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  1. 4.2 software search forums for link. Device posted it
  2. DevMiike in s4 what controller do i use in the sequencer so i can seq the Pixcon, alaso will the file you linked fix Pixcon or pixlite, i did same thing with firmware thinking maybe it would allow the sequence editor to see the Pixcon in e1.31 mode which i am having some trouble with but i did find and configure pixcon before updating firmware even got the 16 universes with 50 nodes 150 channels per node to reconize but in network its listing them as ip addresses and in s4 seq'r i cant seem to figure out how to get controller to be shown as an ip any help would be great or is the s4.2 supposed to address this
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSk6lqH5ko8&list=PL8tupxIfSXIFF6cEODl-qmdeWLKZ5Sv3_ this one should be the right one Please let me know thanks
  4. Here is my Youtube Page with my 2013 Halloween Display so please take a look and let me know what you think it is only my Second Year with LOR http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8tupxIfSXIFF6cEODl-qmdeWLKZ5Sv3_
  5. I would check grounding pole make sure all grounds are tight and connected and it looks like some for the black wires are not on tight I might be mistaken, Like #14 looks loose, but dbl check your rj45 connection wire make sure it works I had to remake mine my testing one it my fault was wired wrong I crossed over the wrong color by oops
  6. g4ryl33@comcast.net maybe there's something's I can use outta it for my newer setup - btw thank you
  7. OK maybe im just jumping the gun or something but Madgrab Sale I got yes I am a cheap bastard and don't have a lot of money but - I ordered and purchased and got thru check out for one card assembled package but LOr still hasn't taken the money or done anything with it yet the money transfer is still pending what gives is there a delay did someone overlook my order ? whats up I only got 2 16channel controllers and ned the third to get my holiday displays up the way I want this year and saw the sale as a great opportunity to get the display where I want it for this year and still nothing in the mail or even taken from my bank just pending withdrawl from LOR any idea's
  8. ok that didnt work ow well so far i got 14 new sequences on my youtube page
  9. LOR's main office and Supply is in New York well there still having difficulties in NY due to old Sandy so try and be a mlittle more relaxed you'll get the stuff
  10. All are 32 Channel's LOR sequenced like really fast like, seems to me alot of the free sequences just don't fit into my display so song titles are mostly inspirational, got to get my camera some batteries and get recording but here's my list for this year as of now Soldiers Silent night 12 Pains of Christmas Wizards in Winter Jingle Bombs It's Begining to look a lot like Christmas Chipmonks Christmas Don't be late Rudolph Jingle Bell Rock Dueling Jingle Bells Hot Chocolate Blue Christmas I want a Hippopotamous for Christmas Grandma got run over by a Reindeer All i want for Christmas is You Amazing Grace Boogy Woogy Choo Train So far those are read for tonite's Displaying, and between now and Christmas ill be doing more on top of an hour's worth of plain animation, me and my wife hard at work and trying to get this all done for all the kids around here which amounts to plainly 22 kids but worth it still
  11. Help im falling behind, had to renovate my Daughters Room ceiling bad weather and all so i had to move her into my Office which made me have to move my office and all the Wirering that controlls outside lights and LOR, and had to rebuild repair my daughters old room finally fixed that issue, now my new office finally has wires ran and everything is finally connected, but havnt had time to get sequence's done for Christmas, can anyone out there help me out? I have lots of 32 Channel Halloween and 16 Channel 4th of July Sequence's for trade, just looking for some basics Christmas 32 Channel
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/12V-2A-24W-Switch-Power-Supply-Driver-Converter-For-LED-Strip-Light-220V-110V-/150946968179?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item232523f273 http://www.ebay.com/itm/sirs-e-RJ45-to-XLR-Female-DMX-Cable-Adapter-3ft-for-LED-CON2-DMX-Controller-USA-/170941821159?pt=US_Stage_Lighting_Single_Units&hash=item27cced30e7 and add a standard LOR Dongle - that Gives you Power, a Controller, and the Dongle, then just run Two dongle line from your Pc one for the DMX and one for Standard LOR its what i am planning to do and s3 software can reconize the DMx line as well
  13. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Easy-DMX-LED-controller-dmx-decoder-driver/701799_378111925.html
  14. My Light Display made it onto ACX/DC's Top 5 Holloween Light Displays, i never even knew it was Entered, and whats more weird its not one of the Finished Versions its one before i added all my Display Props, Go Figure http://ultimateclassicrock.com/acdc-halloween-light-displays./
  15. i know it is not 16 Channel's but here is my Mr Christmas 6 Channel from 2011 - this year will be my First true LOr 32 Channel Setup no idea how its gonna look yet drawing a few ideas http://youtu.be/fv1B2iH3Wo0
  16. GReat job Kevin, Love your decorations right when i tohught i got my toes a little wet in the lighting display act, im shown i got a long ways to go. RGB is my next move into with a 60 channel board from AUS if i ever save enough for it, but this is my first year. So please someone tell me how my version of the now annoying Gangnum Style is. http://youtu.be/DLfYA9UNtSY
  17. Well SAndy came and Went and all i learned is my Driveway ARch was missing a darn screw so it came loose in one spot but still worked last night
  18. make super strings of lights and instead of up making tree vertically wrap the strings around wire frame to make spiral effects looks like 4 super strings each mini tree
  19. I live on the Coast in Lynn Ma, my Display i am hoping will stay in place with all the Hooks and such plastering mine in place, so as long as i got Power my Show will Go on, Granted i could look at the point that no one knows my show exists yet, (Hate dead end streets ) But love them all at the same time, I'll be outsaide with my ghost sheets waiting for the wind to blow me away. Good luck and be safe, For we may of Kidnapped Mr Sandy Clause Last year well this year Mrs Sandy clause is coming for us.
  20. Here is my Version of Gangnum Style, with help from James Hopper for the Voice Sequence TY, Now to start working on my Christmas Sequences and deciding how to set my house up, and perhaps work on my halloween a little more for next year. Enjoy critizs it. all are welcomed - yea i know i could use a camera stand and less shaking, im 36 with a newborn in one arm and camera in the other across the street filming,
  21. ok i soooo agreee I got to find a tri-Pod to record watching my own videos making me dizzy i'll get better since it was my first time playing the video's and im alm ost completed the rst of the video's to their final sequenceing for this year
  22. best and easiest way to use renard with LOR is to run a second dongle and make adapters for the renard board to go from the circle to rj45
  23. Big Lots has 20ft for 6$ and 40 Foot for 10% here in Mass
  24. i did the original sequence from a fellow forumer, but i had to change everything to fit my needs and found it easier to start from scratrch and make it my own. So Let me know what you think also did a few other i will be doing 13 Different songs for Halloween for my First year with LOR and 32 channel's also Yes i sequenced the mouths as well Still learning
  25. I have 5050 LED strip , I have the attaching wire to extend it but what do i connect to the LOR 16 channell box to connect the RGB 5050 LED ? is it the DMX (if so where do i get the piece to convert the 4 wire RGB LED into the round DMX connecter, or is there something else
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