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  1. I'm planning for next year. I have mainly incandescent mini lights and I want to convert to all LED. After checking pricing on LEDS verses pixels, I find that I can buy pixels, controllers, power supplies, and so on for about the same cost as pixels. The issue? Can LOR S 4 handle 60,000 channels. Right now I'm running around 9,000 for which 7,104 channels are for my pixel tree which is a 32 X 74 resolution. The rest are pixels on arches and raw DMX and LOR channels. A couple of my files are approaching 1 gig in size. These large files take a while to load and save. When I run the sequences I have currently, I have no lag or issues. My show computer is a very powerful machine so my computer is capable but is S 4?
  2. You have new channels at the bottom configured to the same controller. Remove or change your controller number to anything but 2 in the channel configuration on these new channels. If this doesn't work, check and see if channel 1 will turn on using the Hardware editor. If it does not then it's most likely a bad triac.
  3. I have updated to ver 4.2.12. I am having unexplained issues that are becoming serious. The display I do is a city display and it is not manned so to speak like a display at someone's home. I live 18 miles away. I do have remote access to the computer and can watch via live stream. http://cityofcharlestown.com . Follow the links if you're interested. For some reason I'm unable to paste the full address. My problem. Tonight I was watching and for the first hour all was well. As a mater of fact I was very pleased with what I saw. The show was running fine. I use 2 DIO32 boards with DIO16IOD daughter boards. These controllers are used to control 40, 10amp solid state relays. These relays are used to power the heaters for 6 smoke machines. I also use the boards to control the smoke machine controls which is nothing more than a 110 volt mechanical relay. Basically these controls are used for things that I do not wish to be powered through a triac. I'm needing good clean power. Tonight both boards locked up. I mean it was like a computer crash when nothing works. When they crashed my smoke machines were on and blowing smoke. I unloaded LOR. Every controller did turn off, so these boards recognized that they were not on the LOR network. When I restarted the show these boards would not respond. I shut down the show a second time and restarted. Still nothing. I let the show run and on the 3rd sequence they started to recover. It's weird because only the 2nd half of one boards would work, channels 17 thru 32. I have a light board so I can monitor the relay outputs so I could clearly see that only half the board was working. After a little bit the first half started to work. Now as I type this these boards are working just fine. WHY? These 2 controllers and 3 old 8 channel controllers are all that's on this network. I notice at times with the AC controllers that glitches will happen at times. Lights will turn on when they are not supposed to. Usually when this happens they reset and turn off when the next sequence loads. I am running 4 LOR networks and 1 E1.31 network. The E1.31 network never acts up. I have checked every connection, every controller, every cable, everything I can think of that would make noise in the network. I'm at a loss with these glitches. Is it software? I meant to mention, according to the log. This problem occurred when the show recycled to the beginning. Error was: Comm Listener error / 10053: Connection is aborted due to timeout or other failure. ????
  4. I need an education on how to end a show and all the lights turn off. It used to be that when the last sequence that was played when the scheduler turned off the show, all the lights would turn off. In 4.2.10 that doesn't seem to be the case. How do I do this? I see in the show editor there is a shutdown tab. Do I literally have to do an all off sequence and schedule it where everything is turned off?
  5. Today while running a show on demand, I noticed my sequence had locked up. This happened to me 4 times. When I checked the log, I too had Chinese in the log. I had to unload LOR and then restart. I'm having all kinds of issues that make no sense. I have controllers that respond as sequenced then decide to just quit working. Network light is on solid on all controllers that quit responding. I did not check the log to see if Chinese was present or not. I'm running 3 DMX networks, 1 LOR network, and an E1.31 network running the latest version of LOR Pro.
  6. Ok, I moved the location of my LOR sequence file. Every time I open the sequence editor I get the message, "Cannot find file or folder." Of course when I click OK I get the Open Sequence dialog box and I then navigate to the new location of my sequence file. How can I tell the sequence editor to stop looking for the default file and to open automatically to my changed file location each time I start the sequence editor? Thanks!
  7. I still have my hesitation problems. I have turned of so much software that was running in the background that my computer is literally a barebones LOR computer. LOR S3 is very disappointing. The programmers should had thought what the consequences would be with such high channel loads. LOR S3 just cant keep up! If I'm wrong, someone please correct me. I will be looking to do some changes for next year.
  8. Not that I'm aware of. I have checked and have not found anything obvious.
  9. I am running ver. 3.10.12. My computer is a custom built desktop running an i7 processor @ 3.4 ghz with 16 gig of ram. When the show is running I may be using 3% of the processor. I am running win 7 professional. I have around 550 channels on LOR controllers on 4 separate networks. I also have 9000 channels of pixels using Sans 682 and 6804 controllers on the E 1.31 network. My show runs 23 1/2 hours a day. I run 5 different shows a day so LOR only shuts down for around 30 minutes. I get hesitation of my sequences at times. The music continues to play but the lights just freeze and then catch up with the music. I sometimes get long delays between sequences. The log shows that the sequence fails to load. After around 30 seconds the sequences loads and starts. This happens on different sequences throughout the night with no set pattern. My audio is all wav format. The show is broadcast online and can be viewed at http://cityofcharlestown.com/parks/annual-events/christmas-in-charlestown/2013-christmas-light-show-on-the-square/ There is a DVR so you should be able to view the show at any time. The show is live from 6pm - 12am eastern. Please watch the show to see what I'm talking about. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Doug, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! This solved my problems. The 4 gig patch saved me. I have done more in the past 30 minutes than I have all day.
  11. I would appreciate more info on what you are doing. I don't understand what you mean by saving clipboards. Are you using nutcracker in xlights?
  12. I have been using S3 ver 3.10.6, 8, and 10. I have tried all 3. I am trying to sequence a show with around 21,500 channels. How are you guys doing it? I set up all of my channels, all of the DMX universes, and well everything I can think of. My problems start when I try and copy and paste my RGB sequences from superstar or nutcracker. I did a sequence using nutcracker and it generated a lms file that was 586 mb. I am copying to a file that is around 386 mb. S3 is crashing! I get error messages saying it can't save the file or it cant play the file and so on. Bob at LOR suggested that I quote.... "Maybe instead of copying and pasting, try the "paint sequence" tool. (2) Another alternative might be to have the main sequence just consist of subsequences instead of individual channels, so you don't have to copy/paste (or paint) in the first place. I really don't know what he is referring to. My computer is not the issue. It has plenty of power to do the job. LOR S3 is the problem. What are you doing to run your huge pixel counts of a show? Is there another software that will run LOR controllers and be pixel friendly using e1.31 Ethernet? I'm about to pull my hair out!
  13. Yes, I'll let you see it. Do you have a mail box that will let you receive huge files? I'm not even sure if I can send it.
  14. I am using version 3.10.8. My computer is running Win 7 Pro 64 bit with all updates installed. My processor is an I7-4770 @ 3.4 GHz with 32 gig of ram. While using 3.10.8 I opened an existing sequence file which has around 550 LOR channels and 43 DMX universes at over 21,000 channels. I decided to divide my LOR channels and my DMX channels into separate tracks. I then saved the file and closed it. When I try to reopen the file I get the following error messages. Sometimes I get "Unexpected save file information found" or " Expected equal sign". This is a very large sequence at 112mb. I have a lot of time invested in this sequence and I sure hope to be able to use it. The original sequence I added tracks from will still open. This is the first time I have ever worked with the tracks option and this happens.
  15. I have never used tracks and have wondered about the advantages of doing that. Any info on tracks would sure help.
  16. I'm using S3 ver 3.10.8. I have around 550 LOR channels plus over 21,000 RGB channels spread out over 43 DMX universes. My problem is when I open the sequence editor, and load the sequence, my DMX universes do not show up except for universe 1. I then have to manually open the other 42 universes. Is there any way that these universes will be open when I load the sequence?
  17. Thank you so much for the link to your video. I actually found this video on another thread and have watched it a couple of times. I'm glad you were able to solve the LOR crashing problem. Again, thank you for the video.
  18. I have downloaded vegomatic and watched the videos but I did not see specific instructions on how to add universes. Where do I find this information?
  19. I am creating my various DMX universes by using the insert device tool and then converting the channels to RGB. Now that I'm at 31 universes, the time it takes to convert to RGB channels is quickly approaching 30 minutes and I still have 11 universes left to add to the channel configuration. My machine is plenty fast enough to do the job. It is probably overkill but its has a i7-4770 cpu @3.40 ghz....32 gig of ram running 64 bit windows 7 pro. When the channels are crunching, I'm only using 13% of my processor and 11% of my ram. I'm guessing that this is a software issue why it slows down so much. Is there any way around this LOR slowness. I'm using LOR ver 3.10.6. Thanks!
  20. My sequencing rows are not corresponding to the arches like they did with you. I have tried various settings on the set up box but so far I get the same results as above. Are you using the latest version of SS?
  21. OK, I just opened the file I sent to you Brian in SS. The channels are now where they should be. I now have another question. My top grid line turns on arch 4, the 2nd turns on arch 3, the 3rd 2, and 4 turns on 1. Line 5 turns on 5, 6 turns on 6, 7 turns on 7, and 8 for 8. When I set up 3 arches on the visualizer the top grid line turns on 1 like I want. 2 turns on 2 and 3 turns on 3. This is very confusing. I would like for the top line to be for arch 1 and so on. Thanks!
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