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  1. After further trouble shooting I have discovered what is causing the problem. In one of my strings in the same universe I start with a channel that causes the string to go to the next universe within that string. Apparently Visualizer will not allow this. Is this a bug that will be fixed in the future or is this a limitation of Vissualizer. I have many props/strings that will have this issue so this may be a show stopper for me.
  2. I am using Version 4.0.34 bata and I am not sure if this is a bug or something I am doing wrong. It has been a while since I tried to use Visualizer but with S4 I thought I would give it a try to see if the upgrade would be worh purchasing this year. I started by putting in a 13 pixel String that started with Universe 5 pixel 1 then I added a second string with 6 pixels starting at Universe 5 pixel 14 when I click on Simulation Mode I get an error window Saying DMX Pixel Universe on Universe 5 when assembled has duplicate pixels.... it says that my first string starts on Pixel 1 and my second should start at pixel 15 or higher. Why have I lost a pixel from the first string ending in 13 and the next one that needs to start at 15?
  3. It appears that it was a registery issue. I started having other problems but after doing a registery clean (200+ errors found) everything is working correctly again. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. Tried both the Beat and VU Wizards and it locked up on both of them.
  5. Edit/Use Internal Media was checked. I tried it both checked and unchecked and I tried toggling it and I still get the same results.
  6. When I load my sequences that I used this last season (using v3.12.0) they load fine but any attempt to run the sequence or show the Wave form locks up the Sequence editor. I have reboted the computer several times and even went back to v3.11.2 and I still get the same results. Anyone have any ideas on what is causing this? I hvent changed any thing since I developed the last sequence just after v3.12.0 was issued.
  7. I had my set to load before they are needed and they flashed so I changed them to Load as needed and now they don't flash. Very strange.
  8. Thanks, I did not realize that you needed the 4GB patch on the LORmonitor.exe. Once I did that the sequences loaded but now my RGB lights flicker noticably when they should be on steady. Any Idea what is causing that?
  9. I attempted to run my show for the first time last night and had several problems. When I build the show with the "sequences are loaded when they are needed" option two of my larger sequences do not play. When I look at the status window the errors are "cannot load compressed sequence... cannot allocate memory for event table" followed by second attempt to load the file then "DMX Listener error 3: Comm winsock error /10054 The connection is reset by remote side". It attempts to load the file 3 times over 2 mins then moves on to the next song. If I attempt to load the show with the "Sequences are loaded before they are played" option it is unable to load 3 of my songs (one more than the other option handled) with the same "Cannot allocate memory for the event table". The .lcs filed for the two songs in my show that never load are 347 MB and 292 MB and the one that will not load when the load before playing option is selected is 170 MB. I have 64 channels of LOR and 2010 DMX channels on 15 Universes and I know others have larger setups. Does anyone have any ideas other than waiting for LOR 4 to be released?
  10. I program my sequences on my Desk top running Windows 7 and view the entire setup using the animation program. My Daughter has asked me to come to here school tomorrow and show here students what it takes to program the lights. When I moved my sequence, music and background to my laptop (Windows 8) the animation is not responding properly fixtures are comming on and staying on. Anyone have this problem? Is there a fix?
  11. This morning I Put the suspect song at the first of the show and with no other changes it has played through twice with no errors. Not sure why the location in the show would make any difference but it has.
  12. Yes I opened and saved the sequence on the show computer prior to running it. Just for good measure I did it again and and got the same results. Thanks for the idea hopefully someone has something else to try.
  13. I noticed that one of the songs in my show was not playing and when I looked at the status log everytime that sequence came up there was an error "Cannot allocate new play event node". The sequence is quite large (500 Megs) is that too much for the software to run or is there some other error? Anyone else having this issue?
  14. I noticed that I never seemed to catch one of the songs in my show when it was running and I checked the Status log and found that everytime the sequence was scheduled to run it gave an error "Cannot allocate new play event node". This file is quite large (over 500 Meg) and I dont know if that is the problem or something else. Has any one had this problem? Is there any fix or is my sequence just too large for the program?
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