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  1. I bought Kevin's Party Rock and since all his work is very∞ good I will have to buy a few more.
  2. Isnt that the website from the A&E shipping wars? Maybe you will get to be on tv roknjohn.
  3. I sent a ticket in to the help desk and found that extension cords for the CCFs are not sold. However, you can extend the cord yourself. The LOR staff said to use 16 AWG wire. Jeff
  4. Alright. As long as it is somewhat brighter I will have to spring for the CCFs. Thanks!!!
  5. My backup plan is UPS overnight shipping and the LOR store
  6. As title says. I need to get one or the other and want your thoughts! I am most concerned about how bright they are. Thanks! Jeff
  7. Hi All, I am going to be getting a set of CCFs in a few days. However, I plan on placing them far apart. The 20ft cord is not long enough for me, so I was wondering if there was a way to extend it. If voltage loss would be a problem, can I buy a second controller and box for it. If I need to, I can give each flood its own box/controller. Thanks Jeff
  8. Looks Great! Thanks A Lot!
  9. Hi- I was just wondering if anybody had a singing pumpkin face visualizer file for wowlight's or craker's design. Thanks Much! JD
  10. I got a spare amp to power the dynex speakers which have been great for me so far (for my front yard). http://www.dynexproducts.com/products/audio-accessories/DX-SP211.html In the back yard I use an outdoor rocketfish wireless speaker and inside I use a rocketfish wireless amp with basic sony speakers. Makes set up so simple. http://www.rocketfishproducts.com/products/home-theater/RF-RBWS02.html http://www.rocketfishproducts.com/products/home-theater/RF-RBREC.html
  11. In the past I have used driveway markers and strung lights from one to the next with zipties to hold the lights to the markers to make a fence. Two years ago I just used one strand towards the top, and last year I used a top and a bottom strand to make a better fence. It worked much better the second year. As for what to charge I would start by adding up all the costs of your display then try to decide on a hourly rate. Good Luck!
  12. Did you get a email with a new license key. If I remeber right you should get a new key. Jeff
  13. Hi Guys- I was just wondering if there is a way that I can name my sequences inside the simple show builder. All mine just keep using the name Easyshowbuilder. Edit: The purpose of this is so I can have different shows on different days and for shows on demand when friends come over Thanks JD
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