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  1. Hi Don , would you know how to move a sequence from the "recent sequences" to the "existing sequences" and how i made this mistake, i have all the sequences i want to use in the "existing sequences" but somehow have two in the other "recent sequences", and dont know how to move then for use, Thanks for the help Jim
  2. Don I wanted to get back to you and thank you for the help , i was able to get the shows scheduled, , I have another question, when i open the lightorama sequence editor i have a few so called shows on there i started for practice, is there anyway to remove these ?
  3. Thanks Don for the help , i actually think i was able to upload shows to the schedule, I am going to try schedule for tomorrow evening just a dummy run and see if it works , I will let you know if it works
  4. oh and still have this problem 18: Yearly schedule file does not exist
  5. I went through and got rid of all the probs with the media file, im still getting this error msg when i try to enable the schedule it reads as follows " Shows cannot be enabled because of an error, open of serial port has failed error 8002 open of serial port has failed" , any thought on this problem?
  6. ok thank you i will go through and see which ones are not working , I will let you know what happens Thanks again
  7. from what i can tell , it just says media file errors , saying media file does not exist, which a lot of my media files were lost when the new board was installed
  8. hmmm i ran the verifier it showed 287 checks performed, showed 4 errors and 305 warnings, and shows Yearly schedule file does not exist as one issue, do you think i should reinstall the program? the only thing is , im worried about losing all the work i have done all yr
  9. when i create a show, and try to enable the schedule it just comes up with errors
  10. im thinking theres some things missing from this program , Ive looked for this LORPost.exe, and it dosent seem to be the LOR folder , and just wondeing do i need to have the computer connected to the controller when i add to the show ,because it comes when i add shows and finish all it shows is errors ,
  11. I have a problem with my schedule editor, when I try to add a sequence show to the editor, it will ask to add a file, now all the sequences i have created are in the sequence file on my desktop, the big problem is when i try to open that sequence folder it is opening a folder called sequence but there are no sequences in that folder, im not sure what happened here or where to go to find the sequences to add, the folder is in my desktop with all the creations in it, I will add that i had this computer had the motherboard replaced, so i was wondering if i should re install the the software, im not sure if that may have something to do with the problem , i just dont want to lose hrs of work, if anyone can help i would appreciate it , ive come so close , to being finished but still so far away Thanks Jim
  12. Thanks as a beginner i just want to run some outside speakers , maybe move to the fm transmitter next year
  13. Thanks for all the help, now what do i do for an amp from the computer to the speakers , i havent been able to determin what i need, anyone have any thought on this subject
  14. I would like to build 4 smaller arches, meaning each 1 10' section of pvc, does anyone have an idea on how many lights would be enough for each arch Thanks
  15. Thanks its great to know i have some help getting the ball rolling
  16. LOL well im eager to start learning , and i guess ready to drain the wallet
  17. I like would like to buy the kit and build a controller, I have some electronic experience, any thoughts on the kit verse the already assembled controller, Thanks for all the help
  18. Im not sure where to begin, i have downloaded the demo but theres not a lot i can do or even open, can someone help me with where to begin Thanks
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