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  1. Some do, and yet, you have posted 10 times in seven years.
  2. OK, now that I tried to download the files, it looks like the project files won't do you any good. I'll upload them as mp3's and yo should be able to import them and edit as yo wish. The only problem is that yo can't see how the tracks are laid out when yo add the background music. When you export as mp3's, all the tracks are merged in to two stereo tracks. Sorry about this, but again, feel free with any questions. "No good deed..." huh? EDIT: mp3 links: voice over only template: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jQ1dlH3Ps1ihpm-WibefeqnJwwkdfaRS/view?usp=sharing sample with background music: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kacFGplkdUf7HwNpcZ4E1vs7dXWyXWUh/view?usp=sharing
  3. Great class very relaxed good information met a few people had a good time thank 's Jr see you Saturday Blair
  4. k6ccc

    color groups

    In Preview Editor, create a second group with the same props. Then in Sequencer, open that group and drag and drop the channels into the desired order. I called the one group "by tree", and the other group "by color".
  5. Sorry, but the way it was stated, it was difficult to discern that for certain. And if that's the case, Disney WILL ALWAYS REJECT those type requests.
  6. HI, All - Since I have some time, and since I've had SO MUCH invaluable help, I wanted to give something back. I put together an Audacity project file template that has a "show starts in X minutes" voice over placed at every minute marker for 5 minutes. I've also uploaded a project file in which I added, what I believe to be, free and royalty free, background music so that you can see what I did and how I did it. The voice over is from a project I was involved in when I was building my Home Theater and was a regular on the AVS forums. A bunch of us got together and paid a professional to create a whole list of phrases, primarily for home theater. HOWEVER, there was enough generic stuff on there that I was able to create the every minute drop-ins. Last year, I had one slightly less than half hour show that I ran ran every half hour and had some dead time in between. This year I've added some new sequences, so I have enough for two mostly different half hours shows. I do not believe that I will need the entire 5 minutes between shows, but it didn't add any significant time to doing the project. In my sample project, I tried to set up the music so that you can cut it down to the length you need. Keep in mind, that you want to start from the end (the one minute and show starting) and work back to the amount of time you need. I'm thinking I WILL probably use the entire 5 minutes before the first half hour show starts, then I'll cut it down to whatever length I need for in between shows. I think you'll see that if you use the template, you can drop your own music choices in there pretty easy. I found Audacity VERY easy to use and learn. Feel free to respond with any questions. Voice only template: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zdoSTldZMIoiMzzmGHBq6itK-DWAKIY9/view?usp=sharing Sample with background music: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U3pdO84A0pyYudAR_dbiZUqgMHcBct0R/view?usp=sharing Feel free to use them as you wish and I hope you enjoy it.
  7. WOW! Nice job, nice to have celebrities come over.
  8. I found a much easier and affordable way for these bad boys and girl. If you are hanging them from something. Using Boscoyo strips to hang them from the top and boscoyo strips to hang and secure to something on the ground like a stake. That makes them totally collapsible when done and easily place back in the boxes for those that don't have them hanging in their garage like I do. OP if you need pics or videos of what I am talking about let me know. JR
  9. I built a PVC frame for my singing trees using 90 degree elbows for the top two corners and "Tees" for the bottom two corners with the short end of the tee connecting a cross member piece of PVC. I then drove two lengths of rebar in the ground and slipped the frames "tees" over the rebar, works great
  10. Only reason I'm running 3 networks is because my CTB16PC Controllers are older units and can't do the faster {500K} or Enhanced options, and since I have older CCB100D 5V Controllers and RGB Strands, as well as the new Pixie2D's that control the LOR Singing Trees, I opted for 3 networks to separate everything and just make it easier to know what's what in my display in case of any issues. If it weren't for that, I could have gotten away with a single network for what I am running if my CTB16PC's were of the G3 family, but still probably would have used 2 and put all the RGB items on the 2nd Network. But because of the controllers I'm using now and what each controls, that's why I'm going 3 Networks for my 2020 Christmas Display this year, that and using the new G4 Director will help keep things in better order, at least for me.
  11. In order to get my wife to agree to a LOR controlled display I had to agree to no pixels. She hates them! No Jumbotron for her.
  12. I do something similar to this but I use the drive-in intermission tune and adjust it for the time I need. In between announcement you can light different parts of your display. By default it's 10 minutes long, so you cut off what you don't need. The dancing hot-dog was always a favorite with me. I miss those days at the drive-in...
  13. Check out Wowlights in California they have sequences and strobes for lightning effects.
  14. I am also with you. Can't afford to have 250K pixel setup. A newcomer home nearby last season did the whole house setup in pixels and like you said, a jumbotron. After the 3rd song with bars going back and forth, up and down and pinwheels spinning CW and CCW changing colors I got bored and left. That is not me either. Adding another house this year to our neighborhood show with 60K lights. That will literally keep turning heads!
  15. When I was doing Halloween displays, believe it or not, I used basic old clear incandescent mini light strands in various sizes, from as short as a 10 bulb strand up to 100 bulb strands, each strand was on it's own channel, if I recall I had about 8 assorted strands and intermixed them randomly, like 35 bulb strand, 10 bulb, 100 bulb, 20 bulb, 50 bulb and used an assortment of varying intensities for each strand and a mixture of "short and long bursts". The effect was actually quite awesome and I didn't need spot lights or strobe lights to get a decent effect, but this was used along my walkway {66' long handicap ramp that curves around on itself}. Since I used these on both sides of my ramp, I utilized one CTB16PC Controller specifically for this purpose, all 16 channels were devoted to the effect. My neighbors thought it was spectacular and thought the effect simulated lightning very well. But this is how I did it in my Halloween display at the time, there are wide variations on how to do this, and this is just one of them. Some use less channels, others may use more. All depends on where and how you want the effect to come across. All a matter of "personal taste", there is no specific way to do it, all depends on your display requirements and where you want the effect{s} to be.
  16. JR - i just saw this. is this something you would do again. i would love to learn.
  17. Plastic trash bag, good idea, Thanks JR. I'll try it this week, may be a little too "Plastic" for my liking. Not much rain that time of year here in California Thanks for the intro yesterday as well, was nice putting faces to names during your zoom meeting. Appreciate your sharing your concept, still do not see how you can do that quickly . Looking forward to follow up meeting -John
  18. Glad I really was not aiming to get anything...
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