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  1. Easy. 1 ) Open the music file. 2 ) Create a new track. 3 ) Open the vocal file (which creates a second instance of Audacity). 4 ) Select of the vocal, and copy. 5) Go back to the music file, and paste the vocal into the empty track. 6 ) Adjust as needed.
  2. All of this IS GONE as of Monday February 17, 2020. It WAS NOT SOLD! I gave it all away to an LOR forum member in Florida that was able to come and pick it all up. I'm not going to say who got it, but they will let you know when they're ready to reveal who acquired everything. Why for free? Because it was just taking up space and collecting dust, I had an extra controller I no longer needed and had read about a person here on the forum saying they're going to need another controller to up their display. And I've had quite a few folks on this forum pass things on to me and help me out a lot as well, I can't name some of them, but they know who they are. And a few have posted who they are with what they've sent to me. So I'll leave any names to be posted or items I received completely up to their discretion. So, because of these generous and kind folks on the forum that have helped me, I just opted to PAY IT FORWARD by helping out another forum member with these items. I Pm'd them about the items and controller and offered everything up for free. I had tried to sell them at various times, but never got any takers, and I really, REALLY needed to get rid of this stuff. And since I don't drive or have a vehicle, shipping them was out of the question for me. So after the PM's, they were offered and accepted by a LOR Forum member who's only been in the hobby for a short, not all that short, time and could pick everything up from my location. I hope they enjoy the controller, it is a V2, pre-built by LOR CTB16PC and all the Halloween Decor they scored on Monday 02/27/2020. So this topic can now be closed if the moderators of the forums would want to do that. Thank you.
  3. Hey Orville, looks like someone else has asked this same question online a couple years ago. There is 2 real good vids on youtube for this. The vid that answers your question is this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-Yi5c7PhuY there is another that shows how to increase the volume of the voice over and decrease the volume of the music by playing around with the gain control of the 2 tracks. when done save to new folder and done. Hope this helps
  4. Having a spare USB to RS-485 adapter is one of the most important spare items to keep in stock. If that fails during show season, your entire show goes dark... And having a spare is very handy for testing as you mentioned. My three in service adapters are not overly handy to pull out for testing either - and besides are used year round for my landscaping show. Highly recommend that any adapter you buy is a high speed (red) adapter. Even if you don't need it now, as you expand, you eventually will.
  5. Eric, I don't quite understand what you are asking for. I made a video of how I deal with different prop arrangements within the Preview. Not sure if this is what you are asking about or if it will help you, but take a look and see how I deal with it. Hope this helps, Alan...
  6. You're very welcome David. May you get as much enjoyment out of everything as I did when I was doing Halloween Displays. Now it's only Christmas for me due to health and medical issues. And I'm glad you will be able to put everything to good use. And just in case you folks are interested, this is what David scored {all for FREE to}: 4 Skinny Pumpkin-head Boo Ghost Blow Molds, 1 Witch w/broom Blow Mold, 1 large ghost w/Jack-O'-Lantern Blow Mold, 2 Large Wire Frame Skulls, 1 Large Wire Frame Bat, 1 medium sized wire frame that spells BOO, 2 Black electric candles, 2 black rubber rat props, 11 strands of M5 Orange LED 35ct Light Strands, a small plastic bat w/own controller to simulate flapping wings, 1 large tombstone w/2 spiders on it, 1 small tombstone w/2 spiders and a half web at the top, extra bulbs, for the Light strands and Blow Molds, extra fuses for all the decor that uses them in their plugs, 1 5' tall dancing skeleton and a large, very unruly, wire frame Halloween Tree. And the CTB16PC Controller {built and assembled by LOR}, which is a V2, but still in excellent condition. And some plastic chains. Some of the smaller items were in a red tote w/green lid for easier transport. Thankfully I sent David a PM and told him to bring a large vehicle to get it all if he wanted it. And he brought his pickup, got everything to fit nicely in it too. Again, enjoy it all David. Very happy to see this stuff go to someone that can use it in Florida that could pick it up. BTW: David, you're the first person that has ever made it to my house without having to call and ask for further directions or instructions on how to find it. Most that have never been here, or only once or twice, they still get lost trying to find me, and I usually have to go out and find them to get them to where I live. It's really easy if they'd just follow the route I give them, but no, some of them always end up making a wrong turn somewhere. Even had a few that had been here numerous times, still end up on the other side of the manufactured home park {the South side} and yet, they KNOW I live on the North side. How they managed that, is still a mystery to me! 不不不不不
  7. I'm so tired of editing videos I think it is making me slap happy. I keep hitting refresh every 5 minutes to see if @ebrown1972 has posted his enclosure build yet. What is taking you so long? 不
  8. 1. Using a video editor, I create the video file I want to use. Yes 2. The video file contains the audio that will be used for the entire sequence. Yes 3. In the LOR sequence file, I bring in the video file I created in step 1. Yes, under "Media File" 4. I set the video preferences tab to use "full screen". I didn't, I set mine to "Display Videos" This worked for me, so that in playback I could still see the Sequence Editor without having to move the video everytme I needed to change something. It will play in a small box on the screen when you press play. 5. Create the remaining sequence with the other channels. Yes 6. When the sequence plays, the video will output along with the other light commands. Yes, when your projector is connected to your show pc with a video cable. There are other options depending on how far way your projector will be from your show pc. If it is more the 10 feet or so, video cables can get expensive and there are cheaper ways to do this. If this something you need, just ask. Questions: 1. How does LOR know where to send the video? You will need a show pc, that is capable of running 2 monitors or at least switching to another monitor and a video output port on your show pc, hook that cable to the projector. Depending on your version of windows either Duplicate or Extend your monitor output. Duplicate will show on the show pc and the projector, extend ( I believe) will only show on the projector. 2. Do I need to specify the port that the projector is plugged into? If so how do I do that? Depends on what version of windows you are using. In win 10 goto settings and search "monitor" then click the "Project to a second screen" option, follow the instructions (I did mine on XP last year and don't remember exactly) As far as LOR Sequence Editor is concerned, no channels have to be added. It is a Windows media function. 3. Do I need to create a separate channel to hold the video file like with a superstar sequence? No, the video IS the audio for that song, it just happens to include video with it. If for some reason, you don't hook up your projector for a show, the sequence will still play on all other lights. Once you hit play (or the it's set to play in the show editor) it just plays audio the same, it just directs the video portion to your projector. Again it's a Windows media function. 4. What don't I know? How far off am I? lol loaded question it actually sounds like you have done some research and have a pretty good handle on it. Now it's time to hook it all up and see what happens. For testing you don't need all your light hooked up, just plug in the projector and watch your video. Hint, if you need to adjust the sequence ie the exact moment you want a prop to light, you will still do that the same way. What I did was edited the video to the audio. For instance if your first image on the video is Santa walking by but the music hasn't started yet add some time to the video to make it correspond/snyc to the audio. Wow I hope that makes sense. Thanks for any help. Also if there is link that answers the above, feel free to paste it in here, and I'll go find it and take it from there. There are a number of links on these forums, EmmientLight and others have posted very helpful videos somewhere, maybe he will come along point you to them. I'll look for it also. Let us know how it goes. Alan...
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