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  1. I can reply to this one with some photos of my pulley system, I used redneck's tree design and used a boat winch for hoisting the lights. #6 -- Is there anyone here who has made a mega tree where the top piece (where the lights attach) can somehow be pulled up to the top of the pole (like a pulley system) AFTER the lights are attached to it; making the use of a huge ladder unnecessary? I used a U bolt to attach it to the pole. It worked great. Very easy to raise and lower your lights. Attached files
  2. Paul clarified on PC that you do not have to order $1000 to get the discount, however, this year there is no presale code. You have to call in your order.
  3. I want to add 4 controllers for 2009, since I am wanting to add 4 I am considering the kit and I could basically get 5 for the same price. I have never soldered, but it doesn't scare me. My question is what solder gun do you recommend? Is this something that someone who has never soldered before could do if I follow the LOR directions?
  4. ding, ding, ding. I have c-9's and I think you are exactly correct. They got a little water in them and that is the 1/2 of the controller that went out.
  5. I need get a multi meter and learn to test them before I go changing them. That would help me trouble shoot a little easier.
  6. If the inside of the boxes got wet, would that blow the fuses possibly?
  7. I wired it. I don't see any issues, especially since it has been running for 3 weeks now. It fired right back up as soon as I replaced that fuse. It did seem there were a few channels not working correctly just now as well.
  8. I have been running my show since the Saturday before Thanksgiving with no issues. I resolved my issue but I am posting this because something does not make sense and I need to understand. I have 3 controllers, controller #3 went out. I noticed the status light was out. I checked the breakers first. We had a pretty good amount of rain last night so it is possible that there was water penetration in the LOR box. The breakers were fine. Next I replaced the fuse on ch 9-16. Still no power on the status indicator. I then replaced the fuse for ch 1-8 and it worked. I thought the right side power supply powered the board (ch 9-16). Is it possible both fuses went bad? Will water cause a fuse to go bad? Is there a way to test fuses to see if they are bad when they are out of the board?
  9. I also mount my other controllers in the display to cut down on the number of extension cords running from my garage. I put 2 controllers on the back of my "Tune To" sign. Here are those pics. (I cannot figure out how to post multiple pics in one post) Attached files
  10. I mount my mega tree controller on the pole. Here is a pic. Attached files
  11. excellent job. I like the mini trees!
  12. cotrill


    I'm in Broken Arrow.
  13. ok, I couldn't stand it, I went back out tested and retried each jack and it was the cable. Thanks guys. On another note (see the times of my last post) there are 3 cars out front. I don't even have music broadcast yet.
  14. I think it was the jack, I tried the outside jack and it worked. So in conclusion, I have a cable with new ends and tried the other jack. I will test more and determine which is was and report back.
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