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  1. So far everybody is right on the money. I'm in my 4th year and still only have 16 channels. LOL. Not by choice mind you, but like you said....things can get crazy in your wallet. I have had a great Halloween show every year and this year I added a pretty simple Christmas show. People still enjoy it all the same, you know. Family and friends alike. This is a great forum and i have always found my answers or solutions on here. Always.
  2. it was the channel assignment. all those fields were blank. it wasn't recognizing my LOR controller but once i selected all the correct info, the lights lit up as expected. thanks for the help. i only have 16 channels running 4800 lights maybe, but i feel like i have 10 controllers running 48000 lights !! !! !! we can all dream right?
  3. I have the advanced license level, version 3.7. I have one CTB16PC controller. I didn't know to look at those requirements, because I haven't had this problem before, but I will definitely start there. I am sure that the HU isn't open though. Since my other sequences run the lights, it seems like it'd have to be a setting within the individual sequence considering that some options in the SE are global options. I'm hoping it has something to do with the channel/network requirements that you mentioned. I know I changed the channel name from his naming items to my own.
  4. Halloween is a big show time for us so I have several Halloween sequences, but this year we thought about rolling out a mild Christmas display just for our enjoyment. Since we decided late this year to do so, I sequenced out a couple songs, bought a couple of songs and traded some Halloween sequences with a friendly LOR member, to speed things up. All the songs work except the couple that I traded for. I feel like it's a setting issue with something being different between our controller set ups. The sequences run in the editor just fine, but the lights do not work. I don't remember having this issue with bought or traded sequences in the past, so I'm not sure where to start my troubleshooting. Maybe the ID settings or the channel names or something along those lines? Has anybody ran across this situation before? Thanks in advance for your help...
  5. i agree on all accounts. i use the play range-visible screen option and it works like a charm. side effect is that i run everybody out of the room playing the middle section of jaws...over and over and over and over and over.... but hey!! i'm almost done with it. nearly 17 hours on a 3 minute song. but i think it will get better. LOL.
  6. love me some "bob's videos" !! !! too bad i'm at work and cant read them all. got to wait until i get home...or am i feeling a little sick....*cough*
  7. i dont have a clue either but i jumped in...read...asked some questions and even seq'd the first 25 seconds of jaws in 2 hours....on only 4 channels. lol. i thought it was awesome. my wife was less impressed. but still...it's a goal to keep moving up.
  8. hey redbirdruss...loved your 1st year suggestions cause it's my first year and your list made lots of sense. can i pry into your business and ask how you test your seq'n. do you have everything hooked up and test? is there a trick to testing without running the outdoor setup? i thought about buying some super cheap night lights with colored bulbs to use. just to get an idea of timing and effects while hammering out the seq. i know the night lights would only be a small help but still. i'm just curious about how everybody gets started.
  9. I’m with most of you guys on this thread. Wife likes the idea but wonders if I’ve bumped my head. I got a CTB16PC kit over the holidays and have been reading and reading, which always leads to more reading because I see something else I need to read about. LOL. Good thing is that I have notice tons of info and really smart and friendly people helping out. I even saw a glossary of words which was awesome. Found out what a .lms file was. I don't know how to use it yet though. I thought I’d download a seq and dissect it to see the ins and outs then use that as a model for my own, as it turns out....I need to read some more cause I don’t even know where to put the files I got. sorry I couldn't help the owner of this thread but I felt at home reading it and wanted to share. Thanks in advance for all the people I’m going to bug over the next few months. Halloween is right around the corner you know...and time is running out !! !!
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