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  1. RedWhitingBlue

    Shout out to JR and Morris

    Just wanted to post and say JR Dibble and James Morris contribution’s to this forum are invaluable. You guys set the bar and thank you for all what you do!!! Rock on!!!!
  2. ndutton

    LOR Show Editor

    Comment basis: 5.2.2 PRO Reference Illustration: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvwbc6nhuv91ru1/20181202 LOR Show Editor.png?dl=0 The peripheral utilities don't get the attention they need until the last 5 mins of the year Well this isn't any different but I will try to add the information before the end of the season... 1) Please make it so I can stretch the window so I can see each entry on it own line in completion. 2) Add a line number so I can see how many sequences there are 3) Add an "Open Recents" list 4) Add ability to export play list (so it can be used on supporting websites and so forth)
  3. Matt, Is it possible to make a mark that follows the cursor on the timing line. It would make it easier to line up effects when effects are being added/edited at the bottom of the page. Rough animation to show what I am talking about. or is this something already there? that I don't have on? TIA, Alan...
  4. It’s not all the way to the end but hit 400 plus views in a couple hours. You’ll see I gave you the credit..... But no one will know who you are... 🤨
  5. Jade Rymkos

    Sharing my 2018 Sequences

    Hi All, Here is a link to my 2018 sequences. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mbp2py0map06edr/AAD_p4c8Ry-Cxd2KlofVcNgIa?dl=0 Feel free to download and use. All of the sequences are for S5. I upgraded to S5 earlier this year - It was a hard learning curve but well worth it. Enjoy! - Jade
  6. tlogan

    Where do you mount your controller?

    THAT is EXACTLY what I do. If somebody wants brave the holly bush in the dark, good luck.
  7. Rabeiler

    Animation Sequence will not preview

    Well I feel like a dummy. Turns out my timeline was 10 hours, not 10 mins. No wonder it ran out of memory. From a user experience (part of my real job as a product owner for complex web applications), I would recommend that from a usability experience, that the set timeline form be enhanced to make it very clear when making an animation sequence where the user sets the times.
  8. martsycart

    How do you stop a song before it’s over?

    I use a free program called ActivePresenter to edit sing tracks and create my videos. It’s a little more user friendly than Audacity for editing audio files.
  9. DisneyMatt10

    Strobing Show?

    Thanks! I work REALLY hard to keep it a nice clean set up. (I also try to keep all the cables and extension cords hidden as best as I possibly can!) - I want the display to be nice, but not "in your face!" So I'm glad you think it's the right amount! I don't think it is a channel overlap issue, because the show runs perfectly fine using the "Simple Show Builder" it just becomes an issue with the normal show editor, and scheduler. Ask and ye shall receive! Those are the only two videos I have of this years show so far. Looking at getting the other 16 songs recorded at some point this week! Thanks again for the awesome feedback! ~Matt
  10. TheDucks

    Water in Smart Strip

    Well I can count on 1 hand the times I have seen snow on the ground here (at the house) in the last 40 years. It almost never freezes below 1500' (in them hills across the Bay) We might get below 32 for a couple of hours just before dawn. It was sometime in the 1980's where we had 3 days BELOW. My wife reminds me that there is no other state with as nice a climate, every time I moan about the Politics.
  11. beeiilll

    Water in Smart Strip

    I would like to throw in my experience with hot glue here just as a YMMV kind of thing! I ran tests on several different types of sealants back in 2012 through 2013 to see how they would work for sealing strips and electrical connections. I ran the testing outdoors for just under 9 months. I found that hot glue was the second worst thing to use as it failed within a couple of months into the testing (acetic silicone was the worst). It got brittle and/or just didn't grip well enough to prevent moisture entry into strips or connections. It also got too soft in the warmer days and would start to creep away from the joints it was supposed to seal! I live in upstate NY so the tests got a very large range of cold, hot, wet, and dry days to see what would happen. Hot glue failed worst in the colder days for sure but it still failed. The best sealant I can across was an electrical silicone that is neutral (no acidic properties to cause problems) and was the best "overall" for not only sealing but also to be able to be removed if any repairs were necessary. I imagine that hot glue might work well for people who live in areas that are warmer year round but up here in the North, it doesn't cut it. I will say that I am sure that there are newer formulations of hot glue out now that probably work better as well. This was one of the better electronic sealants at the time I ran my tests: https://www.altex.com/GC-Electronic-Grade-Silicone-Sealant-Adhesive-3oz.
  12. james morris

    Frozen Songs

  13. Mega Arch

    George's Face Lives On.... Oh Yeah!

    Thanks. As the post suggests - I completely patterned the face after Master George's house face. Well, except for the face outline...
  14. dibblejr

    Where do you mount your controller?

    Back on track I mount my controllers as close to if not on the prop as I can. I have security cameras which mean I have hole through the walls. I mount the camera That is closest to My show computer to a junction box that has a hinges cover. The box has a hole and an outlet for PVC conduit. I then run the Network cables through the wall itnto and down the box to their perspective locations. No mess and all cables centralized until they hit the ground then they are a precalculated mess running through 3” pvc conduit that is stakes to the ground to get over the sidewalk. Probably cheaper than a doggie door and without animals of reptilians getting in. JR
  15. jfuller8400

    Where do you mount your controller?

    I put mine in covered bins out close to the various props they service. I've got holes in the sides that are covered with flaps so that I can run cables in/out but still keep out the rain/snow. It works pretty well for me.
  16. dibblejr

    Where do you mount your controller?

    What color is best? LOL Remeber that one too JR
  17. james morris

    Frozen Songs

  18. gc75067

    2018 All Lights On

    Took this last night as it was getting dark but you cannot see all of the colors. Will take another this evening before it gets dark and you can see things better.
  19. Yes, magic. If you drive by during the day people swear it is a conctruction zone. However, when they return at night their expression changes, their eyes brighten, frowns turn into smiles, the ooohs and the ahhhs, it can can only be called magic. Don't we all provide a little of that Christmas magic? I mean this is what it's all about.
  20. Here: http://www.superstarlights.com/Sequences/Purchase.php#16x25LORTree
  21. Plan your display very carefully. Determine what you need to buy and how much it will cost. Price things out and set a budget. Then triple the budget. -Scott
  22. George Simmons

    What's the one great idea you'd share with a Newbie?

    Don't get it in your head that it's a good idea to trim a bush after stringing lights in it.
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