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  1. Sorry "Smart" RGB. I would like to replicate what I have and then start altering it to take advantage of the smart pixels.
  2. I have a set of 12 mini trees that have always been regular incandescent light and therefore have been sequenced to work with regular 16 channel LOR boxes for all of my songs. This year we will be converting those trees to RGB. For those of you who have done this, Is there an easy way to change my sequences over to RGB?
  3. Thanks Saxon! Working on some new things for 2015! Very excited to be getting an early start this year!
  4. I got this figured out and wanted to put it out there for anyone who may be experiencing the same issue. I took at look at the Sandevices website and found they have a new firmware release which allows you to easily change from Multicast to Unicast! I updated the firmware and it works like a charm!
  5. Hi, I have a Sandevices Pixel One controller that I purchased a couple years ago. I have been using it in Multicast Mode all along. The device is set with its default static IP of My PC has always been set with a static IP of I use a switch as a central point between the two devices. The controller functions pretty good in Multicast mode with this set-up, but we do experience a little lag. It was suggested to me that I should move this into Unicast mode because Unicast mode is more efficient. So I went in my LOR network configs and changed from Multicast to Unicast (see attached screen shot). I then closed the LOR app completely and restarted the control panel. Now when I try to run a sequence I get nothing from that device. The comm listener appears to still see the device (see attached screen cap). I verified the settings in the controller set-up page (see yet another screen cap). I'm lost. Not sure what could be causing the lack of communication. Does anyone have any ideas? I really appreciate everyone's time! Jill
  6. Hi Bob, I by no means feel I am an "expert" at this, but wanted to share how the angel was made with you and anyone else who is interested in doing this. Here is a quick video. Let me know if it does not make sense as I threw it together very quickly
  7. Thanks! This is the only one I am adding this year. I have several I made last year and the year before and have purchased several others to bring me up to a total of 24 songs in the show. I have a wide array of Music as I like to try and have "something for everyone". This is my first country song. I had to add just one (there have been many requests). This one just seemed right. Thank you for the great feedback!!
  8. Thank you Bob! The sequence consists of many, many images which were all drawn by hand. Once I get into it there is just no stopping and it becomes very addictive. I pretty much could not sleep for several days because I had this all in my head and needed to get it out!!! ha ha ha!! It's like creating a flip-book....image by image by image. There is just no end to what you can accomplish with this software, but time consuming for sure!! Thanks again for the feedback! Jill
  9. I had myself in major burn-out mode, but got back into it this year. I hope you like it
  10. So I think what you can do is set a picture you like as your desktop wallpaper and hide your icons. Then this should display in between.
  11. Thanks for your response Wayne. I was wondering how you are working around this issue since it does not appear that there will be a software fix anytime soon. Do you do what I do, which is expand the 1st video of the night every night or do you just deal with some of your videos displaying small? I was seeing the issue once every 4-8 songs so it was quite annoying yet I am wondering what to do on the nights I can't be here when the show starts.
  12. We added video to the Halloween show this year. Our show went live on September 23rd and we still have not gotten the bugs worked out. Reading other posts it was suggested that we create all of our videos with avi format so as to avoid sizing issues. We had done so, but we are still running into troubles with the video (at times) displaying in a small windows mode rather than displaying in full screen mode. The majority of the time it does display full screen, but once every few songs it will not display full screen. This problem happens randomly (does not affect any particular song nor does it happen at a particular point within the show) Original set-up on the PC that runs our show: PC is a desktop which has one video card with two ports. Projector plugged into one port and monitor plugged into the otherThe display was set up to "extend" not cloneI had the video preferences with LOR set to display the video in full screen modeI have been working with the LOR Help Desk. They felt that the issue was related to my video card so I switched the show over from my desktop PC to my laptop, but we encountered the same issue. They are now suggesting that I reformat all of my videos into a different format. Since this will take a lot of time to do all 28 I will likely not be able to accomplish this until the weekend if I am lucky. Right now the best I can do is: Switched PC display to cloned modeUnchecked the box in video preferences for full screen mode so it will not attempt to use full screen modeWhen the show starts every night I grab the corner of the small video screen and stretch it so that it is almost full screenThis sticks for the entire show, but must be repeated each night when the show startsIf anyone has incorporated video and has overcome these issues we would love to know what you did. Thanks everyone!
  13. I have a similar issue with a bit of a twist I am looking for help with.......... This year I am incorporating video into my show. Therefore I have merged my MP3 files with my videos and have converted them into avi files. Is there any way to: Get waveforms to show up in the LOR sequence editor when sequencing from avi filesNormalize the audio in an avi file so that I can have constant playback and not have to start from the beginning each timeI really appreciate any help/advice out there on this topic.
  14. In the network preferences section when I select Multi-cast I do not have the option to set an IP address. The program fills that in by itself. I have it running now with the settings as they were in my pictures so that must not matter???? However, I have issues with color correctness that I need to investigate. Weird thing is the sign wants to be Red white and blue and we are past the 4th of July!
  15. I had been having troubles with the "Control Lights" staying checked and hooking the USB485 up was what I needed to do to get it to stick....and what do you know...it works! There is one tiny problem though....the lettering all appears as Red white and blue even though I have it programmed in shades of orange. I am going to fiddle with it a bit to see if I can figure it out and if not I know where to look for help You guys rock!
  16. Yes, I have the control panel opened and am trying to play the sequence through the sequence editor.
  17. I purchased a Sandevices Pixel System 1 (E682 controller pre-wired ready to rock and roll) and 16 strings pre-wired of WS2811 50 count pixel lights from Ray Wu. My goal is to incorporate a pixel sign into this year's show. The sign is built, the controller is configured and I have altered the LOR Network preferences to include the new DMX controller. I created a very short sequence using Bob's Marquee tool and just cannot get the sign to play it. I know the sign is working because I can get it to play the test pattern. I did a lot of homework on here and just can't seem to figure out what I am missing.I sure would appreciate some advice from the more experienced. What I have done so far: Installed a switch which is shared by my PC and the E682 (Ethernet comes from my router to the switch- then I have 2 patch cables, 1 each to the E682 and 1 to my PC) Set show PC to static IP of Turned off Windows Firewall on my show PC Configured Pixels in E682 as follows: 5. Altered LOR Advanced Network preferences: Here is a glimpse of what I have for channels in my sequence: 6. LOR Channel Config (1st) 7. LOR Channel config (last) I am so hung up on this sign it's crazy. Thanks everyone for the help!
  18. I am not sure if this is the easiest way to go about creating your own video, but this is how I did mine: 1. I copied the entire DVD that I wanted to use to MP4 format without sound 2. I used Windows Movie maker to cut clips out of it that I wanted and saved those clips for later use. 3. I then started a new project in Movie maker and started adding my clips. 4. I then added the audio file for the music I wanted to use to this video in Movie Maker. 5. When I was done editing it I saved it to 1080 format. 6. I then used a free AVI converter that I found online to convert the entire thing to an AVI file. I did this because I was told that AVI is the best format to use in LOR as it may otherwise not display the correct size consistently.....didn't want to take a chance. I started a new sequence in the LOR sequence editor and used the AVI file and it plays perfectly. Visit my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/JaegerHolidayHaus to check out my Ghostbusters Video if you'd like to see how it turned out. Let me know what you think. If anyone reading this has an easier way to do this I'm always wanting to learn more.
  19. Sorry, Here are the instructions given to me by Drew Hickman: Here are the steps you need to take. First we need to tell the sequence editor we want the video full screen and not a small window. Make sure your projector is turned on and connected to the computer. 1. open the Sequence Editor (you don't need to open a sequence) 2. open the Edit menu 3. select Preferences (very last option in the menu) 4. select Video Preferences 5. check the "use full screen mode" checkbox 6. click OK Now open your sequence and play it. you should see the video go full screen. Hit escape to see the sequence editor screen again. Next we need to tell the Sequence Editor which screen to use for the video. You first need to make sure the two screens (your laptop screen and projector) are not displaying the same thing. This means you need to extend the windows desktop instead of mirroring it. After you get that done do the following: 1. open the Sequence Editor (you don't need to open a sequence but it's ok if you already have one open) 2. open the Edit menu 3. select Preferences (very last option in the menu) 4. select Video Preferences 5. click the Select Monitor button 6. a message will pop up telling you to click OK. go ahead and click OK to close the message. 7. move your mouse pointer so it is on the screen where you want to display the video. then click your mouse button anywhere on that screen. 6. go back to the Video Preferences window and click OK. Now open your sequence if you haven't already loaded it and play it. The video should be on the screen you clicked on.
  20. Thanks everyone who helped me with this! Your postings were very helpful. I also read somewhere within these boards of someone else that was experiencing a similar problem and he suggested contacting Drew Hickman of Holiday technologies @ dhickman@holidaytechnologies.com I went ahead and sent him an email and he sent me back step-by-step instructions on the video component set-up within the Light-O-Rama software. Boy was this helpful as I kept looking for a solution within the windows display properties on my laptop. Sometimes the solutions can be so simple and I am thinking too hard! So thanks again to everyone!
  21. I think you would need to edit the video. Remove the audio and attach the audio you would like. I am planning to do the same thing. I think this can be done within Windows Movie Maker. I am planning to try this weekend.
  22. OK, so I got my projector and created a sample sequence with a short video. I hooked the projector up to my laptop with an HDMI cable. When I play the sequence it automatically launches Windows Media Player and the video begins to play (nice!) BUT the problem is that it opens postage stamp size and on my laptop screen rather than displaying on the projector screen. I then must drag it over there and increase the size, but when the sequence ends I see my desktop on the projector screen.....I don't want that. Is there a way to make this default so that the video only displays on the projector screen consistently and so the viewers only see the video?
  23. I'm still confused. Do I need to create a video file that runs the entire length of my show or can I just have a small video file that plays during only one song from my show? How do I get the video to turn on and off as needed?
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