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  1. Hey everyone! Check out my tutorial on how to set up a fog machine for your display. It all costs less than $50 with your setup! The Products I used are in the video description.
  2. A new version of PapagayoToLOR has been posted here.
  3. Open SS Open the SUP file File/ Export to sequence editor Deselect include Macro Channels Enter It will create an sup.lms file Open that file in SE Copy paste directly in to your pixie ports. *** Do not copy/ paste all at once. Split it in half. Sometimes SE will crash if you try to copy paste to large of a file. JR
  4. LED, DC powered, or Line direct (no power module) has a quick response (faster then incans). Coding a channel to music would be the pain. 💡 Something I have not tried: Find a '70V audio transformer (used for commercial building PA speakers. you don't need a big one), drive it (from your AMP) from the 4ohm side, with your 120V LED string on the 70V side. Play with the 'wattage' tap choice for results The strings will not get full bright, but...
  5. Yes, all Sequences from my friend at HS are easy to copy and paste. You should receive the .sup and the LMS. If LMS you just copy paste from sequence to sequence and if sup just do as the video I made you. It will be in DMX mode but it will still copy paste as I do in the video. Just don't buy the xlights version. You are very welcome. JR
  6. You can also use a CMB 24 port, just use a 12VDC (coil) relay or 5V (if your RGB supply is 5V) For those not trained in electronics: Relays (usually) have 2 ratings: 1) is the Coil that operates the contacts. That is what you pick to match the controlling device 2) The Contacts. These have 2 pieces to pay attention to. a)operating voltage and frequency. b) Not to exceed current rating when used with (a) (not all relays or switches have AC and DC ratings) While the Auto Parts store has plenty of 12VDC coil relays, the contacts (insulation) also is intended for low voltages (plus the terminals are not always covered well) Bryan covered contact arrangement. in this case any SPST or SPDT will work
  7. Depending on number of pixels I may have to place the RGB arches on LOR NW 1 You should be ok though but you can have a lot of AC controllers with a pixies tree or arches sharing a nw. AC controllers take considerably less data JR
  8. Ahh yes the old PapagayoToLor needs to find the mouth images which are used by Papagayo. Its searching for them and clearly did not do it right. This is related to running it from D instead of C:\Program files (x86). You probably have papagayo on D also. I will fix up the program but I cant do it this week. To work around you need to create a registry entry which holds the folder name where mouth images exist. You will only have to do this once. You will need to create PapagayoToLOR and then Settings under it. OR you can put the below into a file with extension .reg and just click on [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\PapagayoToLOR\Settings] "MouthPath"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Papagayo\\mouths" <-- set to where your mouths folder is.
  9. Dang, that is a gruesome "Likes" number with Halloween coming up and all. 😁 <---------------666
  10. I have all my stuff on my sequencing computer, show computer, home server, memory stick in a fireproof safe and cloud storage. If I lose all that at the same time I quit. 😁
  11. No, if you have one of the newer MP3 Directors {G3 or N4-G3 MP3} that has the ability to do multiple networks, you don't need the red adapter at all. You only need that if running the show from a computer. My red adapter died, but fortunately I'm now running my show from the new N4-G3 MP3 Director [G4]} and I use my older USB485B to test my shows from it, as it supplies the power needed to the MP3 Director for running tests inside before I move things outdoors for the actual display. Red Adapter is only good if using the computer for running a show or testing purposes indoors before moving the show onto an MP3 Director unit, newer if utilizing multiple networks and pixels. I have several channel config files for this purpose, 1 setup for testing without a red adapter, 1 setup for testing with both an older USB48bB black adapter{for older Gen 2/V2 CTB16PC controllers} and a Red HS adapter {Aux A} for Pixels, and finally a 3rd is set up for my G4 {N4-G3 Director} for all controllers I have, Regular, 115K for my Gen 2 CTB16PC Controllers, Aux A, 500K, Enhanced for my CCB100D 5V Pixel Controllers and Aux B, 1,000K, Enhanced for my 2 LOR Singing Trees {Pixie 2 Controllers}. This way when I have completed a sequence and need to change the settings for a section so that everything lines up for the G4 Director, I just load the channel config I created called 2020-G4~Director-Run~Shows.lcc, save the Director Sequence version to a new folder, then use those to install on my SD Card for the Director. Sure beats having to go in and modify each pixel area for the Director. And I use the Hub to set the network parameters, Network 1, Regular, 115k for my older CTB16PC controllers {G2/V2}, Network 2, Aux A, 500K, Enhanced for my CCB100D 5V older Pixel Controllers, and Network 3, Aux B, 1,000K, Enhanced for my Pixie 2 LOR Singing Tree Controllers. Probably more in-depth detail than you needed currently, but just saying how I set my Director unit up for my 2020 Christmas Show. You probably don't need 3 networks like I'm using {I could get away with only 2 if I had too}, but this way just makes it easier for me to track issues down if something goes amiss during a show.
  12. Did you try the original mp4. I have tested mp4 with S5 before successfully. What are you using to do the conversion. AVI is a container format and can use many different codecs. There is either a problem with the codec or the file may be corrupt. Does the file play in Windows Media.
  13. As usual SELLERS please do not ask. There is another thread created by my friend Roverdish with the rest of his sequence. (search Snowman Mix) cant get copy/ paste to work for some reason ~ sorry Please do not share with other forum members, if they want the sequence they can ask. If anyone contacts you outside of this thread please let me know. This will require you to copy and paste channels 5-8 differently so please pay attention to your channels. Mine are unique to assist me with sequencing. Channels 1-4 should be the same as the commercial sequences. James will be adding the other props to this sequence and share once completed. This is faces only. Music not included. Song Info Artist -Various Title - Snowman Mix Album - Custom If you need my word document on steps required to use this just ask. I try to remember all that have previously received it. JR
  14. My apologies to all but thanks you a computer SSD manufacturer and their clone partner I have no sequencing laptop so tomorrow’s class will be postponed until next Saturday. My apologies, I have been trying to upgrade to a 2TB c drive and what took a total of 3 hours last year when I placed a 1tb for my c drive has taken 2 days and no hope in sight. Gonna take me all day tomorrow to get my original drive installed and restored. JR
  15. I had great luck with the super star auto face I don't do it like Brian instruction it is very important to get the voice isolated I use a commercial program it works great so much faster doing a face turns out great
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