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  1. Sorry to be a late comer, but could I get a copy as well? Letitgo@mailinator.com Thanks
  2. Well Done! I love Carol of the Bells with LOR
  3. Ace

    FM transmitter

    You hooked it up with the usb cable and the auxiliary audio cable or just the usb? You need both; one for power, one for sound.
  4. Looks good; you've got a strong start and nowhere to go but up. Have fun!
  5. I actually was in a very similar position as you are, need lights. I had the WH FM Transmitter and was getting acceptable range, but the sound was distorted on high/loud notes. Turning down the input (computer) volume helped, but then the music was much too quiet in the car stereo. Then, I saw a post on here about Breakaway Audio Processor and figured I'd give it a try and have had great results. Basically, it's a program that you install on the computer that is playing your sequences and it filters all of the sound coming out of your computer in real-time (live). It improves the clarity of the music and normalizes all the volume, so there is no more peaking on the FM Transmitter. The setup is super simple, the install file is small, and best of all they have a 30-day free-trial. I'm using the $30 version, Breakway Audio Enhancer. So, before you go and spend upwards of $100 on a new transmitter, I recomend you give this a try. Demos of their products can be found here: http://www.claessonedwards.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=95&Itemid=1103
  6. I use an audio cable plugged into a stereo's headphone jack and into the camera's microphone in. That way it only records the song audio (no background noise) and there's no need to resync the audio in with an editing program.
  7. Ace

    Good Songs

    With artists, please. Specific Versions of songs.
  8. Ace

    Good Songs

    [align=center]Does anyone have any good Christmas song recommendations for syncing your lights to? [/align]
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