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  1. Thanks. I added a CCR device in the sequence with 50 strings. After populating 50X3 channles I have seven extra channels. (LR. MM, MS, ME, CM, CS, C1). should I delete them before adding the next CCR device of 50 pixels.
  2. I did create a pixel mega tree visualisation using the CCR props using the above video, but how do I map the channels. I have assigned Aux A as the network option in the visualistion. How does this map to the DMX Universe 2 to 6 (2400 channles)which is my assigned channel in the sequencer thanks R Abraham
  3. Ron can you help here. I am struggling with getting my tree in the LOR visualiser. I have a 16 strand mega tree each strand having 50 nodes so that is 150 channels per string X 16 strings = 2400 channels. My channel count starts at Universe 2 channel 1 and goes on till Universe 6 channel 100.(I am using 510 channels per universe). The strand of my tree goes to the top and then comes down on the opposite side - so each strand folds once over to the opposite side. Email ranjanpa@hotmail.com. This will be very much appreciated
  4. Chris, this is a helpful video on adding channels to the sequencer. But what about the visualizer. How do I visualize a 2400 channel mega tree in the LOR Visualiser . Do I need to have the superstar sequencer? Thanks
  5. Thank you . will search for this. Wonder if there is a sticky thread too on this topic.
  6. Hi, I have a 16 strand mega tree with 50 pixels on each strand so that is a total of 2400 channels. I have a 16 strand mega tree created in the visualiser with three channels assigned for each strand (RGB). I created a mega tree model in nutcracker and exported it as LOR format. When i run the LOR sequence the visualise does not pick up. My question: How do I assign 2400 channels in the visualiser How will the LOR visualiser work in this case. Thanks for the help.
  7. What is this switch. Can someone send a link. Also a photo of actually physical connection from E 682 to the computer running S3. Thank you.
  8. Sorry for using the wrong word. It is a 16 strand mega tree, each strand being intelligent pixels and hence a total of 800+ Channels as you have mentioned. What are my controller options. I know we are already into October but I have to do this. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Steve, I am planning on a 16 channel with intelligent pixels. Will the controllers change now. What are the options. thanks
  10. Planning 16 channel mega tree. apart from LOR controller what are the suggestions for DC DMX controllers. What is a cost effective solutions. Thank you R abraham
  11. Where can I download nutcracker. I beleive we can do some amazing effects for the mega tree. Anyone on the forum who used NC. thanks
  12. I have a megastar prop created in visualiser and would like to import it to my last years visualisation file. I am not able to import the prop as I am not able to save the prop. It saves a LEE - visualisation file. How do I copy the prop and paste it in the desired destination. Thank you
  13. Thanks Brian. Does the SS come with pre built themes which makes it more intuitive or easier to sequence.
  14. I will have 16 channels string X 3 = 48 channels. Will check in the sequences forum. Thanks Don. This forum is awesome.
  15. Ok Thanks. I have 16 string going up the tree and coming down on the opposite site. So that's 48 rgb channels. Would I be able to get some sample sequences in this forum. Newbie here doing the mega tree for the first year.
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