations, but I have a question about their rope lights. Does anyone know if they you can cut them into sections? I know many rope lights are marked where it's safe to cut, but I've also read that you can cut through any rope light. I know they sell spools of 150' incandescent rope lights, and the Menards by me have a lot of those left. They arn't a bad price either. Here's a link to what I'm talking about. http://www.menards.com/main/christmas/lights/13mm-150-rope-light-clear/p-1852027-c-12284.htm
  5. hmmm... That's interesting. I didn't think about that before, but I guess that could become a problem. I live in the mid west and we tend to get really cold temps.
  6. Thanks that actually looks pretty cool. I might have to try this for next year
  7. Has anyone ever tried making leaping arches with some sort of plastic tube or sleeve over the entire arch? I always thought that it would be a cool idea, and it might just keep the lights a little more protected from the elements. What I had in mind was maybe some PVC clear ventilation tubing to cover the entire arch. Has anyone tried this yet? If so did it work?
  8. wow that's pretty neat. We really don't have a lot of local stores that sell Christmas lights esp. LED ones. That's why I always drive to Menards at the end of the season.
  9. where do you find LEDs at 75% off? just out of curiosity...
  10. What would you recommend for building these leaping deer sculptures? I was thinking rope lights but I know those can be unreliable after a while.
  11. I'm not too sure about the whole CCR method. I'd have to look into it, but I'm still leaning towards buying two more boxes for next year which would bring my show up to 48 channels. 1 Mega Tree = 5 channels of Blue LEDs & 5 channels of Red LEDs 4 Mini Trees = 1 Channel Each Warm White LEDs 1 Flood Light = 1 Channel 1 Star/Tree Topper = 1 Channel 4 Leaping Arches = Possibly 5 Channels Each Warm White LEDs And to top it all off I was thinking about making a giant leaping deer prop 6 channels in one direction 6 channels in the opposite direction. I really want to make this prop tall enough to go from one side of the display, over the top of the entire display, and back down to the other side. Kinda like a giant leaping arch except with deer instead of sleeves. Something Like This That just about does it for next year.
  12. Wow I really like the stars and the spiraling mini trees. Did you make those stars yourself? I'm working on a set up very similar to this, because my front yard is kinda small
  13. Well after talking back and forth with someone on the help desk we determined it would just be better to go through with an emergency replacement controller. At least that way it won't take as long to get the show going again.
  14. Everything should be functioning. The light o rama help desk said it could be the communication chip. They said they could send me the new chip or I could send them my box. I decided I had better just send them the box though because if it isn't the communication chip then it could take even longer to fix. The box picked the perfect time to start acting up now I'll be lucky if I even have it running on Christmas.
  15. Yesterday I was getting ready to start my show, and the music started playing but no lights outside. So I immedietly ended the show and checked the status LED inside the CTB16PC itself. There was no light. Right now I'm waiting for a reply from the help desk \, but has anyone had a simmilar problem in the past? If so what steps did you take to fix it? I almost forgot to add my CTB16PC controller in a version 3 if that makes a difference in finding a soulution to this problem. I've done all the routine chackes. I've checked my fuses and I'm 100% sure the box was plugged in at the time the status LED was not on. Some people say there is a way to reset one these controllers, but I haven't found any steps to do this.
  16. Here's a video from our 2012 show
  17. Hey everyone, I really want to introduce four leaping arches into my show next year, but I'm still a newbie here and could use a few pointers. My question is about how many lights per string/channel are nessecary for about a 3 to 4 foot tall arch that has eight channels. I went out to Menard's and bought 16 strings of orange leds for the Halloween show (each string has 30 lights). I am planning on getting purple led lights for the other two arches, but I was wondering if 30 lights per channel is really enough for these. Thanks, JF1993
  18. We had lots of people pulling into our driveway to get a closer look at our Halloween show. Here are some pictures of what we accomplished this year. Sorry if the pictures are a little blurry. Next year I think I'll be investing in some leaping arches to add to the yard.
  19. No I havn't tried that yet. I was tried replacing the broken string, but it dosen't seem to be doing anything when it talks. The motor might be shot, or the wiring to the motor could be loose.
  20. I found one of these guys at my local goodwill store, and it needs a bit of work. The eyes do not appear to light up and the string that operates the jaw is severed. But it still talks and seems to function normally besides these two minor errors. If anyone has the slightest idea on how to repair this prop please let me know. I have an old borris skull that no longer functions, but I might be able to use the string from that in this one here.
  21. Does anyone know where to find some decent Halloween sequences? I'm using a 16 channel set up. I have about 3 or 4 unfinished sequences I'm trying to get ready asap for this weekend.
  22. Last time I went down to Spirit I noticed they use those same exact spotlights to light up their display props in the store. They are extremely bright... too bad they're only rated for indoor use or I would use them on my outdoor props. Unless someone has a clever way of weather proofing the spotlights. I have three main props that could use some better lighting instead of the old floodlights. I also need to go out and get about 8 more outdoor extension cords lol.
  23. Finished getting all my tombstones mounted in the yard, and tested. We found time to stop at spirit and get a new mask and hands for our half buried coffin prop (picture below) I forgot to get a picture of him in the coffin, but I'll get one later. Below are a few more pictures of the new LED tombstones. I made 2 crosses, 2 curved tops, 2 pointed tops, and 2 squares with 60 purple and orange alternating lights each. We used short metal fence posts to mount them in the yard, and it seams to be really sturdy. Now all we have left to do is bring out the scarecrow, the flying crank ghost, and the fake flames for the windows. I'm really looking forward to this Halloween.
  24. wow looks great. Is that just 1 spotlight? I think I'll just pass on the protective spray for my decorations, I just started putting them up and don't want to go through the trouble of re-lighting all the tombstones again.
  25. hmmmm... I have an old flying crank ghost, and need some sort of L.E.D. blacklight for it, since florescent tubes don't exactly dim or start up easily. How bright do these spotlights actually get? This might just work if it's bright enough. If not I suppose I could buy a few of them for the crank ghost prop.
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