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  1. Hello, May I have a copy please? Thank you p.estruga@wanadoo.fr
  2. Ello, The address of the STAR is obligatory ID 1? Or i can meter ID 0D? Cordially Pedro ESTRUGA
  3. Ello, Could you explain me how to create à morph starting slowly white 0%->100%->0% Thank you for you help. Peponne31
  4. Hello, I have 10 controllers. If I understand correctly, the address of my controllers is 01 -> 0A. for 4 Ribonds additional address is 0B -> 0E thank you again
  5. Hello, How to not have the DEMO mode in SS ? Thank you Peponne31
  6. Hello DAN On a controller I have 3 channels that do not work and one other I have 2 channels crashing then fonctionnent new. sorry for the translation cordially
  7. Hello, They have stop working. I no longer have any power. Thank you for your help.
  8. Hello, On a chain of leds I have Intensity 100 to 100 to 0 or 0.Twinkle. I put 90 to 0, such I put 90 to 25, such Quequ'un have a suggestion? thank you
  9. Hello, I am French, I am using for the first time Pro Controllers.A Controllers, I ave 3 output That have ceased to opérate at different intervals.Can you give me some suggestions ? Cordially.
  10. Good morning Can they use d 'un cable multi driver with neutral one common? Thank you for your answers
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