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  1. Next time I upgrade my PC, I will have this one for Display only use. Until then... S p.s. Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. So I am in the last 2 days of test nights (been letting the show run nightly as usual but the display gets publicly announced Sunday). My show has been running flawlessly for a few days... three times a night with static lights before and after. However tonight I came home and found it hung up. I discovered that Firefox (which I typically leave open) had gone berserk and was utilizing all of the CPU. Thus the show hung up. My question is... Is there a way to get LOR to assume HIGH priority status in windows? I know I can just change the priority manually on the task manager, but I tend to work at night. Also, this PC basically runs everything in my house. 8'ft screen in the living room with DLP projector, all audio and video throughout the house, etc. My poor fiancee is already unable to watch any TV in the house or surf the web during show hours without resorting to an iMac in the back of the house. If I manually change the priority on the LORmonitor, will that do the trick? Second question... I have my controller closed up tight, on a covered porch, on a picnic table bench, under a picnic table. I know its safe from drifting rain or snow, but temps are getting down below freezing with 0 wind chills. I trust temp isn't an issue with these? Or are they better off inside? Thanks, Stephen
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