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  1. I want one of these. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8m8ddoaooql90oi/20191208_163623_1.gif?dl=0
  2. If you are using a computer then no, you can use one if it is last in the network and no card in it You can use both if you use one as a director with a card and it is first and the second is last with no card and you can use any other controllers in between.
  3. I had this issue. Pixel 8 of a 50 pix string stuck on red. Pixels 1 to 7 display proper program Pixels 9 to50 stuck on random color. This only happens in rain. Goes away after it dries up. Diagnosis. Pixel 7 or 8 is bad and not passing data I examined 8 the next day and found evidence of water intrusion. As a temp fix I applied some hot melt to try to seal it up enough to get through season. Not rained again so far. We'll see.
  4. also written as PSU Power Supply (Unit). sometimes referred to as :Power brick, Wall wort (lower power output)
  5. I don't know if I'd say that exactly/ I've been running S5 since it first came out and every version of S5 has been a totally different beast than what 5.3.10 is. I don't have enough time to type all that is wrong with 5.3.10.
  6. I've watched it, but don't really like the direction that the show has taken. Everything seems to be about the tear jerk story, and not about the lights. Competing different styles of show against one another (static, vs amusement park, vs animated, vs synchronized) makes no fair comparison.
  7. I watched the show these past 3 yrs. But IMO it's hard to appreciate everyone's full setup because the camera usually only shows several smaller portions of the setup and switches too quickly from one part to the next, and you don't get a chance to see/appreciate everything. And I never thought I'd say this, but after seeing some of the displays, I guess it's actually possible to have "too many lights" in a Christmas display. I might watch the 1st show on Monday. But if I'm not feeling like I'm into it, I probably won't bother watching the remaining shows.
  8. If they are the LOR CCP's that are 5V, you can still get a 5V controller with pigtails from LOR for them. As far as I know this is the original CCB-100D 5V ready to go controller, however it comes with 100 Cosmic Color Bulbs {2 strands of 50} and it is a final sale as it is on clearance for $85.95. So the CCB bulbs are on clearance for $50.00, so the controller cost is only $35.95 if you break it down. I know you don't need the bulbs, but for the price, might be worth checking into and getting one or more for those strands you do have and want to use. Wish I had the funds to pick up a couple of these myself, since I have the older 5V RGB Controllers and could use the bulbs since my 4 strands basically are useless and repairing them is completely useless due to the number that have gone bad in each strand. So this would be a great deal fro someone that wants to get into pixels or just needs some extra controllers. Don't need the bulbs you'd could always try to trade or sell them off. Just an idea and suggestion. Here's the actual link to the clearance unit: Clearance CCBulb 100 bulb set with controller
  9. Has anyone tried to add an upside down mega tree to their show? I currently have a 12 foot mega tree and was thinking about doing an upside down one right over my current tree. I think with the lights off, the shape would look something like an hourglass. Not sure if it would hinder the view of the lights inside.
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