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  1. Hi Max- Paul You Sr. are correct over the last couple years it seems that the shelves have had less on them. I'm sure you and other forum members including myself love the hunt, store hopping to find what ever they have left on sale. The day after Christmas I was on graveyard shift but that didn't stop me. I stopped by two home depot's right after work in long beach, I didn't find anything. I made a mad dash home and stopped by two target's, Lowe's, home depot, two CVS's and two walgreens. I was able too find 24 boxes of pure white C9's at $5.99each. Walgreens compared to HD & L. is a gold mine, they had a lot of lights left. I live in the city of Eastvale CA. that morning I went from Signal Hill, Norco, Mira Loma, Eastvale and finally Ontario.
  2. Hi Brian A good friend on mine from work is from Nigeria.
  3. Welcome to the madness! A good time to buy also is the week of Christmas until after New Years. Most stores try to sell off what they have left at a discount.
  4. welcome, check out this thread http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/22166-tip-how-to-mount-rgb-strips-ccrs-or-ropelight-to-roof-line/?hl=%2Brgb+%2Bmounting#entry216582
  5. No problem, us Cali. folk got to stick together.
  6. http://www.christmas-leds.com/category_v3.aspx?categoryID=372 Quick copy & paste from the Christmas-leds website What’s the difference between SPT-1 wire and SPT-2? When making and installing Christmas lights or making your own extension cords, SPT wire is often used. These are usually made from 18/2 wire. When identifying the two numbers for the wire – 18/2 – the 18 refers to the size of the wire which in this case is 18 gauge. The 2 indicates that the wire is made with two wires.The SPT-2 wire has a thicker insulation. Because of the thicker insulation with the SPT-2 wire the user can power more lights and decorations than the SPT-1 wire SPT-1 is rated a 7 amps or 770 watts and has an insulation thickness of .030″.SPT-2 is rated at 10 amps or 1100 watts and has insulation that is .045″ thick.Use this information to help you evaluate your power needs. Do not exceed the recommended amperage, this will absolutely cause the wire to fail and be a hazard.If you are using LED’s to make your customized light strings, we recommend that you do not run more than 400’ of the 18/2 wire. The reason for this is that your chances of getting some voltage drop is likely and your bulbs will not illuminate to the best of their ability.If you are using Incandescent bulbs we recommend that you do use the SPT-2 wire.In a Nut Shell – The difference between SPT wire is the thickness of the insulation over the wires, not the amperage of the wire. The wire gauge or AWG rating is how much current the cable can carry in amperes.
  7. no problem. Like Ken said for your longer runs it's easier just to make them to custom length. Last year I bought 1000 feet of SPT-1 cord thinking that's plenty for my small display, wrong! I had to make a mad dash to HD to buy another 500/600 feet of extension cords.
  8. try this http://www.landolights.com/main/content/view/77/39/
  9. That was one of the reasons I stopped buying LED lights at HD & Lowes. The first set of lights I bought from HLE seemed so much brighter that the lights I had. Like you said I'm going to look into C.L's for a custom project I'm working on.
  10. most of the time I'm logged on via my Samsung galaxy s3. funny thing is I was able to see all the attachments before until recently. I don't know what I did or what changed.
  11. I don't know what's up with my forum settings, I can't see the videos you posted. I did find these two videos on YouTube that were very helpful.
  12. Just a quick update I didn't want to start a different threat so I figure I'll bump this old one. So I finally got around to building my two 16pc kits and I'm excited to get started. I wanted to ask if looked right before I power it up for the first time. the black line from the power cords to the hot input (1-8) & the other for (1-9) the green ground line from the p. cord to the ground post one per side the white neutral from the p. cord to the neautral bank one per side after that is just running the ground lines to the ground post the neutrals to the neutral bank and each black line to it's numbered channel post the black lines for channels 7,8,15 & 16 didn't reach so I had to move the power cord to make it reach. maybe next year I'll take a crack at the full DIY kit. any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated
  13. Now, buy buy buy! Don't forget to buy/make pretty of extension cords to run to your lights.
  14. http://www.holiday-light-express.com/Christmas_light_Calculator.php try this calculator, hope it helps and welcome!
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